Funny / El Santo

  • El Santo vs. the She-Wolves
    • When Santo is fighting the dogs in the wrestling ring, he jumps up onto the corner of the ring, looking like he's preparing to do a full body slam on a dog, but instead jumps and grabs the ceiling light and cries for help.
    • When Santo is back in his home/hotel/whatever when the dog jumps out of the wardrobe (but is quite obviously thrown) it can be assured that it can leave you and your friends in stitches for 10 minutes. Now on Youtube!
    • In an inversion of Stormtrooper Marksmanship, the mob chasing Santo and Gipsy through a sugar field has a sniper on the hill, only problem is he's accidentally shooting his own men.
    • Gipsy lounging in a tree chewing on sugar cane having escaped the angry mob.
    • Gipsy again, eyes bulging as he downs 4 glasses of what appears to be sangria in the space of a minute, followed by a CMOA battle.
  • His first major scene in Vs. the Vampire Women; if you're unfamiliar with this kind of movie, a wrestler just casually strolling into the professor's house can catch you completely off-guard. It certainly left Mike and the Bots speechless for a moment.