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  • From the Edward R. Spoof: The judge suddenly acting like an immature child and calling Doug "Mister Threaty McThreatPants".
  • The Most Disturbing Aristocrats Joke Ever.
  • From "Theme Song Lyrics," a song about the devil incarnate stealing the viewer's soul, set to the sweet and gentle theme song of Doogie Howser, M.D.;.
    • Anyone who remembered Critic's meltdown over Doug in the Nicktoons review was expecting big things from the show's theme lyrics. It doesn't disappoint.
  • Doug "playing" The Conduit: I'm trying to pick up a grenade.
    Bargo: Be careful, you're gonna die soon.
    Doug: Ha! Joke's on you, I'm already dead!
  • Reverend Nutt Job. Everything about him.
  • The commentary for The Garbage Pail Kids Movie review shows that it is one of the few movies that annoys Doug both in character and out of character. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Rob's imitation of the Garbage Pail Kids.
    • "Oh no, Santa Christ! They got Santa Christ!" (as Santa Christ) "I'm not ugly, ho ho. I just want to bring...Sega Genesises to the world."
  • The Tommy Wiseau Show. You do not want to serve Doug Walker a Frivolous Lawsuit.
  • The PodOmatic interview with Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, and Linkara involved Doug, about 25 minutes in, ranting about 3D movies while doing an impression of Chris Tucker. It also had Lindsay Ellis doing a snarling insult of a company shipping policies in a German accent, before her accent slips into an East Indian one.
  • "The Tommy Wiseau Show Live": (to a Hetalia cosplayer) "Yes you, the Nazi. I loved you in Inglourious Basterds."
    • Made even better in that the person was cosplaying as ENGLAND, not Germany.
  • His parody of Heath Ledger's version of The Joker as he practices his various backstories.
  • From Doug's trip to Austria:
    • Complaining about his hotel room, which switches to a whisper halfway through because the walls are so thin he got slapped with a noise complaint.
    • Super Dickmann's.
    "I think it speaks for itself."
    • DRAGO!
    • After noticing that a lot of buildings in Vienna, as a result of age, need posters to cover up the damage:
    "This isn't a city anymore! Its a fucking poster gallery!"
    • Doug makes his opinion of modern art abundantly clear.
    • Following on from the Nostalgia Critic episode about cereal mascots, he pauses in the middle of a tour of Vienna to make a detailed survey of how Austrian-localized cereal mascots differ from their American counterparts.
    • Pigeons fighting over Bugle crumbs while the Mortal Kombat theme plays.
    • While in a room of eerie-looking puppets:
    "It's Julie Taymor's playhouse! ...I'm sure only like, 5 of you got that joke, but the 5 who did are gonna be laughing..."
    "I am never watching your show again."
  • His take on the infamous rant from Downfall.
  • When Doug loses his voice, we get THIS.
    • Still, I feel bad about not giving you guys anything this's "Ask That Guy" raping Ma-Ti. And then the twist at the end.
    • "Darn".
  • Fear and Loathing in ShadoCon had a long string of 'em.
    • "Bob Dylan! Get it away! Get it away!"
    • Batman's constant attempts to get a hug.
    • Along with this video at the same convention.
  • The sheer Mood Whiplash of Critic's personality and Doug's while filming Baby Geniuses:
    Doug: Alright, there is one bad word that's gonna be said here, it has to be said, so anyone who doesn't want to listen just plug your ears.
    Doug: [instant perky] Okay!
  • There is a sex trade... of sock puppets.
  • The story about the old couple behind him when he saw Black Swan. "She's turning into a swan!"
    • Which finally resulted in: "CHICKEN!"
  • His "Top 10 Films I Hate But Everyone Else Loves" list. It's hilarious to see him go nuts over films like Matilda, District 9 and Moulin Rouge!.
  • The "Top 10 Films Doug Likes But Everyone Else Hates" list has him describing what he liked about Star Trek: Nemesis and commenting that he's being such a geek.
  • In the "Doug's Top 10 WORST Clichès" list, while discussing the Jittercam trope, he goes "A little shaking is okay, but nobody runs like thiiiis! *flails around wildly enough to make his hat fall off*
  • Doug riffs on the little-known educational short Soapy! The Germ Fighter, and characterizes the titular soap-costumed mascot as a pedophiliac, severely obsessive-compulsive, murderous, sexist possibly beyond the ken of Man. For laughs.
  • Kyle Hebert is an A**HOLE!.
    • And the bonus video of Eric Vale improvising that he's going to rape Kyle, with none of the people filming making a peep because they want to see just how far it'll go. It takes Eric knocking Kyle's head into the table to make them break.
    • The Gilligan Cut deserves some laughs too.
    Kyle Hebert: Next time on Dragon Ball Z...
    Doug: Kyle Hebert is an ASSHOLE! He will not shut up! He has followed me everywhere, EVERYWHERE throughout this goddamn con doing this stupid voice. I- I'm at a panel right now. Look!
    (Doug turns the camera around to the audience who all begin cheering)
    Doug: He will not shut up! He is a smucking little—-
    (Doug turns to camera to Kyle Hebert)
    Doug: You are an ANUS! You are an anus on life!
    (the audience begins booing)
    Doug: Hey! HEY! Hey hey hey hey hey! Who would you rather hear? Me, or some idiot do the narration for Dragon Ball Z?
    (cut to Kyle Hebert standing in front of the audience)
    Kyle Hebert: Next time on Dragon Ball Z, yo! Keeping it real in the hizzy.
    Doug: I really fucking hate my fans right now.
    (one of Dougs fans tries to pat him on the shoulder to comfort him)
    Doug: Don't touch me!
  • From Doug's "Top 11 Nostalgia Critics I Will Never Do," he opens the video by noting that it's been raining a lot. Then as he reaches number 9, we hear it begin to hail. Doug pauses, then cries "And it's hailing! It's fucking hailing!"
  • In the second donation drive, a caller said he'd donate if Lewis slapped Doug so hard that he fell on the floor (whether it was a fetish thing or just not liking Doug he didn't say). Both Lewis's and Doug's confused reactions are gold.
  • Dishy Pasta Bra
  • At the Q&A Anime Milwaukee con, this conversation happened. To put in context, Doug was already teasing the audience in his usual way, even giving the start of a striptease.
    Fan: Hi, this is my first time seeing you in person.
    Doug: [grinning] Aren't I sexy?
