Funny / Dwight Schultz

  • Any time Dwight and Dirk Benedict are at a con or in an interview together; the quips, jokes, impressions, and friendly snark pretty much never stops coming.
    • At a con in Belgium:
    Dirk: I was drinking last night — how long have we been in Belgium?
    Dwight: We're in Belgium?!
    • Guy at the front of the line hands Dwight an A-Team dvd box to sign, which he had previously had signed by Dirk.
    Dwight: Dirk, could you have signed this any bigger?
    Dirk: What?
    Dwight: Couldn't you have left me some room?
    Dirk: I need space!
    Dwight: Just a little room?
    Dirk: I got a little room for you.... It's got padded walls.
  • At a con:
    Question: "When you die, are you going to be buried , cremated or have your body parts sold for medical research?"
    Dwight: "No, no. My body parts will be auctioned off on Ebay!"