Funny / Elliot Goes To School

The whole series is a CMOF, but here are some that stick out:

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    Elliot Goes To School 

    Pep Rallies 

    Field Trips 


  • "STOP ARGUING AND GET A DIVORCE ALREADY! My nails are sensitive." (Creepy high-contrast close-up of Elmer's freshly-painted fingernails)
  • A conversation at the start of the episode:
    Higglesworth: "Merry Halloween! ASS-ignment due tomorrow's following day but before Tuesday! If you hand it in late I'm giving you an A+!"
    Elliot: Oh. Okay, cool.
    Higglesworth: And don't act like you don't care, 'cause this ASS-ignment is worth an F! And I know you and your fetish for getting Fs!!
  • Crossing over with CMOF, G-Man/Folding Chair yelling at Higglesworth at the end of Camping:
    G-Man: "Well, I'm gonna fuckin' slap yo shit (starts slapping Higglesworth), so how 'bout YOU go to bed. you old FUCK!?
  • Another one from Camping:
    Jimbo: "Hey Elliot, don't you have an "el-papel" to write?"
    Elliot: "*incomprehensible noises*-Yeah."
    Jimbo: "And ya left it at home."
    (Cut to an image of a donkey, complete with braying, overlaying with Elliot.)
    Elliot: "Welp, guess I can't do it then."
    (Higglesworth appears and parks his chair.)
    Higglesworth: "Oh but yes you can, fagola! Here's a copy!"
    (slaps Elliot in the face with a copy of the ass-ignment)