Funny / Evil Genius

The forum RP:

  • Zeloth kicks Aquaman in the 'special area', his surfer-dude voice turning high-pitched as he battles with the supervillain.
  • Zeloth comments that his left butt cheek can guide better than the guide, whereupon the guide takes this seriously and stares at said butt cheek in awe.

The PC game:

  • Using Eli Barracuda to force agents into dancing.
  • Some of the interrogation methods - notably, the Michael Jackson dancing routine for the interrogation chair (it's from Smooth Criminal).
  • Most of the radio snippets you hear after completing an AoI are funny in some way. Most of them contain some combination of Kent Brockman News, Ridiculous Accents and people who are Too Dumb to Live.
    • A good example that has all three is the one in India with the reporter reporting on traffic while riding an elephant. With the result that most of the traffic he can see is a large traffic jam caused by him riding an elephant down the middle of the road.