Funny / Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

  • A lot of care went into giving each building's ambient sounds, as well as their walkers, a distinct humorous flavor, even if many of them are stereotypes.
    Acrobat School: "Whoa!" *crash, sigh* "Okay, forget the plates, can you juggle?"
    Copper Miner: "Here's your copper, you slave-driving boss man!"
    Acupuncturist Hut: "Don't worry, I'm very skilled." *pained moans* "Sorry."
    Tax Collector: "You all know it's better to give than to receive, especially to me — er, I mean, to your government."
    • The sudden Mood Whiplash of the ceramics merchant as he picks up goods. On the initial trip, he praises the craftsmen for making such wonderful pottery. On the return trip, he complains about being overcharged for pottery that wasn't up to snuff.
    • The musician couple: The husband considers himself Happily Married, the wife in Awful Wedded Life.
    Husband: You look marvelous in your festival robes, my dear.
    Wife: So you noticed. At least I don't sing like a rooster with a sore throat!"

    Husband: A fine day to go entertain the people with folk songs. Shall we perform "Madly In Love"?
    Wife: I think I prefer "Endless Hostility".

    Husband: Why are you playing the instrument with a knife?
    Wife: Because you keep booking us at the theater. Day after day. I'm through with you!
  • The acrobat school's description when it has only one worker: "One crazy guy with his legs around his neck does not an acrobat school make!"
  • Hemp is an important crop, its fibers useful for making clothes and paper. That one guy on the farm is clearly smoking it is obviously coincidence.
  • The Fishing Quay worker animation has one of them hitting the other with a fish as he defends himself with his hat, then when the catch comes in the former throws the fish into a crate over the head of his co-worker who ducks to avoid them.
  • At the Daoist Temple, the two monks bow in unison, only to bump their heads.
  • The colorful insults of rival cities that don't like you get pretty creative, including calling you a "yak-brained fool," a "gibbering baboon," and a "three-headed dog."
  • When requesting military aid from an ally, they rarely send an army but they do send you a fair bit of troops, usually a few calvary with some crossbowmen or infantry. Then on occasion you get their aid in the form of a single infantry unit. At that point it seems the rival/the developers are just Trolling you.
    • When sending troops, you can get the message that they were too weak to be of any use... and your ally thanks you for it. This even boosts your reputation with other cities.