Funny / Fašade

Façade the Video Game:

  • Many, many of them, created by you, the player. And if not that, then several Let's Players.
  • Tell Grace that she has nice tits. Go ahead, do it.
  • When you, Trip, and Grace are all gathered in the living room, and there is an awkward silence, try typing in "I've got a raging hard-on right now" or something equally as shocking, then watch their faces.
  • "Melons".
  • You could also act like a Southern hick.
  • Let Trip open the door, and say "How is Maria?"
    • Or, like with Melons, put it in a different context, like having a friend also named Maria.
  • Go into the game's sound files and just change the "Trip" folder's name to "Grace", and vice versa. The game becomes completely unwinnable without subtitles, but it turns both Trip and Grace into nutjobs who talk about drinks when you mention their parents or kick you out of the house while babbling about hiring a cleaning crew.
  • If you say something weird as soon as Trip opens the door to let you in, he just looks at you in annoyance and slams the door in your face.
  • Going outside of the room and staying outside will cause Trip to throw you into the room, just to throw you out.
    • This happens even when you stand outside and not go in. Or when you lock yourself out. At which point, Trip will phase through the door, just to throw you in, just to throw you out!
  • Managing to save their marriage... while being a total jackass or trolling them the entire time.
  • Try saying melon in the doorway as the first thing you say.
    Trip: Hey, it's good to see you!
    Player: Melon.
    Trip: *shuts door*
  • Then there's raocow's let's play of the game. A few minutes in, he gets stuck on the couch, and the AI completely ignores him and most of what he says. He actually wins the game like this, sitting down clueless of how to get off the chair. Since he was stuck, though, he was forced out.
    raocow: ...I am one with the couch...!
  • One player successfully saved the couple's using only answers given by the Magic 8-Ball item.
  • Joel from Vinesauce did a stream in which he messed around with the game's files with humorous results, but before that, he decides to see how long he can go by only answering with strange grunts. Somehow, it doesn't get old.
    Trip: In one word, what does this picture say to you?
    Joel: UUUUUUU!!!
  • "Playing Facade on Nightmare Difficulty", in which the player modifies the game into an Unwinnable Joke Game. Trip's and Grace's AI is a complete Jerk Ass and kicks the player out for saying ANYTHING.
  • Trip invented a drink called "Grace's Inner Soul." It's a mixture of chardonnay bitters and lots of ice.