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Funny: Electric Six
  • Dick's tendency to shout things like "SOLO!" and "STOP ... CONTINUE!" spring to mind.
  • Switzerland's crowning moment is stealthy and requires looking up the PO box in the lyrics to "I Buy The Drugs:" The mailing address cited lyrically is in Beverly Hills and is almost exactly the same as that of the FOX Broadcasting Co.
  • From Zodiac, the song title, Doom And Gloom And Doom And Gloom implies expected musical pessimism...and one of the first things you hear after the music starts is a crowd of people playing vuvuzelas.
  • "Rrrrrrrrrip it! Rrrrrrrrrip it!"
  • In "Showtime", when Dick Valentine tells someone to "Put a little mustard on that mustard!"
  • "Gay Bar," everything about it. The music video with a gay Abraham Lincoln, and the wonderfully absurd lyrics with such subtle lines as, "I've got something to put in you at the gay bar."
  • The Yosemite Sam-esque voice that Dick puts on for "(Who The Hell Just) Call My Phone".
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