Funny / Elizabeth


  • Elizabeth gives us quite a few when she's trying to get the Act of Uniformity passed.
    • Her frustration as she rehearses her first parliamentary speech.
    • "How can I force you to do anything, gentlemen? I am a woman"
    • "Marry whom your grace? For some say France and others Spain. And some cannot abide the idea of foreigners at all. I don't know how best to please you...unless I marry one of each?"
    • "You speak of the sanctity of marriage...and yet you are twice divorced and now upon your third wife"
  • Walsingham locking up the bishops so they won't interfere with the Act of Uniformity.
  • Elizabeth first meets the Spanish Ambassador in the confession box where he suggests she marries Philip of Spain (while he is still married to her sister). It's a rather shady and distressing moment for Elizabeth. So at her coronation, Sir William introduces her to the Ambassador and she responds "how could I forget?" as she lets him kiss her hand.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

  • Elizabeth getting Walsingham to eat a potato for her.
  • In the way it seems like Phillip II's small daughter is scolding her father, followed by her walking away and all of his retinue following her, is weirdly hilarious.
    • How about the earlier bit when he's sitting, alone, in a dark room, with a single candle, and he practically bawls his eyes out when the candle extinguishes due to gusts of air.