There are many, MANY [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Crowning Moments Of Funny]] within this fandub.
* The SEELE (or rather Di$ney) members (whose names are now those of celebrities they happen to resemble) speaking to Gendo about EVA Unit-01.
-->'''Billy Dee Williams (SEELE U.S.):''' Which brings us to our next item on the itinerary. Conan?\\
'''Conan O'Brien (SEELE UK):''' Yes. Recently, there have been some complaints about Unit-01's design. Some people think that it's a little too, um...\\
'''David Hasselhoff (SEELE Russia):''' Dull?\\
'''Woody Allen (SEELE France):''' Ugly?\\
'''Bob Dole (Keel):''' [[Series/{{Teletubbies}} TINKY WINKY!]]\\
'''Conan:''' That's right, Bob Dole! The EVA Unit-01 is colored... purple, which we all know is the ''pride'' color. And that thing on its head is ''obviously'' a ''phallic'' reference.\\
'''David:''' Hey, what does "phallic" mean?\\
'''Conan:''' ''(whispering)'' It means "penis".\\
'''David:''' Oh...
* Asuka has Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger's voice. HilarityEnsues.
* Misato proclaiming, "This is a great make-out spot!" before turning to Shinji and staring at him with a vacant, shit-eating grin.
* Misato drunkenly talking attempting to lay down "ground rules" for Shinji and Asuka.
-->'''Misato:''' Okay, this is MY house, and we need to lay down some ground rules! Woo! That was a good beer! I have...TWO [[{{Pluralses}} breasteses]].\\
''(Shinji and Asuka stare blankly, then look at each other)''\\
'''Misato:''' Not ONE.\\
''(Shinji and Asuka stare)''\\
'''Misato:''' But TWO!\\
''(Sound of Misato hitting the table. Snoring.)''\\
''(Shinji looks at Asuka)''\\
'''Shinji:''' How many breastseses do you have?\\
''(Asuka looks to the side and crosses her arms)''\\
'''Asuka:''' [[VocalDissonance N]][[Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger o]].
* Shinji falls over in the Evangelion.
-->'''Shinji:''' ''(grumbling)'' My groin!\\
'''Misato:''' Damage report!\\
'''Hyuga:''' Sensors indicate serious trauma to the groin area!\\
'''Misato:''' [[ShareTheMalePain That's gotta hurt!]]
* Gendo. Just Gendo.
-->'''Gendo:''' All female personnel please report to... my office for... breast inspection.\\\
'''Gendo:''' ''(picks up his phone and clears throat)'' Gendo. You may... speak. ''({{beat}})'' What?! No! 'Course they're clean! Who do you think you're talking to?!? My ladies are ''always''... on time.\\
'''Conan:''' That brings us to something else we need to talk about, Gendo. You see, me and the other members of DI$NEY are becoming quite concerned, and, frankly, I'm becoming concerned, too. That is to say...\\
'''Bob Dole:''' ARE YOU A PIMP, GENDO!?!\\
'''Gendo:''' I don't have to put up with these wild allegations-- ''(phone rings)'' Hi. This is... Gendo. Yeah. [[NotHelpingYourCase Plenty of womens.]] Sure, they do whatever you want. ''({{beat}})'' Well, maybe not ''that''.
* As the Evas are getting ready for launching against the Eleventeenth Angel.
-->'''Aoba:''' We are detecting urine contamination in Eva-01's entry plug!\\
'''Misato:''' ''(sighs)'' Shinji, are you peeing in the plug?\\
'''Shinji:''' ''(huddles in the plug)'' ...No.