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Ducktalez 1: The Motion Picture

Ducktales 2: Residuck Evil

  • After Huey wanders off in search of ice cream:
    Dewey: I hate Huey.
    Louie: I thought I was Huey.
    Dewey: No! You're Louie, stupid! Now, shut up! Nobody told you to talk! (smacks Louie)
  • Scrooge tells Dewey and Louie to hide in his mansion. It's labeled as "SCROOGE'S MANSION!!!!!".
    • Scrooge shutting the doors on Dewey and Louie before letting them in.
  • "If I wore pants, I'd be crapping in them."
  • Louie finding the Comic Book Guy behind a door.
    Comic Book Guy: Worst cartoon ever!
  • Gizmoduck morphing into a truck.
  • One of the tombstones in the graveyard is Julia Roberts.
  • "Go away, Webby! You're supposed to be dead!"
  • Scrooge hiding under a lampshade.
  • "Intermission." "INTERMISSION'S OVER!"
  • "Don't worry, boys! Stay in front of me and old dear Uncle Scrooge will protect you!"
  • "Quackaroonie! This is worse than that time you ate all those burritos and spent all day farting on us, Unca Scrooge!"
  • After Huey shoots the head zombie:
    Dewey: Huey! We thought you were dead!
    Huey: No, I was getting ice cream.
    Dewey: But where'd you get the gun?
    Huey: Came with the ice cream.
  • The ending:
    Dewey: Oh, well. At least everything's back to normal.
    Louie: Or is it? (Game Face, then is attacked by Dewey) OW!!!
    Dewey: I said everything's back to normal!
    Huey: Who's up for NACHOS???
    Louie: I AM!
    Huey: Ha ha ha, you got dissed!

DucktaleZ 3

  • The signs on the Duckburg buildings.
  • Scrooge kicking a Beagle Boy, Gyro Gearloose and Bubba.
  • When Vegeta asks for Scrooge, Scrooge switches places with Huey.
  • During the first battle:
    Louie: No, I'm pretty sure that's blood coming out of his ears.

    Vegeta: Stop trying to hit me and hit me!
    Scrooge: I'm not trying.
  • "I can't remember me birthday."
  • After Louie's sacrifice:
    Louie: I'll miss Huey.
    Dewey: If only he hadn't blown himself up when I had a perfectly good rocket launcher right here.
  • Scrooge and Vegeta switching animation styles when they switch bodies.
  • The Noodle Incident the last time Dewey and Louie used the Fusion Dance. "What happened to Webby was an accident!"
  • Douie/Lewey deflecting Vegeta's energy burst which destroys Winnipeg.
  • Douie/Lewey's downfall:
    Dewey: Behold the awesome power of DOUIE!
    Louie: You mean Lewey, right?
    Dewey: DOUIE!
    Louie: How about Ldewey?
    Dewey: DLOUIE!
    Louie: I'm sick of your...Come here! (Lewey/Douie starts beating himself up and crashes into a rock, negating the fusion)
    Dewey: I hate you, Louie.
  • Vegeta being forced to evacuate Scrooge's body because he can't control his flatulence.
  • Scrooge handing the Lucky Dime over to Magica...who then uses it to buy bubblegum.
  • "Meet me in one hour, ONE HOUR!" One year later. "You're late."
  • Scrooge throwing a bag of Swedish fish at Vegeta.
  • "This is impossible! He's a thousand times stronger now than he wasóAAAHH!"
  • "Look, Unca Scrooge! It's a tank!" "Stay away from that tank!"
    Christopher Walken: I'm in a lot of movies.
  • "Why do I always have to be the crotch?"
  • Scrooge and his nephews attempt to use a magic lamp to reverse the damage from Vegeta's visit and bring Huey back to life.
    Genie: You got three wishes. What d'ya want?
    Dewey: We wish for Huey to come back to life.
    Genie: ...Wouldn't you rather have the batmobile?
    Dewey: Yeah, okay. I want the batmobile.
    *The Genie materializes the batmobile, jumps in and drives away*
    Dewey: Oopsie.
  • The extra scene in the Flash version if you chose "Don't play again". It's a mock of Dragon Ball's "in the next episode" describing a really effeminate alien villan coming to earth and you'll have to spend 400 episodes watching him beating up/killing everyone while Goku can't do anything because he's stuck at the post office.
    Goku: And guess who's getting married! (Shows a picture of Chiaotzu in a tuxedo and Piccolo in a wedding dress, both of them with their eyes covered with a censor bar).

Ducktalez 4: Louie and the Wishing Star

  • Louie trying to mimic the scene in The Iron Giant. Unlike the titular giant, Buzzkill doesn't like Superman.
    Louie: You don't have to be the villain! Remember: Superman!
    Buzzkill: Atomo?
    Louie: No, Superman!
    Buzzkill: Atomo!

Ducktalez 5: Quack to the Future

  • Dewey's attempt to go to the future.
    Dewey: I'll just go to the future! (dissapears a moment, returns with angry expression) Never mind, the future sucks too.
    Another Dewey: (Appears and sees the group) Aw crap! (Dissapears)
  • "I'm glad we decided to keep Cow Dewey"
  • Dewey forced to save Hitler by putting a matress under the window and making him bounce into an open waste container.

Ducktalez 6: The Duck Knight (Part 1/2)

Ducktalez 7

  • Because so much time had passed since the previous Ducktalez episode, a recap plays at the beginning to catch viewers up. Anyone watching for the first time will likely be confused and amused.
    Previously On Ducktalez
    Vegeta: My name is Vegeta! Prepare to die, Scrouge McDuck!