Funny / Ears for Elves

  • From chapter 1, page 5:
    Tanna's arrow barely hits the target.
    Tanna: Wow... perfect.
    Donny: That was perfect?
    Tanna: What do you know?!!
  • From chapter 1, page 19:
    Myari: We're playing hide and seek!
    Tanna: Does he know that?
    Myari: ... What's the fun in that??
  • From chapter 2, page 10:
    Zalanna: Tanna, please at least use proper posture when running to your untimely demise!
  • From chapter 2, page 20:
    Zalanna: You have found your life mate!
    Tanna: MY WHAT?!?
  • From chapter 3, page 8:
    Luero: Go back to the part about how honourable I am.
  • From chapter 4, page 7:
    Tanna: Getting mad at you is like kicking a pup. Even if you deserve it, I'd still end up looking like the ass.
    Elon: Uhhh... yay me?
  • From chapter 4, page 14:
    Elon: Ahem, sooo ladies...
    Elven woman: Ew.
    Luero: Smooth, kid.
  • From chapter 5, page 10:
    Rolan: Again, you strike me? Shall I expect this as a common occurance?
    Tanna: Only if you keep acting stupid.