    Fan: could say that.
  • In the middle of his infamous rant about Breaking Dawn's abortion scene, his phone rings and he maintains his delirious mannerisms.
    Doug: My phone is ringing! I don't care! I'm not gonna answer it!
  • The entirety of Kony WTF 2012.
    Kony 2012 video: So, what do you think about Kony 2012?
    Doug: ... (anguished) I JUST WANT MY PORN!
  • Why The Ninja Turtles Should Be Aliens. Four words: "Racist Alien Big-Boobied Explosions".
  • The DVD menus on Volume 3. He's a guy who's been waiting for centuries for us to make the right choice, and grows increasingly frustrated at our choosing wrong. "I've had to eat five of my toes! Not all on the same foot, I'm trying to keep it symmetrical. Actually, that one has to go soon."
  • In his real review of The Avengers, his quick whine that he wanted the X-Men movies to be as epic as this.
  • His reading Fifty Shades of Grey along with Team Four Star, in various voices. The highlight comes when he reads a paragraph as Batman, and discovers it actually features Anastasia describing her voice as "husky."
    • In the shameless sort of funny, Doug's reactions to the sex toy choices. Vibrators are cool, dildos get a thumbs-up and buttplugs can be fun.
  • The rant about Christian Bale's Batman voice while reviewing The Dark Knight Rises. "I swear to God, he's doing it on purpose now! He's making it sillier!"
    • "He's sounding like he swallowed Donald Duck or something!" (Imitates Bale's Batman, which turns into Donald Duck quacking.)
  • His demonstration of a customs agent slowly backing away as he rambled about bronies after losing his passport.
    • To elaborate: Doug had lost his passport, but had several other forms of ID on him. He showed them all to a US customs agent as he was trying to get back into the country after attending a con in Canada, but the customs agent was still suspicious. So, Doug goes off on a long-winded explanation of bronies and the brony phenomenon. The customs agent, after a while, was so weirded out he just said "Okay, I believe you. Nobody could possibly make that up. Go."
    • When he gets to announcing RamenCon, he goes off on a short note about how he hates the food now, but it was heaven in college.
  • In this Q&A, he and Lindsay spend the first five minutes making it look like the Critic puppet and the Teddy Ruxpin doll are having sex.
  • His narration for a Garry's Mod variant of the Mario's Castle Calamity video is simply hilarious, pointing out the Fridge Logic of why Mario has to destroy the castle which divulges into a rant about the Fridge Logic of the Mario universe.
  • At the end of his video on the worst movies he had to review for The Nostalgia Critic, he begs anyone who actually likes The Garbage Pail Kids Movie to contact him and explain why, since he's "beyond curious" and it might lead to a whole new understanding of reality. The way he's so dead serious about it becomes hilarious after a while.
    • While talking about Baby Geniuses and their crappy camera angles, how seamlessly he devolves into apologizing for his own cliched camera work.
  • One of his 11 favorite NC jokes is his Memetic Badass treatment of Lucas from The Wizard, and while discussing it he gets distracted coming up with other ways to play the joke that he wishes he'd done.
  • In a Youmacon 2012 improv show, a guy comparing Doug to Claudia in Interview with the Vampire. Doug looking uncomfortable at the comparison strangely makes it more amusing.
  • The snarky guy in this video and how he treats Doug like a five year old when (as usual with Doug and con mikes) the mike doesn't work and Doug's getting all squealy. “It's not a drum, it's not a maraca. ] Someone give him a treat or something he's working real hard. [ You really want it to be on? Be nice and no screaming.”
  • In this cons/auctions video, his confusion and mite of jealousy over how tiny Lindsay's Ursa-belt is compared to something he would have. It's almost adorable how he doesn't understand that men and women will always have different waistlines no matter how skinny the man is.
  • His review of Breaking Dawn Part 2 with Rob is absolutely hysterical, from calling Aro "Evil Chris Kattan" to describing the battle as "Chuck Norris falling out of the sky!"
    • Their take on the ending where they compare it to Super Mario Bros. 2, along with how they and their friends who they went with started booing.
  • His opening question to Mara Wilson on "Shut Up and Talk": "I can't help but notice you have boobs?"
    • And during the answer of that question, a caption comes up.
  • During Super Bowl XLVII, the stadium's power went out and delayed the game by thirty minutes. Doug's Facebook post about this?
  • His video for Indiegogo.
    Doug: And while there are many shows we are currently working on right now, one of them could use your help. And by "help" I mean money.
    Doug: This is the last time I lick a frog before doing a video.
  • Doug auditioning for the part of Robotnik in the 2012 fan film for Sonic the Hedgehog, which led to him auditioning as Sonic and then...
    Chester A. Bum (as Robotnik): OH MY GOD, I can't believe I'm going to be in the Crash movie!
    • From the same video, when Doug asks for a castle backdrop, he instead gets a black screen with the words "I'M AN ASSHOLE" written in huge white letters. He doesn't even realize it.
  • His reaction to the Red Wedding. He calmly watches the scene (actually a humorous recap done by himself in voiceover) while eating a cookie, and after it finishes, he asks if Arya, Tyrion and Daenerys are alright. When told that they are, he responds with a nonchalant "Okay" and continues eating. And after sipping his drink, he then says, "Yeah, seriously, why kill the wolf?"
  • His mock interview with the Mad Hatter and March Hare. Then the Joker and Batman come in.
    Mad Hatter: Hey, who's the clown? (referring to Batman)
    Joker: I'm the Joker.
    • Also, the text scrolls are hilarious if you take time to read them.
    Olympic News: Beijing officials admit that cute little girl who replaced other girl singing China's national anthem was in fact a computer generated creation.
  • His first question while interviewing Greg Sestero: "So anyway, how's your sex life?"
  • In the second part of Doug and Rob's Over the Garden Wall Vlog, Doug is holding a sneeze and makes some hilarious faces. Oh, and the sneeze never comes.
  • You can tell Doug's not exactly good at taking selfies.
  • In the "Shut Up And Talk" with Tommy Wiseau, Doug mostly behaves himself (helped by plenty of stealth insults), but when Tommy says he submitted the movie for an Acadamy Award, Doug breaks into silent giggles.
  • His Lori Prince Live skit, especially as the Joker and Batman start arguing.
