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     Pilaf / Goku Saga 
  • There are a lot of CMOF in the first story arc, which makes sense since Dragon Ball was originally a gag manga. To name a few:
    • Goku and Bulma's first meeting. Bulma hits Goku with a car, sending him flying several feet into a tree. Goku gets up unharm and bench lifts her car and throws it. Bulma gets out of the car and Goku thinks she's a monster and Bulma shots him several times. That's right, in their first meeting Bulma kills Goku twice.
    • Later at Goku's house Bulma tries to convince Goku to part with his 4-star ball by allowing him to feel on her. Keep in mind, Goku is 12.
    Goku: I don't want to feel your dirty butt.
    • Also from the very first episode.
    Bulma: They're called Dragon Balls!
    Goku: You mean some poor dragon-
    • This line from the dub, when a Pterodactyl makes off with Bulma with the intent of making her dinner.
    Pterodactyl: Hey, don't be such a downer, baby! I'm in the mood for a Happy Meal!
    • Just before that, he tells Goku that they have dinner reservations and then ties him up. Goku's first musing?
    • Goku discovering television for the first time.
    Goku: Oh, no! That guy is trapped, and he's trying to break the glass by playing that horrible music!
    • Add the time when child Goku tries to have a bath with Bulma. Even funnier, Goku didn't even know what a bath was at that point.
    • Bulma's earlier freakout about Goku's tail being real. She thought it was fake up to that point.
    • And later that episode when Goku takes off Bulma's panties and discovers that her "balls" are missing.
      • And that's just the set-up for a gag later on. When they meet Roshi and discover he has a Dragon Ball, he says he'll only give it up if Bulma shows him her panties. Bulma reluctantly agrees and lifts her gown, not realizing she's not wearing anything underneath. It's not until later when they get back to the capsule house that Bulma finds her panties on the floor and has an epic meltdown.
    • The eternal phoenix....dies from food poisoning.
    • Bulma trying to ride the Flying Nimbus after Goku warned her that only a good person could ride it. She fell right through.
    • Goku getting hit on the head with a hatchet causing a giant bump to form. Then, Bulma plan to lure Oolong out by dressing Goku as a girl. Yes, she got Goku into a dress and he's not happy.
    • Oolong hitting on a disguise Goku and him turning into a handsome young man (he was originally a ogre), which immediately gets Bulma to come out of hiding so she could flirt with him. While Oolong is distracted by Bulma, Goku sneaks away to pee. Oolong sees him and freaks out that Goku's a boy. Goku is bewilder by how Oolong finds this out. He thinks his tail gave him away.
    • Oolong trying to get Bulma to wear him after turning into panties. She reacted the way you expect.
    • Goku asking Oolong, a pig, does he like bacon when he was about to hunt for food.
    Oolong: What are you, brain dead!?
    • Goku poking Yamcha in the eyes and then slapping him across the screen. Made funnier in the manga since Yamcha literally broke the forth wall.
    • And when Yamcha, who was in the worst stage of his fear of women, sees Bulma naked. His face is priceless.
    Yamcha: Not-Dragon-Balls — Definitely-Not-Dragon-Balls...
    • In their rematch, Goku knocks Yamcha's tooth out, much to his horror.
    • Chi Chi pushing Goku off the Flying Nimbus after he kicked her in the crotch to confirm her sex.
    • When Chi Chi first meets Master Roshi, she can't believe such a pervy geezer could possibly be the Master Roshi, so she decides to test him by throwing her helmet blade at him. He fails, but convinces her by showing his drivers license. For the rest of the mini-arc, Roshi wears a giant band-aid on his head.
    • Roshi blows up the mountain he was supposed to save with his Kamehameha. Everyone have to point out to him that the mountain is gone.
    • Oolong allowing Master Roshi to put his face into his breasts as a transformed Bulma.
    • Bulma being turned into a carrot and Goku monologs about not liking carrots.
      • Even more hilarious once Goku is revealed as a Saiyan as Goku's real name Kakarrot is a pun on Carrot.
