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  • The very first page contains a sly lampshade to the Sailor Senshi's Mini Dress Of Power.
    Noting the length of the girl's skirt, or rather the lack thereof, the [Reaper] nodded approvingly. No self-respecting heroine would be caught dead in an outfit like that.
  • In one of the earliest chapters, Ami contacts an unscrupulous merchant to buy supplies. At first, he rejoices when he notices her youth and inexperience, figuring he can overcharge her. Then she survives a fight with the reaper, and the latter suffers through the effects of her Sailor Mercury transformation...
    Nicodemus nodded dumbly. No surcharge for her, no. He did not want the ire of anyone who could fend of the Reaper and not even look bedraggled. That appearance had to be a glamour. What he caught a glimpse of next through the passage behind the Keeper had him gaping in shock, mouth open like a fish. The Horned Reaper, angrily ripping off a miniskirt just like the one the girl was wearing? A blue bow was waving behind the terrifying red figure like a flag, held in place only by a single thread. Were- were those earrings? LIPSTICK?! Forget about no surcharge, bring out the Valued Trusted Customer Please Don't Kill Me Discount. Whatever could do something like that to the Reaper had to be a horrible, powerful nightmare in disguise.
  • The exchange following Ami ordering the Horned Reaper in her first battle.
    "A Reaper... she can summon a Reaper. That girl is a disaster waiting to happen."
    "What the Hell were you thinking summoning THAT!?"
    "To be honest, it was something along the lines:"A Goblin won't do."
  • When Due to the Dead ends up a Subverted Trope:
    Ami suddenly turned to the goblins, feeling guilty about being too distracted by her own curiosity to think about them. "I'm sorry about your dead comrades - is there something that needs to be done about them?" "Is safe to go out now?" the largest goblin, who was still a good head shorter than Ami, asked while pointing at the wavering images within the portal. At the Keeper's confirming nod, he shouted "You heard! Go loot bodies before someone else do!" The disorderly mob of green creatures elbowed and jostled each other in their haste to get through the portal first. The other surface worlders just stared after them with surprise and not a little disgust. "Figures," Jered spat after the silence had grown uncomfortably long.
  • "The sacrifice of many chickens in the name of science would not be in vain!"
  • Why the Underworld has a fashion consisting primarily of leather.
  • Cathy, transformed into a chicken, riding a goat, chasing a keeper possessing an imp.
  • Agriculture
    "Necromancy is an - interesting - choice for a harvest-enhancing spell. You aren't trying to create undead crops or something, are you?"
  • Also: A warlock lecturing goblins with fire wands.
    "...and if you manage to set yourself on fire somehow, give the nearest spider a hug."
  • A dark elf in the army of Underworld Cities educates an orc about how Mukrezar defeated the Avatar.
    "Never was good with history," the orc hummed as he leaned down to fasten his bronze greaves. "How did he beat the Avatar?"
    "Threw troops at him until the death toll was high enough to consecrate the area to Crowned Death and do a ritual to make his powers gutter out."
  • Ami's somewhat loosened standards of normalcy coming into conflict with those of her friends the first time they get to talk properly.
    "Oh. It offered me a massage," Ami answered calmly.
    "What? And you accepted?" Sailor Mars managed not to shout. Barely.
    "Well, it is talented at it." A pause. "Why are you all looking at me like that?" Ami had been the target of that kind of stare before, usually when she had suggested studying instead of doing something unproductive and time-wasting, such as visiting the Crown arcade.
    "Sailor Mercury. That's a tentacle monster," the pig-tailed blonde said slowly, as if explaining things to a child.
    "So? It's perfectly harmless. A weird fairy trained it," Ami dismissed their concerns. "There's nothing to be concerned about."
    "Mercury, I'm beginning to worry about you," Luna said, shaking her head.
  • And those of her friends coming into conflict with those of her underlings.
    "Thank you for keeping Sailor Mercury safe," Luna was the first to speak.
    Cathy boggled, her jaw dropping. "Talking cat!"
    "I'm a moon cat, not a regular cat," Luna pointed out. "I'm sure Mercury has at least mentioned me?"
    The swordswoman nodded slowly. "Oh yes, how stupid of me to forget. That's truly enough to make a cat unexpectedly speaking to you for the first time completely unsurprising. "
  • Rabixtrel, a Horned Reaper is given the task of killing all undead on a large continent. Some time later, Ami checks up on him while giving the other Senshi a tour of her realm via crystal ball...
    Startled, Ami looked at the orb instead of heeding the warning. She saw movement reflected in its curving glass, but before she could react, something huge and menacing was behind her. Muscular arms that felt as if they were made of steel wrapped around her with crushing force, pinning her arms to her sides.
    "Eeep!" Ami screamed in surprise as she felt herself lifted off the ground and twirled around in a circle, her legs almost horizontal from the centrifugal force. An instant later, her assailant let go, and she dropped back onto the ground, her knees wobbly. Eyes round and hair standing on end, Ami whirled around just in time to watch Rabixtrel jump off the cliff and resume his chase.
    "What was that all about?" Sailor Mars demanded to know.
    Gulping back in the air that had been driven from her lungs by the bone-crushing hug, Ami shrugged her shoulders and blinked in confusion. "He's - happy, I think?"
  • When Mukrezar is caught up to speed by his imp butler on events that happened in his absence, especially his changing opinion of Mercury.. And the next scene with them. And the one after that. Basically any scene involving Mukrezar and his imp butler.
  • From 168: Unwelcome Surprises
    Mukrezar: "You tried to attack the Empress and she set you all on fire again, didn't she?"

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