Funny / DragonFable

  • In "Titans of Battleon!", Artix, Cysero, and Zhoom arrive inside a time traveling phone-booth that's smaller on the inside. When they request the Hero joins them, the Hero asks if they all have to squeeze inside the phone booth. Artix and Zhoom answer "yes", but Cysero says "no", to the shock of the others. Cysero explains they only need to be near it to travel, to which the others ask why they all crammed inside the phone booth, Cysero's answer was he wanted to see if they could fit.
    • Later on, when Artix shows the Hero his/her fully grown Dragon and tells them they must don the Dragon Lord armor and hop on the dragons back. However Artix adds "We've never tried this before so it may eat you." to which the Hero answers "Super. Thanks."
  • At Oaklore, Sir Prize's quest "The Worst Prank Ever", has the Hero playing a cruel prank on Sir Kuss, involving him/her pushing Sir Kuss's outhouse off a hill while he's still inside. It ends up going everywhere.
  • During the Hatching Dragon Egg cutscene, the Hero is shocked to find out there was a date the Dragon would hatch. A montage is then shown of the Hero attempting to get the egg to hatch and embarrassing him/herself. Click here to see the full transcript
    • During the first ever Mogloween, when confronting Jack Strife, the Hero is a massive troll.
    The Hero: AH HA! I've got you now Jack Strife!
    Jack Strife: That's PUMPKIN KING Jack Strife now!
    The Hero: Oh so you were the "pumpkin prince" last year?
    Jack Strife: WHAT?! NO! I'm just the Pumpkin King now. That's all.
    The Hero: Well, you just can't just "be" the king. It's a title of nobility. You have to be of royal blood to become a king. Where is your kingdom?
    Jack Strife: Kingdom... I... you... Listen, I just made myself the Pumpkin King, OK?
    The Hero: Ok, fine. Then I'm a king too.
    Jack Strife: YOU CAN'T JUST... (deep breaths Jack...count to ten)... Ok, If I am the Pumpkin King, what are you the king of, hero?
    The Hero: I'm the king of Kickin'-Your-Teeth-In Town! Let's go, Gourd-for-brains!
  • In the very first Frostval Quest in 2006, if the Hero chooses not to give Icemaster Yeti his/her backpack and abandons the Moglins, a textbox pops giving a narrative how the whole town of Frostval perished and the Moglins all over Lore went into hiding out of fear. The final line says "Now we have to go back and re-write AdventureQuest. Thanks"
  • "Lend me your eyes! Lend me your ears! Lend me your hea— seriously, Sally, put that down."
  • Artix's misunderstanding of a Yet Another Christmas Carol plot. You and Chilly speak to the ghosts of Frostval Past, Present, and Future (whose character models are from MechQuest, DragonFable and AdventureQuest, respectively). Just before Present reveals what MacGuffin you need to retrieve, Artix jumps in, completely out of nowhere, exorcises them all, says there's no need to thank him, and runs off.
    Your character: Not in that order, but yes.
    • When confronting Sek-Duat XV with Zhoom in the Sandsea finale.
    Sek-Duat XV: You two should be DEAD!
    The Hero: We ARE! We've come back from the grave to haunt you for your misdeeds! OOOOoooOOoooOOooo!
    Zhoom: Don't be silly.
    The Hero: You're no fun at all.
  • During the Gate Keeper quest cutscene, with Artix, (the one where you're trying to get into the Necromantic University with Zorbak's student ID): "Must... resist... urge... to... vanquish... evil!"
    • Even better: The plan to get in almost works. The Gatekeeper just blindly accepts the idea that you're Zorbak and Artix is your minion because of, you know... magic. That's the only explanation you give, and, if his unfazed reaction to it is anything to go by, no elaboration is necessary.
  • "You've earned the title Princess Slayer!"
  • "The Clashening" gives us "Eucalyptus!"
  • When the Mysterious Stranger eats the sun, Lim and Cysero have this little exchange:
    Cysero: Look! It's an eclipse!
    Lim: I don't think that's how it works—
    Cysero: Shut up.
    • Cysero has a billion other hilarious lines and easter eggs.
  • Artix's toilet paper advert in "Falconreach Idle".
  • Artix's list of undead puns.
