Funny: DragonFable

  • "Lend me your eyes! Lend me your ears! Lend me your hea— seriously, Sally, put that down."
  • Artix's misunderstanding of a Yet Another Christmas Carol plot. You and Chilly speak to the ghosts of Frostval Past, Present, and Future (whose character models are from MechQuest, DragonFable and AdventureQuest, respectively). Just before Present reveals what MacGuffin you need to retrieve, Artix jumps in, completely out of nowhere, exorcises them all, says there's no need to thank him, and runs off.
    Your character: Not in that order, but yes.
  • Artix during the Gate Keeper quest cutscene (the one where you're trying to get into the Necromantic University with Zorbak's student ID): "Must... resist... urge... to... vanquish... evil!"
    • Even better: The plan to get in almost works. The Gatekeeper just blindly accepts the idea that you're Zorbak and Artix is your minion because of, you know... magic. That's the only explanation you give, and, if his unfazed reaction to it is anything to go by, no elaboration is neccessary.
  • "You've earned the title Princess Slayer!"
  • "The Clashening" gives us "Eucalyptus!"
  • When the Mysterious Stranger eats the sun, Lim and Cysero have this little exchange:
    Cysero: Look! It's an eclipse!
    Lim: I don't think that's how it works—
    Cysero: Shut up.
    • Cysero has a billion other hilarious lines and easter eggs.
  • Artix's toilet paper advert in "Falconreach Idle".
  • Artix's list of undead puns.
  • Galanoth's reaction when The Hero tells him that s/he is a DragonLord.
    Your character: Well, I suppose this is the best time to tell you. Galanoth... I am a dragonlord!
  • Cysero attempting to eat the Elemental Bacon Orbs because he skipped breakfast.
  • "The Worst Prank Ever", if you're a soulless jerk.
  • Four words: San Robin and Roblos.
    Your character: OK, I give. Why does your costume have cheese on it?
    San Robin: I don't understand the question.
    Your character: You're dressed like Cheese Man or something. Why would you do that?
    Roblos: [facepalm] See? I told you it was weird.
    San Robin: Look, I'll tell you just like I told Roblos. I like cheese. Of all fruit it is by far the most nutritious.
  • The player's character on the dining habits of one particular antagonist. The fact that they say it to another antagonist they're trying to get information from, who agrees that this is just terrible makes it even funnier.
    "She tried to eat me, and she didn't even have the decency to use ketchup!"
  • Lets just say that your attempts to hatch your dragon's egg doesn't really go anywhere..........Except for giving more or less the exact same method of "Hatching" things When you're stuck in a block of ice.
    • In Book 3, Dragon Hatches YOU.
  • Tomix luring the player to a catapult and launching them both towards Atrea under the siege of Rose in Chapter 3.
    Your Character: But you saaaaiiiidddd...
    Tomix: I lieeeeeeedddd!
    • The Hero's revenge in the next quest. He/She makes Tomix carry the loot, a sack of Trithril so big, it's actually bigger than Tomix himself. Their grin just sells it.
  • Player saving undead from Artix, not the other way around.
  • Drakath trying to catch Flying eye (a monstrous winged eye) with camera-like spying device attached. Considering that Drakath is a Minion with an F in Evil for most of the Book 1, Hilarity Ensues.
  • 'Impersonator' quest is about a man, who mixed all classes without knowing how to use any of them and glued wings on tog´s back claiming to be the Hero with his dragon. Seeing him announce himself is funny in itself, but it can get outrightly ridiculous if the player character is female.
  • Bloodwork: Okay, so, the previous main entry in the Book 3 Blood and Roses storyline saw a werewolf-bitten Raven and The Hero returning to Amityvale empty-handed and completely unaware that the last place they checked for signs of Thursday is where she's been the whole time. They have no real leads on where she is, and finding her and making sure she's okay is important partly because her blood is the key to a cure for lycanthropy. So, what happens next? Why, a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot involving penguin shrink-ray technology, of course!