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Funny: Elizabeth
  • In The Golden Age the way it seems like Phillip II's small daughter is scolding her father, followed by her walking away and all of his retinue following her, is weirdly hilarious.
    • How about the earlier bit when he's sitting, alone, in a dark room, with a single candle, and he practically bawls his eyes out when the candle extinguishes due to gusts of air.
  • Elizabeth gives us quite a few when she's trying to get the Act of Uniformity passed.
    • "How can I force you to do anything, gentlemen? I am a woman"
    • "Marry whom your grace? For some say France and others Spain. And some cannot abide the idea of foreigners at all. I don't know how best to please you...unless I marry one of each?"
    • "You speak of the sanctity of marriage...and yet you are twice divorced and now upon your third wife"
  • Elizabeth first meets the Spanish Ambassador in the confession box where he suggests she marries Philip of Spain (while he is still married to her sister). It's a rather shady and distressing moment for Elizabeth. So at her coronation, Sir William introduces her to the Ambassador and she responds "how could I forget?" as she lets him kiss her hand.
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