Funny / Elton John

  • His oven manual song.
  • Elton's stage moves when wearing the Donald Duck suit at his Central Park concert in 1980 involved rhythmically stomping on the ground and shaking his rear (the suit had "flipper" shoes and an enormous "tail" in the back) through "Bite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance)", then quacking loudly through a few verses of "Your Song", at many points Corpsing at the thought of performing in the ridiculous costume. Word of God was that the "tail" was so enormous, he could barely sit at the piano in it.
  • Speaking of "Your Song," there's this bit: "If I was a sculptor... [chuckles] ...but then again, no."
  • "I wouldn't want anyone to think I am an alcoholic, I want them to know I am an alcoholic." explanation 
  • After conversing with Jay Leno during an 1994 appearance on The Tonight Show about paparazzi, upon which Elton snarkily remarked that if he knew he was going to die soon, he'd spend his last day on Earth lining up the paparazzi in a locked room and shooting them dead with a machine gun, Jay would ask Elton what the next song he was going to play after the commercial break would be. With a knowing chuckle, Elton replied, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight".