Funny / Ella Enchanted

Book version
  • When Ella steals Hattie's precious wig and sells it for food on her trip to the giant's wedding. Especially since the baker she sold it to tells her it's the most beautiful one he's ever seen.
  • Ella's constant acts of revenge against her stepfamily. One moment in particular is when she puts herbs over Dame Olga's dinner. Upon finding out that it will just make Olga fall asleep in the middle of the dinner party being hosted, the servant carrying out the meals takes it, saying it "serves her right".
  • As in the fairy tale, Ella goes to the balls in a carriage made from a pumpkin. One night has Char ask about her oddly-orange carriage, causing Ella to hastily lie that orange carriages are common in Bast, the kingdom she says she's from. Later, after meeting the king and queen, Ella hears them trying to remember if they ever actually saw orange carriages in Bast.
Film version

  • Prince Char's introductory scene, where he is answering questions from members of his Groupie Brigade at a public appearance. One girl asks him if he's a good runner, and he remarks that he really isn't. And promptly finds himself being chased by hysterical fangirls.
  • When after Char saves Ella and Slannen from the Ogres.
    Char: Tell me- do you get a kick out of near death experiences?!
    Ella: No! I was fine. I had things well in hand.
    Char: Oh yes, I could see that as you were dangling over the boiling cauldron. No doubt lulling the ogres into a false sense of security...
  • Edgar having a little fun with Ella when he discovers her obedience curse. He tells her to pat her head while rubbing her stomach, and dance while he sings the hokey pokey and "Shake Your Booty", by KC and the Sunshine Band.
  • A bunch of Prince Char fan girls get down and start kissing the floor when they learn that the prince had recently walked there.
    Tour Guide: Girls- girls! Stop tonguing the foyer!
    Girls: [disappointed sounds]
  • During Ella's rescue by the now allied magical creatures. Slannen rambles on, while the ogres knock out the dungeon guard and try to eat him.
    Slannen: [turns around and gives Nissh, who has seasoned the guard's finger with pepper and is about to take a bite out of it, a look] Excuse me. What is going on here?
    Nissh: [beat, then a guilty smile] ... Well, can we at least have him to go?
    Slannen: [death glare] Put the nice man down.
  • Char's moments of Deadpan Snarkery. Especially:
    Ella: I never tried to kill you!
    Char: Oh, so that dagger you were about to plunge into my back was just an early wedding present?!
  • After his guardian's treachery is proved to Char, he yells incredulously, "Well, I suppose that answers that question!"