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Funny: Fall from Heaven
  • The flavour text for some of the Civpedia entries can lead to unintentional hilarity:
    Archmage: "Although the making of a proper Spellstaff is a task best left to the most skilled of enchanters, it is possible to do it with less effort if one has the proper materials. You must begin with a stout branch of sacred wood, gathered by the light of the full moon from an ancient and holy forest. You should then carve the staff, taking care to leave an open slot to place a gem. Once carved, you must then immediately bathe the staff in the blood of a powerful magical creature... I recommend Kraken's blood. Once this is done, you can insert the gem. The gem must be of at least the width of the staff, preferably an amethyst or sapphire. Once you've done all these things, return your nearly-complete staff to the Enchantment node, placing it at the focal point of power. Leave it there for a week, during which time you should attend it closely, focusing your powers on the First Principle of Enchantment. Once you've done that, bring the staff to me, and I will judge whether you have done the task correctly."

    High Magus:"Why did you tell them that? You know perfectly well that none of that has anything to do with making a spellstaff."

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