  • Both Rob and Doug's attempts at stalling in the beginning of this panel, including Rob monotoning that people need to fill the empty seats, Doug singing a stalling song, and Doug again having to go out three times to hold the "last person"'s hand and guide them to their seat.
  • In Fan World 2016, there's something amusing (and cute in a protective way) about Doug blanking on creepy fan stories and his wife being like "oh there's plenty".
  • Near the start of this panel, Rob jokes that a meteor is coming. Cue Doug delightedly asking "who wants to do me?"
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Him breaking down over Grumpy crying.
    • Him pointing out the logical plot holes of the ending.
  • In his review of Pinocchio, he wonders why nobody would notice there is a giant fox and cat walking around and the irony of them noticing a living puppet.
    • His dislike of Jiminy Cricket, saying that he always waited for Pinocchio to step on him, which, he must have known, happened in the original book.
  • Pointing out the notorious, brief shot of a naked lady at the beginning of his review of The Rescuers.
    • Plus his deadpan delivery regarding said shot: "Okay, I'm just gonna get it out of the way, there's a picture of a naked woman in this movie. Disney is full of pervs. There. Done."
    • And at the end when he muses, "And what was up with that naked lady?"
    • Similarly, in his Bambi review, he can't start it without the scene where Bambi's mother is shot.
  • In his review of The Great Mouse Detective, he says that it was one of the first Disney films he saw in theaters and seeing the magic of Disney on the big screen is delightful, wholesome fun. Cue Fidget kidnapping Flaversham.
  • His opinions of the songs in The Lion King and how he prefers "Be Prepared" over "Hakuna Matata", which all of the kids at his school sang. The icing on the cake is this clip:
    Scar: I'm surrounded by idiots.
  • From his review of The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Doug: That being said, there are a few things that are a bit forced.
    (cut to the gargoyles singing "A Guy Like You")
    Doug: (aggravated) I'll get to them in a minute.
    • His summary of everything Frollo does in the entire movie: "Ya know, for kids!"
  • Of Hercules, he goes over all the random, inane choices made for the movie and how it was told. The last straw? That Michael Bolton sings the end title song.
  • His thoughts on Fantasia 2000, particularly the parts with Steve Martin.
  • In the Brother Bear review: "DAAAH! Phil Collins, modern talk, Pinky Swear!"
  • In his Tarzan II review, how he sums up an average Phil Collins background tune in a Disney movie; "I'M SAAAD! I'M SAAAD! I'M PHILLL COLLINNNS!!!"
  • The end of his review of The Incredibles:
    Doug: It's great to see Pixar finally branching out and actually working with human characters! They don't have to keep the focus on toys or machines or things that come to life! This is opening a whole new door for (Cars poster appears) *groan* Join me in the next review...
  • The deadpan, Motor Mouth beginning to his review of Cars 2: "Everyone says Cars 2 sucks, it does, let's talk about it."
    • "Why is it the only jokes that make me laugh in these movies are the toilet jokes? That's not a good sign."
  • His first attempt to summarize Brave:
    Doug: All right, so this story that seems so different and new is about a princess... gee, haven't seen that from Disney yet. But this particular one doesn't want to be a princess... gee, haven't seen that from Disney yet. But she's adventurous and free-spirited... gee, haven't seen that from Disney before! She has to be forced to marry somebody... gee, haven't seen that... from... oh, and the mother turns into a bear. Oh for God's sake, that one wasn't even a hit! Why are you ripping off stuff you already know failed?!
  • He explains how everyone fell completely in love with Toy Story 3 and think it's the greatest movie ever. He thinks it's good. The response? "BOOO!"
  • He admits that Cinderella sounds kind of twisted if you look at it from Prince Charming's perspective:
    Doug: Hey, he found a woman strictly based on sight. Hey, he knew her for a few hours, and then he decided she's the one. Hey, all she left is a shoe, and somehow that's gonna determine which woman you're going to marry. Hey, coincidentally the shoe size can only fit one friggin' woman in the entire world, and thank God it just happened to be the one you fell in love with!
  • His description of how he originally didn't think too much about Maleficent, didn't see it as a big deal, but after he thought about it more, he eventually realized...
    Doug: You know what? This movie really sucks. A lot.
  • His two cents on the controversy about The Princess and the Frog. When the movie was first released, people were complaining about how the movie changed how things were during the time the movie was placed. His response?
    Doug: There's a fucking talking frog, I think we'll live.
  • When he talks about how overplayed the songs are from Frozen, he concedes that he's one of the annoying ones who does it. He then tries to defend himself by saying he only does it in his car when nobody else is around... until it backfires when he realizes that also means he lacks the excuse that he can play it around his kids.
    Doug: Okay, this is actually sounding pathetic.
  • From the Belle's Magical World review:
    • He calls the video so terrible, the only "magical" part occurs when an Off-Model Belle's eyes point in opposite directions.
    • His rushed ending for the review:
    Doug: Belle's Magical World, it sucks, I'm onto the next one, bye!
  • From his review of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea:
    Doug: Pat Carroll's back to do the voice [of the villain]; she could read the phone book and make it sound deliciously evil!
  • In the introduction to Mulan 2, he explains that the video sounds distorted because he yelled so much that he blew out his microphone.
    • The fact that, unlike the other Disneycember videos, he caps this one off not with a pun relevant to the movie's motifs, but by saying, "this movie can friggin' blow me."
  • During the review of Brother Bear 2, he finds it baffling that there are officially three movies about turning into bears, despite none of them doing well, and wonders if there's some executive at Disney who wants to be a bear.
  • Doug's utter bafflement at Can Of Worms:
    Doug: It's the craziest goddamn thing I've ever seen! I mean, it's absolutely ludicrous! And dumb! And not good! And... I... I don't even have the words for it!
  • In his review of Smart House, he reveals he was actually considering it for the chopping block, thinking that Disney fans would prefer Princess Protection Program as it had princesses. Only to his amazement that his Facebook fans overwhelmingly told him to go with Smart House, and he was probably glad he did as he actually enjoyed it.
  • One that's funny to his fellow Avafans: Although Selena calls herself the moon "goddess," in his review of Zenon: Z3, he refers to her as "the Moon Spirit." You never forget your hometown dialect...
  • His utter rage at Cheetah Girls.

  • For the month of February, Doug looks at all the Dreamworks animated movies in something he likes to call... "Dreamworks-uary".
  • The announcement that he doesn't like Shrek is accompanied by the Big "NO!" from The Empire Strikes Back.
