Funny / Drifters

  • At the end of Hijikata and Toyohisa's brawl, a dwarf is looking at them go, hissing about how they can't open fire lest they hit Toyohisa... and then he realizes he's standing right next to an equally nonplussed Shinsengumi spectre. Moments later, when Hijikata is forced to retreat, an enraged Toyohisa proclaims he won't move until he returns to finish the fight... and promptly falls over, exhausted.
  • After apparent years of attempting to learn the language of the world they're in, Yoichi discovers that the Octobrists Organization has magical tags that allow them to understand the language, causing a brief Heroic B.S.O.D.. Olminu then slaps one on his forehead, and he slooooowly turns his head in the direction of the watching elves, before hopping towards them repeating "Good evening, all!" as the elves freak out and run away from him. Toyohisa then yells at Olminu for putting it there instead of on his back or something.
  • After revealing how old all of the elves are compared to the three Drifters, Oda...doesn't take it well.
    Oda Nobunaga: (grabbing one of Olminu's breasts) BOOBY! HOW IS THIS TRUE?!