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Funny: Eight Crazy Nights
  • "The only time I had sex was on the phone..."
    • "But that was long ago..."
  • I wonder if that guy ever wiped his ass with the wrong haaaaaand?!
    • Yes.
  • "My finger's in your mouth, kitty, but I don't feel no teeth."
  • The scene where everyone is laughing over a joke told at the awards that wasn't even funny, but you (the viewer) have to laugh because of how they're laughing hysterically over something that isn't funny.
    Benjamin: I don't think anyone got that joke.
  • The "Technical Foul" song.
    • "But I'd like to see it anyway!"
    • "If I ... give sugar cookies to Ms. Diabetes?!" "That's not only a technical foul... but possibly a homicide!"
  • At the beginning, Whitey tells Davey to stretch, in which he flips off Whitey repeatedly, and Whitey doesn't realize what it means.
    Okay, that's good, but don't forget your hammies.
  • This scene:
    Benjamin: Hey Whitey, look what I got.
    [he holds up a Game Boy Advance]
    Whitey: Oh wow, Benjamin, an Etch-A-Sketch. Very nice!
    Davey: That's a Game Boy, you idiot.
    Whitey: Oh sorry, I'm not up to date on all this modern technology.
  • "And yes, Spencers Gifts does have furry underwear."
  • The corn dog scene. "Oh, how futuristic!"
  • After the sad Let it Out musical number, the cops come in, and Davey makes them look like they're having gay sex.
    Cop: Well...this is embarrassing.
  • When the Jerk Ass basketball player is seen eating the fat sweaty guy's jockstrap after losing the bet, it's kind of funny in a gross way. When he later burns down Davey's trailer, quickly turns around to face the camera, and you can clearly see that he's still chewing on the jockstrap, it suddenly becomes hilarious!

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