  • Galanoth's reaction when The Hero tells him that s/he is a DragonLord.
    Your character: Well, I suppose this is the best time to tell you. Galanoth... I am a dragonlord!
  • In Thankstaking 2009, when Oishii invites everyone to the Welcomegiving Feast, including Dr. Voltabolt.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Oh! I am zo happy I could keezz zomeone!
    Valencia: ...
    Valencia: Don't even think about it.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Am ztill happy.
  • Cysero attempting to eat the Elemental Bacon Orbs because he skipped breakfast.
  • The Hero's Hearts Day 2011 quest, "Greatest Hug of All" has one of the funniest scenes ever. The Hero discovers Noxus has been sending out undead minions which hug it's victims and drain their mana, and thanks to a special Love Potion that Noxus consumed, he would receive all of the drained energy. The Hero comes up with an elaborate plan, summoning Twig and some Luvmoglins and gives the following speech.
    The Hero: Who said anything about battling? Have you ever really, really really ever hugged... a moglin?
    Ob-Noxus: STOP!
    The Hero: In the name of hugs! I mean, according to what you've said: You gain power through hugs. So here's what I'm thinking. Follow along if you can, Necroninny. Moglin magic is the second greatest source of power on Lore. Hugs being the greatest, of course. YOU, through a magic whatchamahicky-potion, gain power when hugs happen. So what if, just WHAT IF, a MOGLIN who'd had some of the potion hugged YOU directly? Would you turn pink and explode through the magic of moglin-hug transference?
    Then, Noxus' minion, Liam-Liam says:
    Liam-Liam: Master, I'm scared. Save me!
    Liam-Liam Hugs Noxus, with Noxus becoming wide-eyed in shock
    Ob-Noxus: ARGH! Get off me, you coward!
    All of the moglins then pile onto Noxus and topple him over.
  • San Robin and Roblos.
    The Hero: OK, I give. Why does your costume have cheese on it?
    San Robin: I don't understand the question.
    The Hero: You're dressed like Cheese Man or something. Why would you do that?
    Roblos: [facepalm] See? I told you it was weird.
    San Robin: Look, I'll tell you just like I told Roblos. I like cheese. Of all fruit it is by far the most nutritious.
  • The player's character on the dining habits of one particular antagonist. The fact that they say it to another antagonist they're trying to get information from, who agrees that this is just terrible makes it even funnier.
    "She tried to eat me, and she didn't even have the decency to use ketchup!"
  • The player's character in the Water Orb saga, while being Brainwashed and Crazy, says this to a young Aquella:
    The Hero: Help, I feel... sushi.
  • Lets just say that your attempts to hatch your dragon's egg doesn't really go anywhere........ Except for giving more or less the exact same method of "Hatching" things When you're stuck in a block of ice.
    • In Book 3, Dragon Hatches YOU!
  • In Book 3 Ravenloss, while exploring the town there's a Clawkin Wanderer called Yu Noho. The following exchange occurs with the Hero.
    Yu Nohu: Hello!
    The Hero: Erm...hi.
    Yu Nohu: I'm Yu!
    The Hero: 'Scuse me?
    Yu Nohu: I'm Yu!
    The Hero: You're me?
    Yu Nohu: No, I'm Yu! Yu Nohu!
    The Hero: I'm sorry, but I don't.
    Yu Nohu: Don't what?
    The Hero: I don't know who you are.
    Yu Nohu: I'm Yu!
    The Hero: This... isn't going anywhere.
    Yu Nohu:
    ' I'm Yu Nohu!!!
    • Tomix luring the player to a catapult and launching them both towards Atrea under the siege of Rose in Chapter 3.
    The Hero: But you saaaaiiiidddd...
    • The Hero's revenge in the next quest. S/he makes Tomix carry the loot, a sack of Trithril so big, it's actually bigger than Tomix himself. Their grin just sells it.
  • Player saving undead from Artix, not the other way around.
  • Drakath trying to catch Flying eye (a monstrous winged eye) with camera-like spying device attached. Considering that Drakath is a Minion with an F in Evil for most of the Book 1, Hilarity Ensues.
  • "Impersonator" quest is about a man, who mixed all classes without knowing how to use any of them and glued wings on tog's back claiming to be the Hero with his dragon. Seeing him announce himself is funny in itself, but it can get outrightly ridiculous if the player character is female.