    • This exchange between Goku and Boss Rabbit after Goku hit him with his Power Pole:
    Goku: Hey, you better change her back or I'm going to whack you again.
    Boss Rabbit: Whack me again?
    Goku: Yeah, whack you again.
    • The group being lured into a trap by following arrows painted on the floor. Even Pilaf's group is surprised that they were so dumb.
    • When Pilaf has captured the heroes in the first Dragon Ball hunt, he has their cell gassed to knock them out. He then comes in to gloat... and passes out himself.
    • When Pilaf has Goku and company imprisoned, he reveals that their cell's glass roof is to slowly roast them in the hot sun.
    Bulma: What do we do...?!! I didn't bring any sun block! Oh, my complexion!!
    Oolong: You're not gonna die quietly, are ya.
    • When Goku is telling Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar about the monster that killed his grandfather, along with destroying the surrounding landscape, he's asked what kind of monster it was. Goku replies that he didn't see it, as he was asleep at the time. Oolong's response is hilarious.
    "You slept through your house being destroyed? What are you made of?"

     Tournament Saga 
  • Goku eating all the food in Roshi's refrigerator when he made the mistake of telling Goku to help himself since he was busy watching one of his videos.
  • Goku's efforts to find Master Roshi a girl and Krillin grand entrance.
  • Goku telling Krillin how he figures out who's a boy and girl. Krillin quickly tells Goku that he's a boy.
  • The first time Launch transformed into her bad side in front of the group she pumped Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi full of lead.
  • Goku and Krillin trying to dodge a swarm of bees and out-swim sharks during their training. Not to mention the milk run from hell.
  • Krillin is able to fight a legendarily stinky opponent unhindered because he was drawn without a nose. What makes it even better is that Krillin was losing before Goku pointed this out to him.
    • And then defeats him by farting in his face.
    • The announcer and several monks wearing gas masks throughout the entire fight and people cheering Krillin on so they could get that guy off the stage.
  • When Goku didn't show up to the first fight, they started looking for him. He was.....taking a nap under a tree, causing Krillin and Yamcha to fall down, while Chun flying, with Ranfan looking. Then at the tournament stage, the reason why he wasn't there immediately:
    Goku: (happily) I was taking a nap.
    *The audience Face Fault when they find out he was serious.*
  • Right before Krillin match against Jackie Chun, the announcer interviews both Turtle School kids. Afterwards, Chun wants an interview too, but the announcer refuses. So Chun takes his microphone and sings, with Goku dancing along. Watch here.
  • Namu's fight with Ranfan. Buddhist monk versus fan-service.
  • Krillin and Jackie Chun going over step-by-step what happened during a fight sequence that was too fast for the announcer to see.
  • After the tournament Master Roshi offered to treat everyone to dinner. Unfortunately for Roshi, Goku is hungrier than usual after his four hour fight and eats the entire restaurant out of food and he still wasn't full. By the end, Roshi spends almost his entire prize money feeding Goku.
    Narrator: Looks like Goku got to spend the prize money after all.

     Red Ribbon Army Saga 
  • Pilaf PTSD every time he sees Goku.
  • Pilaf opening a window in his flying fortress, while it's still in flight.
  • Goku blackmailing Pilaf to give him the 4-Star Ball (which was fake) by not helping him when he was falling to his death.
  • Chi-Chi and Goku's second reunion. Chi-Chi is happy to see Goku and Goku doesn't really care. Best part, when talking about getting married Goku asked what she's talking about only for Chi-Chi to say that he knows, but teasing and accidentally sends him flying into a tree when she slaps him.
  • Goku 'hiding' from Red Ribbon Army soldiers in the bathroom. He gave himself away by flushing the toilet and the soldiers filled the bathroom with machine gun bullets. Goku is stun, but walks out and asked if the soldiers were Snow's friends.
  • During Ninja Murasaki's fight with Goku, he leaps into the air, but landed his ass on Goku's carefully positioned Nyoibo. His painful reaction: PRICELESS!!!
    Goku: Now we both have a tail!
    • The entire 'fight' with Murasaki was him being Goku's plaything for several episodes. Goku could have literally ended the fight at anytime, but he was having too much fun to bother.
