Funny / Elliot Goes To School

The whole series is a CMOF, but here are some that stick out:

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  • Any skits of Elliot rushing to the school only to end up late once per episode qualifies.

    Elliot Goes To School 

    Pep Rallies 
  • Xavior and Jimbo introduction and Establishing Character Moment.
    Xavior: "Hey guys! The name is Xavior 3-point-one-0 and i'm a major leet hax0r!"
    Jimbo: "I Leethaxxed Your Mom."
    Xavior: "NO! My mum has a firewall!"
    Jimbo: "If you understood the term '1337', then it'd be obvious I passed the firewall!"
    Xavior: "You know what? Iím gonna Leethax you."
    (Xavior throws Elliot out the window)
    (Xavior starts leethacking, and sets Jimbo on fire)
  • When the group's escape has been discovered by Mr. Higglesworth, Jimbo plans an escape, by walking off the scene and left them alone, fooling Mr. Higglesworth in the process. Followed by Xavior who plans to save both Elliot and Brandon, only to noclip himself out of the map, leaving both of them alone with Mr. Higglesworth.
    • The kicker? Both Jimbo and Xavior failed to escape.

    Field Trips 
  • Every time Brandon ask someone to shut their face qualifies.
  • The attendance paper:
    ELMER J. FAPP (There are previous ELMR and ELMAR scribbled out)
    Brandon (scribbled out, replaced by HULK PENIS)
    Eric (scribbled out, replaced by SOME FAGOLA)
    Francis (A.K.A. Gay Biker)
    Emo Kid :(

  • At the beginning, Elliot's mom calling him to take a look of the outside, mentioning it was snowing outside. The sophisticated Elliot takes a peek from his window only to be disappointed when he found out that it's only snowing on his courtyard.
    "Sorry Honey!"
  • Xavior stealing a showcased laptop.
    Xavior: "This episode sucks my shit! It's not even funny and I'd rather play Ninja Gaiden in hard mode! With cheats."
    (Xavior notices that he's late for school)
    Xavior: "Balls! I'm late again!" (Xavior sees his surrounding before running away with the laptop.)

  • "STOP ARGUING AND GET A DIVORCE ALREADY! My nails are sensitive." (Creepy high-contrast close-up of Elmer's freshly-painted fingernails)
  • A conversation at the start of the episode:
    Higglesworth: "Merry Halloween! ASS-ignment due tomorrow's following day but before Tuesday! If you hand it in late I'm giving you an A+!"
    Elliot: Oh. Okay, cool.
    Higglesworth: And don't act like you don't care, 'cause this ASS-ignment is worth an F! And I know you and your fetish for getting Fs!!
  • Crossing over with CMOA, G-Man/Folding Chair yelling at Higglesworth at the end of Camping:
    G-Man: "Well, I'm gonna fuckin' slap yo shit (starts slapping Higglesworth), so how 'bout YOU go to bed. you old FUCK!?
  • Another one from Camping:
    Jimbo: "Hey Elliot, don't you have an "el-papel" to write?"
    Elliot: "*incomprehensible noises*-Yeah."
    Jimbo: "And ya left it at home."
    (Cut to an image of a donkey, complete with braying, overlaying with Elliot.)
    Elliot: "Welp, guess I can't do it then."
    (Higglesworth appears and parks his chair.)
    Higglesworth: "Oh but yes you can, fagola! Here's a copy!"
    (slaps Elliot in the face with a copy of the ass-ignment)