Funny / DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

  • Scrooge: Launchpad, is this a stunt you learned in flight school?
    Launchpad: Flight school?
    Scrooge: You mean you never took flying lessons?!
    Launchpad: Well, I took a crash course.
    Scrooge (while facepalming): Now he tells me.
  • And after that:
    Launchpad: Please put your seats back in the upright position.
    Scrooge: Just put the plane in an upright position!
  • The boys are confused when Scrooge pledges to donate most of the Treasure of Kali Baba to museums.
    Dewey: Donate? That doesn't sound like Unca Scrooge.
    Scrooge: That way I can get a healthy tax break.
    Huey: THAT does!
  • Scrooge taking out his frustration over losing the treasure on his poor secretary:
    Mrs. Featherby: But you did have it for a little while!
    Scrooge: Does everyone have to remind me?
    Mrs. Featherby: Sorry.
    Scrooge: I cannot work, Mrs. Featherby! I'm going home!
    Mrs. Featherby: But what about your lunch?
    Scrooge: SELL IT!
  • After Webby wishes for a pet baby elephant and the kids hear Mrs. Beakley coming:
    Huey: Uh-oh, it's our nanny!
    Louie: Hurry! Hide the elephant!
    Dewey: Oh, yeah -- like where?
  • After Dijon thinks he sees Merlock killed, he takes about half a second to mourn his Bad Boss...before cheerfully getting over it and going back to stealing.
    Dijon: Poor Master...oh well!
  • This exchange after Genie's cover is blown:
    Scrooge: Bless me bagpipes! He's a genie!
    (Duckworth shoots her a "Seriously?" look)
  • "Hey, Pop! Give me a five! Get down! Get back! Get real! Get a haircut!"
  • The conversation that only someone who's been living under a rock for a thousand years could ever have with Scrooge McDuck:
    Genie: Quick! You gotta wish us out of here!
    Genie: What's more important — a fortune, or your life?
    Scrooge: Well...
    Genie: HEY! It's not exactly a trick question!
  • Genie starts talking about how he wants a normal life, which leads to him listing off mundane kid items he'd like along with it, with Scrooge looking sorry for the poor guy. As the list becomes longer, and the items become more expensive, Scrooge looks less and less sympathetic.
  • "Now I can do all the things real boys do! Run through fields! Play 'Catch'! Roll over..... wait, that's a dog."
  • At the end of the film, when Scrooge was chasing after Dijon who stole a pantsful of his money.
    Dijon: But it's only some loose change!
    Scrooge: I'll change your face, you thief!
    [a treasure chest falls out of Dijon's pants (over-stuffed with cash), which Scrooge trips on]
  • As evil as he was, Merlock had some funny moments when he was a rat and a cockroach.
  • First Mrs. Beakley sees Webby's baby elephant, then Rat-Merlock, and then finally Webby's brought-to-life toys.
    Mrs. Beakley: This isn't a house, it's a zoo!