Funny / Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness

With a giant robot car and its occupants clashing with the occupants of Gensokyo in more ways than one, there's bound to be plenty of amusement to go around.

Main Story and Alternate Ending

Extra Stage

  • Coop ends a free-for-all as only he can.
    Alice: (thinking) What? How did he get that arsenal in there?
    Saturday Night: Super Destructor Mode
    Alice: Eeep! (thinking) And why is it a Spell Card?!
  • Yuyuko tells Yukari that visitors got into Gensokyo thanks to a "shining wizard", prompting the latter to waste no time leaving to investigate. Yuyuko then tells Ran that she thinks most of it is faked, leaving it ambiguous as to whether she was referring to Yukari's behavior or to pro wrestling in general.
  • A moment that doubles as Awesome: Patchouli, an asthmatic and chronically ill magician with little physical strength to call her own, freaks out and manages to throw Reimu at Megas's head. No one present saw that coming, least of all Reimu herself.