Funny / Enter the Dragon

  • Roper losing a bet against Lee and their talk after it.
    Roper: I hope you don't spend all that money, I plan to win it back.
    Lee: How?
    Roper: You'll know after you lost it.
  • In Roper's first fight in the tournament he lets himself take a few blows so he could hustle a referee in a bet.
  • Lee beats Parsons by showing him the art of fighting without fighting. By sending him adrift on the lifeboat.
  • William's remark after seeing Lee sneak around.
    Williams: A human fly.
  • Williams beats down racist cops and then steals their cop car
  • Roper spots the harem madam and starts drooling over her from afar. Beside him, Lee gets the greatest "Thinking with your dick" expression on his face. It becomes funnier when Roper gets her anyway just by asking.
  • Williams chooses four harem girls to sleep with, and apologizes to the other girls by saying that he's tired and needs to conserve energy.
  • Lee throws a cobra into the security booth to scare away the evil henchmen and all while he has a nonchalant look on his face.
  • The look of confusion on a henchman's face as Lee does the famous nunchuck demonstration, after which, said henchman grabs a stick, charges at Lee while screaming and immediately gets smacked in the face.
  • Williams to Han: "Man, you come right out of a comic book."