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Funny: Eakins Hard Reset
  • Let's just get this out of the way, the entire trilogy is written in first person (usually) present tense—from the viewpoint of Twilight Sparkle. There will be many of these.
  • Right on the verge of victory, Twilight realizes there's one last thing she wants to do, and abandons her friends to restart the loop to have mind-blowing sex with Luna.
    • Becomes even funnier in A Stitch in Time when Twilight learns that she is descended from Luna and Star Swirl, albeit about forty to fifty generations removed from both of them.
  • Twilight's way of expressing her joy at escaping the time loop is... somewhat unorthodox...
    Twilight: I can die! Did you hear that, girls? I can die now! If Iím in an accident, or somepony murders me everything about me will just cease to exist forever. Isnít that great?
  • Twilight's "groundbreaking original research" on donut toxicity, which, Twilight being Twilight, she performs with the utmost scientific rigor.
    Twilight: For science!
  • Twilight channelling her inner Rarity and noting how spectacular her dress makes her look.
  • In one loop Twilight informs Chrysalis she knows exactly what's going on before stopping to have a friendly chat and trading stories about Shining Armor.
  • Twilight completely confuses her friends near the end of the story by answering all 22 of their questions from memory before they could ask. Some of them are easy to figure out, but some of the later ones get into Noodle Implements territory.
    Twilight: A time loop, three hours, whenever I die, changelings, Chrysalis, I think about a month, somewhere around a hundred, yes, yes, no, 5:57, all of them, yes even the squirrels, Spikeís fine, no just me, you donít want to know, the Elements of Harmony, I donít know, yes, no, yes, and three tea kettles.
  • The newly ponified Butterscotch somehow manages to bond with Twilight over the fact she had probably beaten him to death with a baseball bat in alternate timelines. Also, apparently potatoes taste like hubris.
  • During the final chapter, Celestia asks Twilight for some assistance. When she agrees, Celestia levitates over a stack of menial form and paperwork roughly twice as tall as Twilight. Her response in the narration?
    Twilight: I love her so much sometimes, I don't even know how to properly express it.
  • Twilight discovers that she has been outed to the entire town by a parrot that Fluttershy was petsitting.
  • In A Stitch in Time, Twilight using her Walk on Water spell on herself and Azalea, which abruptly fails after Azalea starts kissing her at the base of her horn.
    Twilight: Azalea, wait! I'm going to lose it!
    Azalea: Already? I didn't know this felt that good.
    Twilight: No, I mean I'm going to lose the-
    (They plunge into the lake, and swim to shore)
    Twilight: Don't say it. Don't even think about saying it.
    Azalea: Gee Twilight, you really know how to get a mare all wet.
  • A Stitch in Time, all the narrative of the chapter 7.
  • Twilight's Spock Speak analysis of how attractive Applejack is, followed by her horrific attempt to pick up the waitress.
    • AJ then says that the flirting went better than she expected. When Twilight mentions that the only way it could have been worse was if she somehow lit the restaurant on fire during the attempt, she does not disagree.
  • Naturally Starswirl knows Doctor Whooves and on his second day in the future collects on a fifty bit bet involving, quote, "that thing with the volcano and the eggplants."
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