    "Get the hate mail ready, get your fingers on the keyboard, here we go... I don't like Shrek."
  • The opening to the Dreamworks-uary review of Shark Tale:
    Will Smith fish is scary, okay? I'm just putting it out there right now. Will Smith as a fish is fucking disgusting. It's gross. I don't like looking at it. The idea that it's the main character is just fucking idiotic.
    • His insistence on referring to the characters as (Actor) (Species) (ex. "Will Smith Fish", "Jack Black Shark", etc.).
    • "What do kids like today? Well, they like Fish and they like Will Smith. Throw that together, mix in some pop culture references and shit, and you have...SHIT!"
  • In his review of Madagascar, he says it contrasts from The Wild, then asks which came out first.note 
  • After going on and on about how much he loves Kung Fu Panda 2, Doug reveals his one gripe with the movie: it came out the same weekend as The Hangover Part II.

    Sibling Rivalry/Real Thoughts 

  • The First episode of the series had Rob and Doug discussing Breaking Dawn Part 2.
    • Doug reveals they went to see it with other guys, including Y: Ruler of Time and Skitch, with the guy of the booth staring at them as seven grown-up men bought tickets for a Twilight movie.
    • Rob mentions it was his first time watching a Twilight movie and he didn't regret not seeing the other two.
    • Both Rob and Doug imitating Aro's Squeeing at Renesmee, like a drunk taking a long piss at the back of an alley.
  • In the Sibling Rivalry for Les Misérables (2012), Rob's ranting about the camera angles, which includes shoving Doug off-screen and Doug just lying there until the point is finished.
    • Given free rein by Rob (as he has musical training and Rob doesn't), Doug working his mouth in silence as he tries to work out how to be as kind to Russell Crowe as he possibly can.
  • Doug and Rob's attitudes during their video for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, each representing one side of its Broken Base. Doug likes it and finds it really fun, while Rob feels its watchable but inferior to both the original book and the Lord of the Rings films. This eventually leads to this priceless exchange between them that closes things out.
    Doug: Well I liked it. So, until—-
    Rob: You know, everybody's entitled to their own opinion, so it's subjective... and you're wrong.
    Doug: I'm Doug Walker, and he was an ass.
    Rob: And he's wrong.
    Doug: And he's still an ass. And I'm right.
    Rob (under his breath): He's still wrong. And an ass.
    {The two appear to begin coming to blows, just as the video abruptly ends.}
  • They weren't a fan of Pitch Black's motivation as a villain in Rise of the Guardians and mocked it to no end in their Sibling Rivalry review of it.
    Rob: No, I'm just sick of not being believed. Woooooo.
    Doug: I just want to be a dick and the moon got mad. What the hell? Now everyone's gonna die.
    • When Doug says he didn't like Pitch's introduction.
      Rob: What did you want him to do, tap dance?
  • In Iron Man 3 Sibling Rivalry, Doug's transparent comparisons between Tony Stark and Critic, and Rob's increasing annoyance.
    • When Rob explains the original backstory of the Mandarin, he calls the planet where his alien technology came from Planet Klaatu Barada Nikto, admitting he doesn't remember what it was actually called (it is Kakaranathara).
  • Doug and Rob wondering the how Batman of Film/The Dark Knight would react to the Superman of Man of Steel, in the Sibling Rivalry Spoiler Corner for the latter.
    • The whole intro:
    (to the tune of John Williams' Superman theme) Dumb, dumb dumb dumb dumb, dumb dumb dumb! Dumb, dumb dumb dumb dumb, SUPERLAAAME!!!
    • Rob completely ignoring Doug's "we do things only because of duty" spiel near the end.
  • Despite the title of "Sibling Rivalry," for quite a while Doug and Rob were more or less on the same page for every film they reviewed. And then Doug can't believe the film that breaks the streak is Thor: The Dark World.
    • Followed by Rob mocking this regarding Catching Fire, as he pretends he hated it just to disagree again.
  • During the Sibling Rivalry video of Frozen, they bring up the fact that there have apparently been a pair of animators working at Disney since The Little Mermaid named Doug Walker and Rob Walker.
    • Also their conversation about how they were ready to treat Olaf as The Scrappy but were pleasantly surprised that he was legitimately funny. Rob seems almost angry at the movie for not making Olaf annoying, stating several times when he was ready to throw the popcorn at him only for Olaf to say something funny.
    • At one point during the Spoiler Corner, Rob clarifies that he wasn't talking about the younger, ditzy sister but about "the older, smarter one — you should know what that's like," to which Doug replies, "At least I'm the humble one." At the end, Rob asks who has their face plastered all over the website.
      Rob: pfft Humble...
      Doug: (grabs him and prepares to punch him)' I'll show you humble! (end)
    • Also during the Spoiler Corner, Rob describes "Let It Go" as the "Fuck this shit" song.
  • While discussing The LEGO Movie, Rob is shocked to discover Doug's Legos never talked to him.
    • Rob again tries to pretend he didn't think much of the film, which this time Doug doesn't buy for a second.
    • Rob asking Hollywood what is going on, since they're getting beaten out by Legos.
    • The end of the first video about the movie, with Rob singing the beginning of Everything is Awesome, and Doug responding by saying, "You're going to be sick of that song."
  • The Spoiler Corner for Captain America: The Winter Soldier begins with Doug saying "Where the fuck do we start?!"
    • Rob's impression of the Genre Blind people sitting behind them.
    • Doug getting Ending Fatigue over Falcon and Rumlow's fight. "Are you guys still going? You know everyone else is done, right?"
    • Rob is disappointed that the British councilwoman turned out to be a disguised Natasha, and says it would have been great if she just decided to start beating everyone up at random.
  • Rob asks Doug about one particular Aborted Arc in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 they haven't talked about yet. Doug has no idea, so Rob explodes at him with "WHO KILLED UNCLE BEN?"
  • For the Guardians of the Galaxy vlog, they're talking about one moment that made everyone in the theater say "Aww..." and admit to saying it themselves. Cue Doug backtracking and saying that he said it in a very manly way.
    • And then Rob shows a handdrawn picture of the Infinity War that he and his friends made when they were 10 on his office wall. While they're wrapping it up, Doug is still staring at it.
  • Rob looking grumpy and telling Doug to shut up as he poorly sings ABBA songs to annoy him. He later attempts to murder Doug to demonstrate what Mamma Mia! did to him. It's Rob's #2 most hated movie, but they both agree that The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is still the absolute worst.
