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Funny: Edds World
  • One of the best ones was the 'Personal Hells' section in Hello Hellhole. Edd got a broken coca-cola machine, Tom was stuck with a black man (Wait a minute I'm not racist) FROM OUTER SPACE!!!, Matt got stuck in a room full of Edd clones, and Tord got a karaoke machine that wouldn't stop playing 'Sunshine, lollypops and Rainbows...'
  • Don't forget Edd and Tord in Zombeh Nation!
    Edd: We need to find a way to break down this gate...I say we throw Tom at it.
    Tord: Sounds good to me!
  • From Zanta Claws II:
    The car stops and falls onto a passing plane.
    Pilot: We appear to be experiencing some minor turbulence; so please note that the seatbelt sign— wait. Do you ever wonder how planes can actually fly? I mean, they're pretty heavy and... Uh-oh.
    That plane promptly proceeds to fall out of the sky, only to land on another passing plane.
    Second Pilot: We appear to be experiencing some minor turbulence...
    A plane lands with at the North Pole Airport ("you might need a coat") with five other planes on top of it, including the car, each having questioned the flying capabilities of the machines.
    Edd: Remember where we parked the car...
  • And in Ruined when Matt and Tord are exploring, Tord accidently lights Matt's Indiana Jones hat on fire causing him to run around screaming and run straight in to a boobie trap.
    A speaker emerges from the wall
    Speaker: Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...
    Tord: Son of a-
  • Tom's reaction to (and subsequent shotgunning of) Skeleton Tord from Zombeh Attack 3. He screams for about 5 seconds without a break somehow getting a shotgun while the camera focuses on Tord's reaction
  • Comic 61 "Burger"
    Matt: You know, I think I fancy a burger...
    Edd: What the hell kind of porn do you look at?
  • And in "Moving Targets".
    Edd: Sir! Can I call you Hilary, sir? *Cat Smile*
    • And in Hello Hellhole
    Edd: Can we call you Lucy? *Cat Smile*
  • "Moving Targets":
    • After the group botches their air drop from a helicopter, Tord lands on one side of a plank resting centrally on a steel drum. Edd, Matt, and Tom land on the other side. Tord eyes them nervously, fearing he'll be see-sawed into the air. Instead, the board obeys realistic physics and snaps, and he breathes a sigh of relief. Only to look up and scream as a completely gratuitous hippopotamus falls out of the sky on him.
  • From Hello Hellhole:
    (The group walks up to the desk for "Personal Hells)
    Lucifer: (looks up from magazine, sighs) Always tourists. Never Girl Scouts.
  • The beginning of WTFuture:
    Tom: Ugh, this rain is so annoying.
    Edd: You're so annoying.
    Tom: Yeah, well, I hope it ends soon.
    Edd: I hope you end soon.
    Tom: Agh, I'm getting soaked.
    Edd: You're getting soa— (Beat) And you're ugly as well.
    Edd: Was that an insult?
    Tom: You figure it out.
    (They walk away, and as they leave, an older Edd generates on the sidewalk.)
    Future Edd: Finally after many years, I return. Now it's time to— wait. ...That was an insult!
    • Also from WTFuture:
    Customer: I wanted my chicken extra crispy! *lazer from future!Edd hits his hand, disintigrating it and completely burning his chicken* This changes nothing!
    • There's also the part with the gang escaping from Future Edd with small little red cars and for some reason wearing 3D glasses.
    • When future!Edd explains why he came back (to kill present!Edd so he doesn't have to live in a cola-less future) he pulls out an ordinary hand gun. Edd responds with "But that doesn't look futuristic." The gun then transforms into a VERY futuristic looking lazer blaster.
    • How Edd found his lucky can.
    Edd (in a flashback): Lalalalalalala- Ooh, a can! Shove! Lalalalalalalala!
    Edd (after the flashback): He's RIGHT!

  • "Obligatory Building Montage".
    • Also from Hammer and Fail we have Matt and Tom ready to work. Quickly followed by "No wait! What are you doing with that hammer?!" *crash*
    • "No Tom! Put down the drill!"
    • Matt's Imagine Spot.
    • Part 2 has this:
    Edd: I'm impressed! Being tidy, not caring about your looks-
    Tom: Using words with more than 2 sylables!
    Edd: Yeah. Who are you and what have you done with the real Matt? *laughs* *Matt's head turns around with a demonic look* Oh. *boom*
    • Once the ghost leaves Matt:
    Matt: Guys, I think our house might- MIGHT, be a little possessed. Or nothing. Or maybe it is something.
    Tom: And the last horse crosses the finishing line.
    Edd: Can we still get in?
    Tom: I don't see why not. We just open the door and- Whup! Now I'm going backwards! *flys into his car*
    • This bit:
    Edd: So any luck with the psychic?
    Eduardo: She said haunted houses are stupid and that you guys are stupid!
    John: I thought she said we were stupid?
    Eduardo: I'm gonna punch you in the FACE.
  • Really anything Matt says or does in Space Face:
    • "I really captured my grassiness."
    • "Yay! I'm popular!"
    • This:
    Tom: Wow, who know vanity and stupidity were so closely related.
    Matt: Ha, ha, I don't get it.
    Tom: I know.
    Edd: Joyride?
    Tom: (starts smiling) Yep.
  • Quite a lot of Fun Dead. Examples include:
    Edd:Did you see that? I...just changed the channel with my tongue! (licks the remote)
    Tom: You're an idiot.
    Edd: (tongue out) YOU'RE an idiot!
    • Or at the end of it when they turn asdfland into a zombeh theme park
    Child: Amazing!
    Man: Wow, that was a short apocalypse.
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