Funny / Dude, Where's My Car?

  • Two words: "And then." Here
    • "I'm not the one who called the Dalai Lama a 'fag'!"
    • When Jesse and Chester trick the two alien men into questioning the lady to buy some time. One of them realizes they been duped, but instead of getting mad decides to order some shrimp fried rice.
  • The Brick Joke. Early on, the action pauses and shows the names of important characters. Much much later in the film, when the "Super Hot Giant Alien" shows up, sure enough the action freezes and displays her name as "Super Hot Giant Alien".
  • Tommy's reaction to the Alien giantess: asking her "Do you spit or swallow?" Then getting eaten by her as a response.
  • "'Sweet', what does mine say?" "'Dude', what does mine say?" "'Sweet', what does mine say?" "'Dude', what does mine say?" "'Sweet!' What does mine say?" - "'Dude'! What does mine say?!"...
    • This Overly Long Gag goes on for so long (and they actually come to blows over it) that the tailor has to step in and say "Yours says "Sweet", yours says "Dude"!"