  • In their video on Batman & Robin, Rob talks about how, even though the bat credit card is what caused Doug to go insane, he completely forgot about the Time magazine photos from Batman Forever. They then talk about how the only way they could have gotten those photos was if Batman had taken a brief pose while beating up some bad guys.
  • In the review of Fifty Shades of Grey:
    • Rob describing Grey as being like "a praying mantis with Chris Pratt hair", and also comparing him to a gorilla.
    • Them both imagining what Tim Burton's version of Fifty Shades would be like after finding out that Danny Elfman did the music.
    • The Spoiler Corner had Doug accidentally say, "You are never to do me again!"
  • Doug's anguish at falling for a claim that Spider-Man would have a post-credits appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
    • Rob's horror at discovering he can't remember Falcon's name. You can just see him thinking "Have I finally reached the point where my brain just can't hold any more of this stuff?"
  • Rob yelling shrilly at Doug and slapping him with a stuffed gorilla for having to watch Son of the Mask.
  • Doug and Rob starting off with dueling Nux impersonations in their review for Mad Max: Fury Road.
    • Followed later by both of them wildly recapping the utter adrenaline-pumping insanity of the beginning of the chase that the film centers around (including gushing over the Doof Warrior), and then noting that said adrenaline-pumping insanity happens before the action has even started.
  • In Real Thoughts on Batman & Robin, Rob explains he had less of an issue with the Bat Credit Card than he did with Batman appearing on the cover of Time Magazine, which is something that The LEGO Movie'''s version of the character was more likely to do.
  • Their video about Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic SatAM opens with Rob pointing off camera and going "Hey Doug. I'm over there!" That is followed by Doug looking in the direction Rob pointed.
  • In their real thoughts on Quest for Camelot, Rob teases Doug about his tendency to get actors' names wrong, to which Doug instantly hits back by referencing Rob's recent mistake in the Daredevil vlogs, saying that Ving Rhames played the Kingpin in the film.
  • Doug and Rob's reaction to The Cat in the Hat movie: Flipping the Bird.
  • The video on the Disney Afternoon shows ends with the inevitable debate on the sexiness of Gadget. They've somehow started shipping her with Goofy by the end.
  • While reviewing Ant-Man, Rob muses on going back in time to tell his childhood self about the golden age of comic book movies that would be coming in twenty years...and that his biggest excitement would not be for any of the major iconic characters, but the likes of Ant Man, Daredevil, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. He then puts on an adorable falsetto to say "You're lying!"
  • During their real thoughts on Garfield The Movie, to show how much of a Garfield fan he is, Doug actually gets up in the middle of the video to grab his Garfield paraphernalia... twice.
    Rob: (to us) He's possessed.
  • Speculating that the grumpy bookstore owner from The Neverending Story would be Driven to Suicide by today's society. "Kin-dell?"
  • At the beginning of their "Real Thoughts of Signs", Doug chastises Rob for liking the film, then Rob chastises Doug for liking Unbreakable, calling him "Mr. Raggedy Man".
    Doug: Why'd you go to that reference?
    Rob: Thunderdome was on the other day.
    • At the end of the video, the guys imagine a Wachowski-Shyamalan collaboration film, and they even consider Kickstarting it.
  • Doug's breakdown in the Alice in Wonderland (2010) real thoughts. Rob's reactions to it makes it even funnier.
  • Rob begins the real thoughts of Good Burger by criticizing Doug's turtleneck shirt. They then talk about the advantages of the tactical turtleneck.
  • When talking about the Ernest movies, Rob brings up a fake entry called Ernest Goes to Afghanistan, which has Doug hollering with laughter.
  • Doug's account of the first time he saw Labyrinth, at age 12 (ie 1993-4), having completely missed its existence despite Rob being a big fan. After being put off for a while by Jennifer Connelly's odd performance, he hit the first shot of the goblins, and from then on was in perpetual shock over how bizarre the film was.
    • Rob notes the oddity of the VHS box describing George Lucas in glowing terms as a master of imagination, now that the prequels have tarnished his legacy so much. Plus, despite his likely not having much creative input into the film, it now feels exactly like he was a big influence on Connelly's performance.
  • The review of Kung Fu Panda 3 starts with Doug and Rob (badly) pretending that the review is actually about Norm of the North.
  • In Children of the Corn, Rob desperately wants to get across to smug Millennials that people did not think effects like the film's climactic explosion actually looked good at the time.
  • Rob calling Captain America: Civil War "Good Batman v Superman."
  • Rob despises the Phantom of the Opera movie so much that he actually has trouble getting out a single word from all the hatred that's piled up in his head, until Doug just bursts out laughing.
  • Mocking the DC fans again by applying the critic bribing accusations to the way The Flintstones was panned.
  • In Face/Off Rob mixes up John Woo and Ang Lee, and is especially mortified because Doug apparently makes this kind of mistake far more often.
    • Their only real complaint about the movie is the weird face petting Archer does, with Rob revealing that his wife threatened to kill him if he ever tried to do it to her. Doug responds that he can completely see her saying that.
  • The opening to their thoughts on Ghostbusters (2016), where Doug flies into a hysterical frenzy begging people not to destroy them in the comments section and somehow ends up behind the couch while doing so.
    Rob:...You finished?
    Doug: I'm really stuck back here.
    • Also, Doug and Rob spend a majority of the video, most specifically the first nine minutes, calling out both the extreme haters and the extreme fans. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome to those also irritated by those people.
  • In the Real Review of Mortal Kombat, Doug's pissy "frozen smile bobblehead" reaction to Rob giving away what the review the following week will be.
  • During Doug and Rob's discussion ofThe Good Dinosaur, in a long version of a Disneycember episode, Rob gives his idea of how the movie started production; everyone at Pixar had a pizza party, got stoned, started tossing out ideas for a dinosaur movie, and then they decided to just use every idea instead of removing the bad ones.
  • In his review of Zootopia, he admits it took him a while to get the "rabbits are good at multiplying" joke... then a female voice calls from off-screen "I got that for you!", and he sighs and confesses, "My wife explained that joke to me."
  • In the Real Thoughts for Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rob explains that the Chipettes in the cartoon had an origin story that involved them breaking out of their imprisoned orphanage, trying to make it in Hollywood, and selling their bodies. He then mentions that someone may be posting such a story on a message board.
