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Funny: Engine Sentai Go-onger
  • Generally, the cast has a tendency to make ridiculously silly faces at any given opportunity. In particular, Sousuke is a reaction face goldmine.
  • Yogostein forgot to declare war on humans until GP 3, despite letting the Monsters Of The Week run amok much earlier.
  • In GP 4, Gunpei tries to make a deal with a kid who accidentally got Gunpherd's Engine Cast. Being a roughneck, he's bad with kids, so he selected the method of approaching a Mafioso as Gunpherd suggests: In the classic drug-dealer ensemble, with a case full of candies. It didn't end well.
  • Gunpei again, in his lip-reading session of fail in GP 6.
  • Hanto and Gunpei's lake search in GP 7. The highlight of the scene is their surprised faces when something suddenly jumped out of the lake.
  • GP 12 is a Crowning Episode Of Funny: Sosuke and the Monster of the Week switched minds; it was hilarious! It also helps that said monster is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama, who's well known for his Chewing the Scenery.
    • And most of the laughs aren't just from those two. Gunpei's towel rub in particular just seals his Fountain of Memes status.
  • Everything Hanto did in GP 14 in order to get back to wooing Rena-san: He broke the others from Enlightened Kama Banki's hot spring illusion, proceeded to curb-stomp him singlehandedly, guided the others with their poses and team attacks, and fired the Super Highway Buster at it alone. As if it's not enough, he grabbed the Engine Cast from the Ginjiro before Sosuke finished asking Bomper for them, but then he mixed up the Engine Soul and Engine Cast combinations.
    • Hanto using the Super Highway Buster himself is also a moment of awesome.
    "...umm... Spaghetti Western?"
    • The Crowning Moment of Funny in this episode was Carrigator's deep samurai voice coming from BearRV, saying "I AM A BEAR. VEE VEE VEE."
  • Everyone trying to come up with a way to counter Oil Banki's slippery hazard in GP 16, in particular Sosuke's eel theory and Gunpei explaining his with a drawing of what he claims to be a penguin.
    • What they settle with? Giant mops.
  • All the ghost mishaps in GP 24, courtesy of the Not-Quite-Dead Urameshimedes.
  • When Saki asked Miu in GP 26 if she ever had feelings for anyone, Miu remembers the earlier battle where she summoned all her energy to save Sosuke. Then being the Tsundere she is, she starts to scratch the flashback off the screen, complete with Saki asking what she's doing.
    • Revisited in the Straw Banki episode later on. Sosuke's been brainwashed, and as our heroes approach the Straw Banki, Miu lets slip that she actually prefers the brainwashed Sosuke. Cue the awkward silence, apart from Renn dropping his weapon in shock.
  • Again in GP 26, but this time in the ending. After BearRV rejected Jetras after his one instance of "crossdressing" creeped her out, she said that there are lots of handsome guys around her that she can choose from. The boys, observing the situation from a distance, all quickly retreat the moment they heard her. Hiroto's reaction was especially funny.
  • Every last second of GP 31 counts, but the best moment is Hiroto serenading Lumbiarco with a beautiful love ballad... only for it to backfire spectacularly, causing the monster to grow and sending a depressed Hiroto into a Corner of Woe for a good chunk of the episode. Later, when Yogostein and Kitaneides dress in drag and try to sing like a woman, they fail as well and join Hiroto in the Corner of Woe.
    • Yogostein and Kitaneidas singing in drag is hilarious, if purely because their "drag" fails so bad.
  • In GP 39, the Matsuri Banki curses Gunpei and Hanto with ugly masks that can't come off, when the core trio pull a Big Damn Heroes and extract them — but upon seeing two guys gibbering in ugly masks, the first thing Saki does is scream in fear and punch them in the face. Which actually gets the masks off.
  • Given that Toripter's gender was a source of much confusion until GP 38, watching HIM "laying" an egg in GP 41 is somewhat amusing. (The egg had become lodged in his hull, so he was sitting over it in full-size form)

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