Funny / Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God

  • For Nim, his blunt question during the first camp outside Ismer. Sat with the party, Lux sharpens her sword. Without even looking her way, Nim asks:
    Nim: "Tell me Lux. What did your brother see at the barrier reefs that drove him crazy?"
  • Oberon's casual warning to Melora, when she returns to continue her research to save Ismer, despite her slow conversion into an evil undead creature:
    Oberon: "But understand, that at the first sign of your conversion to the undead, I will incinerate you."
  • Damodar and his ghoul manservant discuss the cries of the forces of evil creatures gathering outside their lair.
    Damodar: "The forces of evil hear the call of the orb. They wait; to pick the rotting, dead carcass of Ismer."
    Ghoul: "Good times."
  • Nim, upon coming across a switch, tells everyone to look away because what he's about to do is a secret rogue technique. When they do, he pulls the switch.
  • Probably one of the most anti-climactic uses of magecraft ever:
    Ormaline: (having just caused a clay dove to come to life) This is Ona, a friend of mine since childhood. She will find the way for us.
    (she releases Ona, who flaps around the trapped hallway for a bit...before being zapped by the trap and clattering to the floor)
    Nim: Poor Ona.
  • The DVD commentary track is a hoot:
    • Krusk wants the heroes to take the Dumb Muscle approach to everything, like stabbing a sleeping dragon in the eye or riding their horses to exhaustion. He also rates things in axes ("three axes" as opposed to, say, "three thumbs up"), and points out a random bug-eyed extra in the background of one scene.
    • Jozan is aghast at the party's cleric being first to die, insisting that "They are doomed without a cleric!" He also remarks that one of Berek's students has high charisma for a fighter.