  • In the Real Thoughts for The Haunting (1999), Rob describes the R rating simpily as, "You're gonna see some shit."
  • In the Real Thoughts on Devil, they're being loud and Erin (Rob's wife) very quietly closes the door and they don't notice.
  • In the Real Thoughts for How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Doug talks about the new animated movie based on The Grinch being made, to which Rob mutters "God, I hope it's good"... until Doug mentions it's by the same guys who made The Lorax. Cue "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" followed by Rob burying his face in his hands and letting out frustrated groans.
  • In the Real Thoughts for Twister, while talking about the late Bill Paxton, Doug accidentally calls him Bill Pullman, which prompts Rob to get out of his seat and repeatedly point at his brother, saying that he "fucking did it". Doug tries to defend his mistake by referring to when he and Rob were talking about Independence Day previously in the video.
    Rob: I sat there for about five seconds and I was like, "Do I tell him... or do I let that slide and let the Internet have their way with him?" And I'm like, not even I'm that cruel.
  • Doug just spends his whole review of Power Rangers pigging out on a box of Dunkin Donuts, claiming that he had a hankering for them watching the movie. You might be surprised by which brand is featured in the movie, or you might understand how Product Placement actually works.

    1st Viewing 
  • During the first viewing of Balto (which took place shortly after the 2017 presidential inauguration), Doug and Rob compare the dogs praising and sucking up to Steel to "every Republican politician around Trump right now."
  • Doug and Rob getting hammered and watching Fantastic Four (2015) for the first time prior to the Nostalgia Critic review.
    Rob: (after seeing Mr. Fantastic being stretched for the first time) Can you suck your own dick? We've been asking that question since you got here, we're soooo curious. Can you stick your own hand up your ass? Can you strangle yourself with your own neck? Like, we gotta bill you these, pal.
    Doug: (hurts himself laughing)
  • Both Doug and Rob are so annoyed while watching Norm of the North, that they take turns reading the Super Mario Adventures comic during the viewing.
  • While watching Green Lantern, Rob literally did a Spit Take when Doug stated that Martin Campbell (of The Mask of Zorro and GoldenEye fame) directed this movie.
    • Later, during the scene where Hector Hammond uses his power while in class, Rob ironically says "Class dismissed."... only for Hammond himself to say the exact same line immediately after. The Walker Brothers' reaction says it all.
    Doug: WHOA! (slaps his forehead many times in annoyance)
    Rob: I should write shitty screenplays!
    Doug: Oh, my Gooood!
    • At the end, it’s revealed that they’re watching two bad movies back-to-back.
    Rob: What are we watching next?
    Doug: Kangaroo Jack...
    Rob: FUCK!
  • During the viewing of Kangaroo Jack, Doug goes fucking ballistic about the "camels farting" scene.
    • Also, Rob is on the floor during the majority of the video, barely on-screen.
    • The end where Rob asks a brattily drunk Doug if he's able to turn the camera off.
    Doug: Probably not.
    Rob: [gets up] Fuck's sake!
    Doug: [giggles]
  • Doug and Rob watch both the Brendan Fraser and Tom Cruise versions of The Mummy back-to-back. They agree that the Fraser version, while not great, was okay. But when they get to the Cruise version, they end up calling the '99 film a masterpiece.

    Avatar The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra Vlogs 
  • This Breathless Non Sequitur in his review of "The Boy In The Iceberg":
    "The four nations — the Fire Nation, the Earth Nation, the Heart Nation I'm sure everybody's made that joke.
    • His complete confusion, yet admiration for creativity involved with Appa.
      "I think I've seen two animals so far. The first is a...giant...flying...bison. Props for creativity because that is fucking weird."
  • The beginning of his review of "The Temple of..." what's it called again? He wrote it down because he kept forgetting it!
  • His completely innocent use of the word "honor" when referring to Zuko.
  • Recounting how his wife found him watching "The King of Omashu".
  • Pointing out the Beam Me Up, Scotty! nature of his "George Takei" laugh.
  • His impression of Foamy Mouth Guy.
  • The face he makes at about 5:40 of his recap of "Imprisoned ".
  • His original prediction for how they were going to get the doors to the temple on Crescent Island to open, which "would have been funnier, but not as clever."
  • "The lemur can fly?! Did I miss that?!"
  • His response to the ending of "The Great Divide": "Fuck that shit!"
  • He starts the video on "The Blue Spirit" by getting the title wrong and correcting himself in a caption...which ended up as the video's thumbnail.
  • Mocking his theory that the Blue Spirit would turn out to be the Herbalist.
  • Zhao is "the Malfoy General."
  • The completely unconscious Zutara Ship Tease in his review of "The Fortuneteller".
  • His complete inability to pronounce Rene Auberjonois's name, forcing him to say "Rene Odo-from-Deep-Space-Nine."
  • The video on "The Waterbending Master" starts out with him saying he suspects (accurately) that the "Penis Hair" meme from the film comes from Yue. And then realizing how odd an opening remark that is.
  • In the "The Avatar State" video he unintentionally foreshadows The Legend of Korra: "Where is all the electricity in this world?"
  • His heartwarming Freudian Slip telling us who he considers Zuko's father:
    [As The Fire Lord] "My brother has betrayed me! My nephew has betrayed me! I must send you, my daughter, to bring them in!
  • His confusion over no one in the Earth Kingdom recognizing Zuko, saying it'd be like looking for Hitler.
  • By "Return To Omashu" he's actually worried that people will have gotten bored by his talking this much about something he likes, and advises us to watch some Nostalgia Critic videos if we really want to be entertained.
  • His apology to the fans who found it unforgivable that he kept calling the Earth Kingdom "the Earth Nation": "You know, they call 'em 'the Four Nations' in the opening... or is it 'the Four Kingdoms'... Shit..." He finally settles on "Earth Place!"
  • The accidental incest subtext given to Zuko and Iroh in "Bitter Work". And at the end, he thinks too hard about how he's been using "I will see you there" to end all the videos.
  • He begins and ends his review of "The Library" by freaking out over the fate of Appa.
  • By "The Serpent's Pass" he makes the assumption that the Cabbage Merchant is secretly a spy, hence why he pops up everywhere.
  • After struggling with so many of the show's names, he gets quite proud of himself for almost getting Ba Sing Se right on his first try in "City of Walls And Secrets".
