Funny / Eternal Darkness

Yes, even a game about eldritch horror has its rare amusing moments.

  • A little bit of Black Comedy at the beginning of the game— when Alex (rightfully) calls Detective Legrasse out on insensitively showing her her grandfather's mangled body in an attempt to identify it, he has this frustrated response:
    Legrasse: I... I'm sorry. It's my job, lady— you're the only living relative, and no, we can't check dental records. ...There's no head.
  • When the ghost of Chandra appears to Karim at the end of his chapter, he lists off all the ways she wronged him, and ends the list by saying that she "really doesn't look so good anymore", complete with leaning back and a look of mild disgust. When he agrees to stay with her, his final words as a mortal are more annoyed than anything else.
  • Edward getting knocked on his ass when he fails to prep the Elephant Gun properly.
  • When Sanity Effects aren't being taunting, they're grinning Black Comedy.
    "It is somewhat difficult to equip a weapon when [Name] has no arms to equip it with!"
  • Attempt to set the wrong rune as the ghost of Edward when he appears to bind Alex's summoned Ancient enough times and Edward will murmur to himself over how rusty he's gotten with them. "It's the squiggly circle thing!"
  • Anthony apparently has no feeling in his hands once he gets a hold of the Two Handed Sword - he uses his bare hand to test its sharpness without so much as flinching.
  • Paul's "fight" with the Guardian. Especially Xel'lotath's Guardian.
  • In Heresy! A monk shoves you away from a door, stating that one of the Order's most sacred rituals is taking place therein. Said room is the wine cellar.