  • Goku's city adventure. He gets lost, takes a cab, but have no money, doesn't understand that people don't know everyone despite living in the same place, some losers try to rob him, to him giving a bunch a money to a random stranger for giving him information.
  • Bulma's mom stepping on Bulma when she was showing Goku her shrink watch. By the Dull Surprise reaction from everyone, except Goku, this isn't unusual.
  • When Goku goes underwater to search for a Dragon Ball, Bulma pulls out the capsule case and notices thereís only one capsule in there, and Bulma realizes she took her dadís case. She decides to have a little faith in her dad and throws the capsuleÖ but out pops a ton of porn. Goku thinks its weird how all these people have their clothes off even though they’re not taking baths, and she yells that kids arenít supposed to look at that. She then tears up all the magazines.
    Goku: This is weird... they're all naked, even though they aren't taking baths...
  • When some mooks are sent to Kame House to get the Dragon Balls...
    Captain Dark: Tear the house apart. I want those Dragon Balls.
    Master Roshi: And I can see why. You're obviously lacking in the balls department.
  • Master Roshi using a watch that can shrink the person who is wearing it to spy on Bulma... only to arrive when she had finished and on top of that, falling into the toilet as Bulma flushed it. Needless to say, he stank very strongly after that.
  • Goku frying a giant octopus with his Kamehameha and then casually eating it.
    Goku: "This isn't bad. It taste a little like chicken."
  • The Dr. Slump crossover with Dragon Ball. For Goku and General Blue it is like they entered Cloudcuckooland with all the bizarre stuff happening around them. By the end Goku had taken a 'abandon all logic' kind of mentality from the whole thing.
  • General Blue getting his butt handed to him by Arale in a complete Curb-Stomp Battle. He got knocked all the way to Egypt.
  • Tao offering discounts to celebrate 25 years of being an assassin. Not to mention his 'Kill You' shirt.
  • Everyone's reaction when Goku told them that he already beat the Red Ribbon Army. To say they were shock would be an understatement.
  • Krillin fight against Dracula. Goku even asked Krillin how he lost so easily.
  • Puar and Upa (both non-fighters) beat said Dracula with a combination of garlic, a holy cross symbol, and Puar turning into a fly swatter and knocking him out-of-bounds. Goku promptly declares them being stronger than Krillin.
  • Krillin helped Yamcha beat the invisible man by having Master Roshi nosebleed on him after lifting Bulma's shirt up.
  • How about this exchange of dialogue, just before Yamcha's fight with the Mummy?
    Mummy: (laughs evilly) Pain and suffering are all you have to look forward to now!
    Yamcha: Whatever! Anyone ever tell you your mummy dresses you funny? *Twinkle Smile*
  • They ask Grandpa Gohan if he would like them to use the Dragon Balls to bring him back to life, but he declines because, "I've got a lot of friends, and most of them are brunettes!" Master Roshi excitedly exclaims, "Save some for me!"

     Second Tournament Arc / King Piccolo Saga 
  • Chiaotzu calling Krillin baldy. When Krillin points out that he's bald too, Chiaotzu takes off his hat and reveals one strand of hair. Tien is very embarrassed by this.
  • Goku being surprise that the announcer knew what number he would pull (he was the last person to draw). He reached into the drawing box and called the man a genius. Tien is quick to tease Yamcha and Krillin about this. Chiaotzu doesn't understand what Goku did wrong, causing Tien to tell him to shut up.
  • Jackie Chun's fight against Man-Wolf. It can't even be called a Curb-Stomp Battle, Man-Wolf is so outclassed. Chun wins by making Man-Wolf fetch a bone he tossed out of the ring.
  • Everyone's reactions when they see Man-Wolf's human form.
    Jackie: I take it there are no mirrors where he comes from.
    Krillin: Maybe he should grow a beard.
  • Krillin beating Chiaotzu by forcing him to do a hard math problem. Namely, what's 9 minus 1.
  • Tien offering to treat everyone after Goku refused to take half of the prize money. Krillin laughs that Goku will get to spend his share after all.
