Funny / Downfall


  • The conversation between Gin and Tousen in Chapter 1.
    "I remember what he said. Help me up. And please stop smiling."
    "You're blind. You can't see me smiling."
    "Gin, you're always smiling."
    • [Gin] grinned wider. He did like to smile. Maybe it was his default facial expression. For some reason it threw people off guard, which wasn't a problem at all. One time he squinted his eyes nearly shut and walked around for a day. He'd made people really uncomfortable with that, which was even better. Of course, Rangiku had taken one look at his squinty-eyed self and walloped him across the face. So that had been the end of that.


  • Hitler's wedding:
    Hitler: "Yes."
    Lawyer: "May I see your ID?"
    Goebbels (annoyed): "You're talking with the Führer."
  • Each of the (in)famous Hitler's rants. Especially the scene where Gunsche tells him that they can't find Fegelein.
  • As Albert Speer returns to the bunker, Hitler is having another meltdown (this time about Göring) and once again, it's audible in the hallway.
    Traudl: Herr Speer! How did you get into Berlin?
    Speer: Not easily. I must speak with the Führer.
  • In the extended cut, General Vasily Chuikov is speaking with some war correspondents, who are in uniform, about the battle when suddenly he receives word that the German delegation has arrived to negotiate. Chuikov goes into a panic because all his generals are at the front, so he hastily awards medals and "promotes" the correspondents to pretend that they're his staff. He also shoves composer Matvey Blanter, who's not in uniform, into the wardrobe and tells him to be quiet.