Funny / Enchanted Forest Chronicles

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Several, especially discovering how to melt wizard, various things with Killer, Daystar's accidental politeness-magic-works thing for Shiara, various other fairy tale parodies... but this troper's favorite is Cimorene's choice of cause of death: Old age.
  • In Searching for Dragons, when Willin tries to convince Mendanbar to marry a "proper" princess.
    Mendanbar: Willin, you haven't been talking to that dreadful woman with all the daughters, have you? Because if you have I'll... I'll use you to test out that new rack you want so badly.
    • There's also the explanation of why the rack needs replacing to begin with: Mendanbar's great-great-grandmother had it removed to dry tablecloths on.
    Mendanbar: She made someone haul a rack up eight flights of stairs and down six more, just to dry tablecloths?
    Willin: A very determined woman, your great-great-grandmother.
  • Telemain's magibabble is the Running Gag version of this, though asking about how the King's failed locator spell worked when there were clearly more important issues at hand stands out. After all, what is a Comic Relief Character for if not the Crowning Moment of Funny?
  • Mendanbar's general hostility towards Willin at the beginning of Searching for Dragons.
  • Pretty much everything the gargoyle says. Its entire purpose in life seems to be just harassing Mendabar.
  • Arona getting turned into an enormous blue winged donkey.