  • Goku and Yajirobe playing rock paper scissors to determine which of them gets to fight Cymbal.
    Cymbal: Oh, come on! That's not how you play. Everyone knows that dynamite always wins!
  • This bit of dialogue between Yamcha and Tambourine:
    Yamcha: That must make you King Piccolo's yes-man.
    Tambourine: Yes- I-I mean, uh, well you don't- shut up!
  • After getting his butt handed to him by Tambourine, Goku search for food to recharge himself. What follows is a Humiliation Conga where a piece of fruit tried to eat Goku, then spit him out in disgust, and Goku being beating up by a kangaroo and her baby.
  • During Goku and Piccolo's first fight Goku is beating badly and held by Piccolo by his shirt. While Piccolo gloated, Goku bites his thumb, causing his only injury to him. Piccolo even sucks on the wound like a small child.
  • Piccolo takes the throne as King of the World and makes a world-wide broadcast about how from now on all government and law enforcement are abolished and his army will kill anyone who tries to fight against crime. All Launch has to say is "That doesn't sound so bad."
  • When all of the Dragon Ball gang are heading the city in King Piccolo is located to aid Goku and Ten in fighting him, Bad Launch for the first time shows eagerness and willingnes in fighting with the Dragon Ball gang against a major enemy, mostly due to the fact she wants to protect Ten as she loves him. Launch then suddenly sneezes, reverting her to her "Good" form, much to Dragon Ball's gang horror and disappointment and then asks: "Are we going on a picnic?"

     Piccolo Jr Saga 
  • During Goku's training, he had to fight a doll of himself that was kicking his butt throughout the entire day. When he finally managed to land several decent hits and knock it out, Mr Popo casually revealed that the doll was out of energy and that's why he beat it. Goku's so stun by the news that he collapsed and fell asleep on the ground.
  • Everyone seeing grown up Goku. None of them recognized him until he took off the turban and revealed his signature hair. Bulma quickly starts falling for him and looked quite disappointed that Chi-Chi claimed him first.
  • How can we forget when Goku learns the identity of the Cute Bruiser he was fighting in the last Tenkaichi Budokai — Chichi, who has definitely grown into an attractive woman. And nearly everyone else goes WTF with him too, with the exception of Oolong (who figured who it was early). Then, after remembering her and his promise, and originally thinking a "bride" was something you ate, he asks her to marry him anyway. He spends the next several minutes of the episode having no clue why she's being so affectionate.
    Goku: Live together!? With you!? When I said this was I conscious!?
    • Of course, we all know he figures it out eventually. See: Gohan and Goten.
    • Krillin's reaction to the whole thing:
    Krillin: Marriage! It's means your life is practically over!
  • Bulma finding out that Yamcha claimed to be in love with Chi-Chi. He wasn't. He was just saying stuff because he hit her and learned later that she was the daughter of the feared Ox-King.
  • During the 23rd World Tournament, after Yamcha is easily beaten in the first round for the THIRD time in a row, all Puar has to say in the dub is "Yay, Yamcha survived!"
    • Not to mention cracking his nuts against Shen's head.
  • Also from the 23rd World Tournament, Goku stealing Tien's belt, making his pants fall down revealing his undergarments to the world. One of the few times we see Tien blush.
  • Piccolo's reaction when Goku flew into his mouth to save Kami.
  • Goku getting into Piccolo's face with a huge grin on his face, before jumping away and letting Piccolo's own energy ball hit him.
  • During Goku's fight with Piccolo, even as he's struggling to stand, Goku still manages to stun even his toughest opponent to date.
    Goku: "It's a good thing you aim as badly as you missed my vital organs."
    Piccolo: "ALL OF THEM?!"
  • Roshi in general. When he's not being The Obi-Wan, he's nothing but a walking fountain of funny. Even in the Toonami dub, which censors most of his pervyness, it's hard not to laugh at the scenes he's in.

     Movies / Specials 
  • Krillin's attempt at singing in Broly: The Legend.
    • Chi-Chi tries to drill Goku for an interview with a private school she wants Gohan to attend. She ends up yelling so hard at Goku that the entire line behind him falls down.