    • The thumbnail for this episode is a blown up picture of Joo Dee with the caption "May this woman haunt your nightmares".
  • Now that Dante Basco and Grey DeLisle are both watching his vlogs, Doug commented on Facebook that he should change it to "Fire Nation TV, MWAHAHAHAHA!"
  • When he gets confused over how exactly Appa's footprint got at the end of "Momo's Tale", his brother Rob tells him to wait until the next episode. Doug says in exasperation, "That's always what people say! 'It comes back, it comes back!' Makes it impossible to review, FUCKING GENIUS SHOW!"
  • In "The Guru", Doug is talking about the show when his doorbell goes off in the background. He ends up having a rant when he comes back.
    Doug: Okay, enough of that! Let's talk about this episode "The Guru-" [doorbell] And that's somebody at the door, excuse me.
    Doug: (after returning with a serious face) That was my dad. He interrupted this big vlog, shame on him. But here I'm talking about how important it is to connect, and to have that perfect connection to life and family and relationships and then he comes in and FUCKS IT ALL UP! What the hell is wrong with him?! GOD! Doesn't he get anything? It's like right in front of him! (starts laughing at himself)
  • In the "The Crossroads of Destiny" review, he expresses his feelings on one of the biggest twists in the series in a manner similar to his Red Wedding Reaction.
    Come to the Fire Nation, we have cookies!
  • The aesop he learned from watching the entire second season? The Earth Kingdom sucks!
  • The ending of "The Awakening": "Is... Is that an ice cream truck? That's a fuckin' ice cream truck! This vlog's over! Later!"
  • Rob and Doug calling each other "Uncle Eeroh" and "Prince Zuko" during their argument in the review of "The Painted Lady".
  • Pointing out that Toph getting captured in a net in the Superdickery opening of "The Runaway" is a dead give-away that the whole thing is a scam because everyone knows Toph could easily escape from a net.
    • "He was raised with monks! Moooooonks!"
  • Apologizing for how creepy it can be that his and Rob's voices are so similar when discussing Greg Baldwin's impression of Mako.
  • Accidentally titling his review of "The Firebending Masters" as "The Dragonbending Masters."
  • His prediction/wish in "The Boiling Rock" to see Azula "deteriorate," break down, and "fall apart" is hilarious if you already know her fate.
  • The voice he adopts for this line in "Sozin's Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King":
    Doug: What are you doing? There's. Work. To do. Don't play at the beach, you fools!
  • In their vlog for "Sozin's Comet Part 3: Into The Inferno", Rob tells Doug "Because I hate you, I'm just going to give it away." Cue Doug sticking his fingers into his ears and going "la-la-la" while Rob tries to make him shut up.
  • The opening for "Sozin's Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang" starts with Doug crying over the fact that it's over and how wonderful the finale was, while Rob looks disgusted. Cue Mood Whiplash.
    Rob: You forgot the Mark Hamill grunts. (Rob starts doing Mark Hamill grunting impressions.)
    Doug: (suddenly stops crying) As good an actor as he is, as soon as he does that it's like, "Joker!"
    Doug: Okay, avatar dies three more times, what the hell is he going to be reincarnated as?
    Rob: What do you mean?
    Doug: Well, the airbenders are all gone.
    Doug: Yeah, exactly. But when he dies three more times he's going to come around airbending again. What the hell is going to happen then?
    Rob: Well, he's an airbender.
    Doug: And Katara's going to "shift."
    Rob: I-
    Doug: Listen, Katara, we gotta get some other airbenders here! IT'S FOR THE GREATER GOOD!
    • And Rob (who has seen The Legend of Korra) refuses to explain the answer because people would yell at him in the comments for giving away spoilers.
  • The thumbnail for the Legend of Korra pilot is Doug flipping the bird to the camera, deliberately done in response to the fakeout about Ursa.
  • The Running Gag started in his TMNT review continues with his feeling that even the show itself is now yelling at him for pronouncing Mako's name wrong, by naming a character after him.
  • To anyone who's seen the whole first season, "Wouldn't it be cool if he took the mask off and there was nothing wrong with him?" Especially given the controversy about whether Amon should have been exactly what he appeared.
  • His description of Tarrlok after his first appearance: "A good sneaky pain in the ass."
  • The Face Palm thumbnail for "The Spirit of Competition." Note that the episode comes directly after he hoped the show was finished with "Korra learns a lesson" stories.
  • The spot-on recreation of the pro-bending announcer reporting on his own electrocution.
  • He vows in his review of "Out of the Past" that he's just not going to talk about the Love Triangle anymore and tells viewers to just assume he never likes it. About a minute later, while talking about unrelated stuff in the episode, he winds up groaning in Angrish, "I hate love triangles!"
  • Doug's growing frustration over wanting Korra and Amon to have an epic fight, even biting his fist.
  • The guys acting like excited children over the names thing, likening it to bloodbending that they can upset the parts of fandom they see as Political Correctness Gone Mad.
    • Doug wondering if his opinion is important enough to Mike and Bryan that they built a Time Machine because of how eerily the episodes (which were already long done) seem to do exactly what he asked in previous vlogs.
    Doug: [ending his babble] I-it could be? *extremely obvious edit* Favorite episode so far!
  • Doug talking about how much he loves stories where siblings are fighting each other, with Rob sitting right next to him.
    Rob: I will bloodbend you.
  • Doug absolutely nails a prediction of the last episode, where Korra gets her bending taken away by Amon, then manages to get it back. As he goes on, Rob sits in the background putting on the best poker face he can manage. Let's just say it was a good thing that Doug was looking at the camera instead of his brother.
  • Given how often his problems with one episode are fixed later on, he speculates that Meelo's fartbending may yet become the key to the whole plot.
  • Ending the whole season (and all episodes yet made at this point) by joking about Korra beating up Spongebob. Especially since neither of them seem to know about the Laughing Spongebob meme.
    • Doug admitting the Hypocritical Humor of him both hating the Love Triangle and shipping Bolin and Korra.
    • Rob explaining why the episode didn't make him feel like this truly was Korra's "lowest moment":
      Rob: The dude confessed his love for herthat's her lowest moment?!
  • Doug and Rob's reaction to all the new names for them to struggle with pronouncing in season 2.
  • Comparing the odd placement of the closing credits in "Civil Wars Part 1" to being at a party when suddenly a group of siblings have years of resentment boil over and you struggle to focus on anything else.
