Funny / Eight Legged Freaks

  • Ashley tasing Bret in the junk.
    Bret: I just can't help it! You bring out the beast in me!
  • The spiders attacking the gas truck; as expected, it blows up real good, smashing into a row of telephone poles. Not so expected is their burning bodies stumbling out of the wreckage before falling flat and dying with a Narm Charming "Bleah!"
  • "...The Lee Harvey Oswald riflenote ...Why we have that, I do not know."
    • "Oswald's, this is the weirdest day of my life!"
  • Once the spiders start rampaging through the town in earnest, things really get funny - they smack into plate-glass windows with loud splats and squeaks as they slide down, they gorge themselves on humans with a Narmy "Omnomnom", and one spider even takes a bite out of a moose head mounted on a wall before spitting out the fur with a loud "Pitui!"
  • Outside the mall, a man pins down a spider and proceeds to punch it in the "face." The spider flips them over and returns the favor, complete with foley artist sound effects.
  • In the battle inside the mall, one guy takes on the arachnid horde sporting a chainsaw and a hockey goalie mask.