  • Early in Cooler's Revenge, Goku is suddenly interested in Gohan getting his schoolwork done, and is in fact insisting he finish it before anything else. Chichi, hearing this, concludes that this sudden Out-of-Character Moment is the result of brain damage.
  • In Trunks The Story, which was adapted into the Trunks TV special, Trunks asks Gohan to take him to fight the 'droids. Gohan's response? "Trunks! Look over there!" *smack*
  • Another hilarious #18 moment was in Bio-Broly when she basically shows who's the dominant figure in the household.
    #18: Now do as I say and wait at Roshi's house.
    Krillin: No, I'm coming with you.
    #18: You look after the baby.
    Krillin Aww, but #18!
    #18: Why won't you simply obey me?!
    • Krillin, naturally, follows this up by dropping the baby off somewhere safe and ignoring her orders completely. Because he was worried. Which is fairly funny as well, if the nature of the relationship was that she gives orders and he just decides to follow them or not based solely on being a Nice Guy. It's like a twisted, almost heartwarming fusion of Goku and Vegeta's relationships with their wives. No wonder she always seems content yet annoyed with him.
  • From the UK dub of "The World's Strongest" (one minute and fifteen seconds in): "We would have to change the attitude of everyone on Earth to make them a PENIS!! In every way!!"
    • Well, okay, it's "obey us" but really, this is the closest thing DBZ will ever get to "Pingas".
  • In "Fusion Reborn", when Goku attempts to convince Vegeta to do the Fusion Dance as the former is just newly revived and the latter is dead and both are fighting a very powerful demon who's kicking both of their asses...
    Vegeta: I'd rather die than fuse with you!
    Vegeta: *realizes the Fridge Logic and pouts*
    • The literal translation can be considered even funnier:
      Vegeta: Fuse with you?! Hmph, I'd rather die!
      Goku: *gives an exasperated sigh and replies in a completely deadpan, matter-of-fact manner* But Vegeta, you're already dead.
    • Another Fusion Reborn funny moment, when Gohan punches Frieza and kills him in 10 seconds, the remaining warriors that tried to kill him decide to run like hell, jumping off the building Videl was on.
    • Also from "Fusion Reborn", the group summon Shenron to return all the souls to the other world, however he explains that he can't as there are no barriers between the worlds to keep them there. The group seems to ignore Shenron for the rest of the movie, and at the end...
      Shenron: Uh... Don't you people have any more wishes?
    • The best part of that, nobody bothered letting Shenrong leave so he's still stuck waiting for somebody ask for a wish at the end of the movie.
    • "Is someone going to make a wish or what?"
  • Vegeta meeting Gure in the 2008 web special. The character being discussed, Gure, is a 2-foot, dot-eyed, dress-wearing alien with gray skin, while Tarble is a normal-looking Saiyan.
    Vegeta: Tarble, who is this with you?
    Tarble: Oh, sorry. This is my wife.
    Vegeta: *looking like his eyeballs are about to beat a hasty retreat from his skull* Your WIFE!?
    Gure: *runs up, smiling cheerfully* How do you do, brother? Nice to meet you! *bows* It's an honor!
    Vegeta: (totally catatonic) *bows* Oh, no... the honor's mine...
  • When Goku goes back in time to meet Kid Goku. It was part of a TV telephone game, but it's hilarious anyway. Kid Goku remarks that his adult self looks familiar.
    • A similar meeting also occurs in Budokai Tenkaichi 3's Dragon Story mode.
  • The seventh movie has the single best line in the history of dubbing.
    Piccolo: Is it over?
    Vegeta: Not until the fish jumps. *fish jumps* It's over.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyans. Dancing.
  • Beerus' reason for wanting to destroy the Earth in Battle of Gods: Buu eats all of the pudding when Beerus wants a taste of it. Beerus completely snaps and decides that he has had enough of this pathetic world.
  • The Pilaf gang's reaction to Trunks admitting his fib (paraphrased):
    Trunks: Um... I made up a story and now I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.
    Pilaf: You mean me?