Funny / Eurotrip

  • Any scene with the Manchester United soccer hooligans is hilarious.
  • Cooper spending the entire film pretending he's still at work, including fielding calls from his boss on his cell phone and blaming the things he isn't doing on a co-worker.
    Scotty: You didn't tell your boss you were going to Europe.
    Cooper: They would have stopped paying me. This seemed easier.
  • "One...two...three...ha-ha, look at Jamie's penis!"
  • The German kid drawing a Hitler mustache on himself and goose-stepping back and forth in the background while Scott is talking to Mieke's father.
  • The robot fight. It must be seen to be believed.
  • "Mi scusi!"
  • The entire climax at the Vatican. Scotty and Cooper sneak into the papal apartment after Cooper pulls a rope, not knowing what it does: it rings the bell to announce the death of the Pope. As of course is rushing to the Vatican, including the media, Scotty and Cooper goof off in the papal apartment and set fire to one of the palliums, and throw it into the fireplace. The white smoke is taken as a sign that the Cardinals have already elected a new Pope. Scotty, wearing another pallium, sees Mieke in the crowd and tries to open the balcony door, but stumbles into a curtain that tangles around him as he walks out. Behold Scotty, wearing the pallium, draped in the gold curtain, and holding the fallen curtain rod like a scepter, being presented to the world as the new Pope.
    • And then cut to the Pope watching on TV and saying to someone with him "what the Hell?"
    • When Jaime and Jenny hear about the "new Pope" being elected immediately, there's this exchange as Jenny obviously realizes what's going on.
    Jaime: We could be witnessing history in the making!
    Jenny: We could be witnessing an arrest in the making.
  • During the credits there plays a series of deleted scenes detailing the group staying at a youth hostel in Amsterdam, as the woman in charge keeps describing it and it gets more horrible by the second.
    Hostel Host: If there is a fire caused by our faulty wiring, or, the fireworks factory on the second floor, you will be incinerated along with the valuables you have hidden in your anus.
  • While hitchhiking, after the (sadly deleted) Happy Jus scene:
    Scott: Let me handle this, I speak better German. Hello!
    Truck Driver: {brightly throughout scene} Hello!
    Scott: [in German] My German is ill, but I can understand on you if the speaking is slowly.
    Truck Driver: [in German] German! I have been driving for 14 hours straight and I haven't slept in three days and I am wired on schnapps, benzedrine, and those little chocolate covered peanuts.
    Cooper: What did he say?
    Scott: He said he's driving, something...
    Scott: [in German] Do you know where is Berlin?
    Truck Driver: [in German] Berlin? Yes, I know it well. I stabbed a woman in a bar in Berlin. But I am going nowhere near Berlin.
    Scott: Berlin!
    Truck Driver: [in German] Berlin! I also sexually assaulted a horse in Berlin.
    Scott: He's going to Berlin.
    Jamie: Awesome.
    Truck Driver: [in German] Nowhere near Berlin.
    Scott: All right, come on, let's go.
    [the group get in the back of the truck]
    Truck Driver: [to self, in German] I'll drive this truck off a cliff before I ever go back to Berlin.
  • The bakery sequence, where Scotty and Jenny have a freak-out over some bad hash brownies. Except not — they weren't hash brownies, it was a normal bakery. They're just idiots.
    "Now put your pants back on, white boy!"