Funny: Emberverse

  • Early on, Eric Larrson and Mike Havel travel alone. The testosterone-laden Eric starts trying to push Mike. Bad idea.
    Mike: *dodges Eric's fist and hits him* Kill one. *stops a kick and pushes Eric down*' Kill two...
    Mike: *holds Eric against a tree by the throat* Kill six.
  • Tiphaine's chagrin in The Given Sacrifice when Mathilda informs her that "We will give you good lordship whether you want it or not!" is entirely chuckle-worthy. Seven books after the introduction of "Lady Death," someone finally manages to outmaneuver her! Guess it helps to have royal authority....
  • Mary Havel explaining to Ingolf how she and Ritva decided who was going to sleep with him, and why. Mary notes that Ingolf is the only real choice (given that Rudi's their brother; Edain doesn't seem particularly interested; Ignatius is a priest with a vow of celibacy; and nobody wants to give Odard the satisfaction). They setttled it with a coin toss.
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