Funny / Eating Raoul

  • The One-Scene Wonder irritable proprietor at the pornography and sex toy shop where Paul goes to buy some equipment for an upcoming appointment with one of Mary's clients; don't go calling any of his shop's equipment "cheap" because he doesn't like that.
  • The way Mary does a "surgical operation" on one of her clients who has a medical fetish, ending with her calling for the Frying Pan of Doom in the same casually professional tone she used for the other equipment.
  • "We're into B&D, but not S&M. We met at the A&P!"
  • The "Kill 'em All and sell their cars!" ending is pretty hilarious too; and though the crew didn't have enough funding to get Barret Strong's song "Money" for this scene the way they wanted, the "Gimme The Cash, Jack" song they substituted works just fine.