  • During one of quests for Verlyrus in Book 3 Amityvale, called "Fishin Impossible", the Hero tries to catch a talking fish. The Hero changes into his/her angler armor using the phrase "Angler Hero, ACTIVATE!!!" and does a weird dance. However the fish swims away, before one fish randomly falls from the sky. A giant fish who happens to be the Fish Lord then appears, explaining the Hero summoned him using the "righteous ritual of summoning" and explains the fish is a token of gratitude, before dozens of fish then drop from the sky.
    • After the quest finishes, the game goes and trolls the player with the text box: "Well, that happened. And now you have to re-equip everything again!"
  • Bloodwork: Okay, so, the previous main entry in the Book 3 Blood and Roses storyline saw a werewolf-bitten Raven and The Hero returning to Amityvale empty-handed and completely unaware that the last place they checked for signs of Thursday is where she's been the whole time. They have no real leads on where she is, and finding her and making sure she's okay is important partly because her blood is the key to a cure for lycanthropy. So, what happens next? Why, a "Fantastic Voyage" Plot into Raven's body involving a penguin's shrink-ray technology, of course!
  • In Frostval 2014, after the timelines merged, the Hero, Cysero, Warlic, and Icemaster Yeti all gather to discuss this. What's funny is in the room they're gathered in, Cysero made a sign titled "Council Of Smart PEEPL."
  • The Hero finally gets around to tracking down M.O.P. and curing them of their cat transformations (the Mogloween this happened was 3 years ago for reference, not including the Time Skip). When the Hero asks why they didn't head to Croft the year after their transformation and get cured earlier, they apparently got lost and couldn't find Croft. The Hero then angrily points out they could have gone to Falconreach and asked the Hero to bring them.
  • "Ready the table!"
  • When Aegis the Ice-Elemental gets his old body back in 'Just Chillin' ', he, the Hero and Yashta eat ice cream and search for mushrooms. It sounds kind of normal, but Aegis thinks that ice cream is cold because it is mined up north. And the mushrooms turn out to be very angry anthro mushrooms that have several thousands of HP each. The Hero fights them off and Aegis concludes that they were poisonous.
  • On the Swordhaven notice board, the quest "The Fallen One" has a random citizen posting a note for help because he fell over. But the kicker is he posted on the board, then had to walk all the way over to the notice board, before returning to resume his fallen position. He also treats falling over like his life is endangered. Little surprised the Hero is pretty annoyed.
    Citizen in need: Thank you! Thank you so much! I've thought I was a goner. You were absolutely amazing!
    The Hero: ...
    The Hero: Anytime...
The Hero: That's... that's what for heroes are for...
  • The Hurricane of Puns in The Legen-dairy Artifact, most of which are so cheesy they must be seen to be brie-lieved.
  • "One Pala-day At a Time" shows Artix in a Slice of Life quest. He's got a strict schedule of daily tasks planned out by a check list that keeps popping up to the side of the screen, including "Take a shower" (while wearing his armor), as well as "Come up with new puns". Later when Artix runs into the Hero, he checks "Meet the hero" off the schedule even though he had no idea this would happen. The Hero then notices the list that keeps popping up.
    The Hero: Umm... what is this thing that keeps-
    Artix: Oh, pay no mind to this list appearing seemingly out of nowhere!
  • Mogloween 2017 reveals the Hero sometimes mixes up the Sisters' names, calling Trouble "Toil" and almost vice versa by accident.
    • Also, the Sisters can't tell the difference between the two obviously different moons in the sky.
  • In Thankstaking 2017 "The Felonious Five", there's a funny bit of dialogue from the gnome on top of Serenity Inn known as "Roof Guy"
    Roof Guy: Oh no, oh no, look at all of them down there. I knew I should have stayed in bed today. And what if they come back? I don't think I can ever come down from here. They might find me. Better to just stay up here for the rest of my life. "Roof Guy," they'll say, "the monsters are gone!" But I'll know better. It's just a matter of time. Who needs other people anyway? I can live up here with my hammer. Drink rainwater. Eat the smells coming from the inn's chimney. Talk to myself. On second thought, maybe come and get me when this is all over? Hello? Are you still there? Wait- where are you going?