Funny / Fat Albert

  • When Fat Albert visits Bill Cosby's house.
    Bill Cosby: Oh, people wait 'til you get to the top of the stairs, then they knock. WHO IS IT?!
    Fat Albert: It's Fat Albert.
    Bill Cosby: Yeah, right.
    [Bill Cosby answers the door. Fat Albert is on his doorstep]
    Fat Albert: Hello. I'm looking for Mr. Cosby. Are you his dad [Mr. Cosby stares; Fat Albert holds out his hand] I'm... I'm Fat Albert. [Cosby faints and Fat Albert catches him] Whoa! Uh... Help! He...
  • When Fat Albert is singing his rap theme song at the party, he is holding a coke in his hand that he shakes as he dances. Then he hands the coke can to Reggie as he gets off the stage. Then Reggie opens the coke, only to have the soda spray him all over the face.
  • When Fat Albert is on Lauri's window saying he needs to tell her something.
    Lauri: I'll meet you downstairs. (closes the window)
    Fat Albert: Whoa! Whoa! WHOA! (loses his balance and falls off the railing and onto some trash bags)
    Lauri: Oh, my! You alright?
    Fat Albert: Hey, hey, hey. Fallin' is easy. It's gettin' up that's the hard part.