  • Doug's dramatic recitation of The Reveal regarding season 2's Big Bad, to which Rob does an impression of Foamy Mouth Guy.
    • The adorable dance in anticipation of General Iroh's return.
  • During "The Sting" vlog, Doug and Rob are talking about how unsubtle Mako was in his confrontation with Varrick. To prove the point, Doug invades Rob's space and says that he definitely knows who did it.
  • From "Beginnings" the two manage to get some Black Comedy out of Wan's tragic death scene.
    Rob:(paraphrasing Wan) "I will bring peace to the world!" And then we cut to his corpse. "Well, that failed."
    • Their disbelief that Mike and Bryan were sitting on such a great story for the whole first half of the rather middling season 2. "I think this should have had a different title: About Fucking Time!"
  • During the Vlog for the Season 3 premiere, Rob says that Kai is like a "mini-Toph," to which Doug corrects Toph was already little.
  • Noting that Kai's story in "The Earth Queen" is similar to Kevin checking into the Plaza Hotel in Home Alone 2.
    Rob: "This is Kai, the father, would like to make a reservation."
  • An amazing Hilarious in Hindsight moment; Rob says that Mako is a more interesting character this season, then jokes that he thinks Asami and Korra is the better couple. Doug replies he likes the friendship they have, and Rob doubts the showrunners have the balls to actually go that route.
  • Rob explains why the video for "The Guide" was delayed by demonstrating the raspy voice he would have had thanks to a bad cold. Doug says it would have been awesome.
  • Rob's literal Squee! over Iroh's return, followed by noting the similarity of his tea party to the one in Alice in Wonderland.
    • Based on Tarrlok and Unalaq, they conclude that names ending with a "lock" sound have become the show's shorthand for "evil."
  • Rob theorises that one of the newly-introduced characters in season 3 could possibly be a villain. There's a pause, before both brothers do an impression of the Evil Popcorn Guy.
  • Doug squealing like a five-year-old over the return of Varrick, which Rob promptly mocks.
  • Rob brings up how a lot of people on his Facebook page said that Spongebob Squarepants has Jumped the Shark, causing Doug to become fascinated with what they could mean by that. Then both of them have some fun imagining those people treating the show as Serious Business.
  • Rob on watching the show after it was taken off Nickelodeon: "I had to watch it on my computer, like an animal!"
  • In the "Long Live The Queen" vlog, they note how disturbing the scene of Zaheer asphyxiating the Earth Queen is, and then go right into Black Comedy by proposing that Zaheer actually fed her to Bosco's vengeful cubs.
    • Rob giving a Call-Back to Doug claiming last episode that "it's getting a bit repetitive", which became Tempting Fate since this was a Wham Episode.
    • After forgetting Asami's name, Doug refers to her as "Penis Hair".
  • In "The Ultimatum", Rob's phone goes off, and Doug tries to improvise a song and dance review to the tune. They break down laughing after the first stanza.
  • Doug and Rob both admitting that for a couple seconds when Korra started hallucinating the previous Big Bads, they thought Zaheer actually was Amon, before realizing that would make no sense.
    • Also, early in the Vlog Rob hands Doug a piece of paper and a marker, asking him to write an apology note. Doug refuses, and there's a silly scuffle before Rob shoves the paper in Doug's mouth (like what Bolin did to Zaheer).
    • Doug and Rob taking a moment out of the Vlog to geek out over the Spongebob Meme.
  • Rob mocking Doug's inability to come up with a consistent nickname for Kuvira.
    Rob: That would have been an interesting twist.
  • While reviewing "The Coronation", Doug is so damn proud of his "Korra Nation" pun, clearly unaware that it existed before the show even started as the name of the fanbase.
  • Doug and Rob are now the Nazi and the Madman.
  • Rob recalls the fans who yelled at them over comparing the franchise to Star Wars during Toph's distinctly Yoda-esque lessons to Korra, and tries to act like the show is a ripoff of Dune instead, hampered by Doug remembering almost nothing about the movie.
  • Doug noting Hiroshi's resemblance to Hayao Miyazaki, and saying his being in prison is for all the children traumatized by the catbus.
  • In the "Reunion" vlog, Doug and Rob say that it was a Breather Episode in which nothing much happens, but it's okay because the next one will go back to the action. Anyone who's seen the episode after, "Remembrances", knows that they're Tempting Fate.
  • Rob screaming into Doug's Appa plushie in his rage over Nick screwing the show over one more time on its way out. "He'll never be the same again."
    • Earlier, his summation of Bryan's blog post about the situation: "Nickelodeon fucked us, so now unfortunately, we have to fuck you."
  • The skit where Spongebob is actually in charge of Nickelodeon, and is the one who refused to let them be more explicit with Korrasami.
    • Rob notes that Mako might have "turned" both girls, like George Costanza.
    • Doug can't understand how Wu controls badgermoles through bad singing, so he concludes that they started tunneling to get away from him.

    Adventure Time Vlogs 
  • The video for "Slumber Party Panic" starts with him struggling to come up with a single word to say for a good 20 seconds, and then he spends the rest of the video with his eyes bugged out like a deer in the headlights as he struggles to explain what he just saw.
    • He concludes that it is an excellent anti-drug message, since it gives you the exact same thing: confusion, happiness, bright colors, confusion, the inability to put together what is right in front of you, feeling good, and laughing at things that don't make sense.
  • He continues to try and explain the plot in "Trouble in Lumpy Space" in a disbelieving stupor, even considering Ren & Stimpy to be less crazy than this. In particular, his voice breaks when he explains that the characters enters Lumpy Space through the mouth of a frog.
  • Brad Jones is brought in to help Doug make sense of "Prisoners of Love". It doesn't work.
  • Jason Laws finishes the "Tree Trunks" review with a reference to BMO. Doug has no idea what to make of it.
  • At one point in the "Ricardio the Heart Guy" review, Doug plots to sneak into Rob's house and prank him by changing his computer's screensaver to Ricardio's Nightmare Face.
  • In the background of "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" v-log, you can see a little penguin plush sitting there the whole time. The next video begins with Doug asking Jason what it is, prompting Jason to say "Gunter" and toss it off-screen.
    Jason: Don't worry about Gunter. He'll be fine.
    Doug: ...why are you calling him Gunter?
  • The "Dungeon" review has several false starts, as Jason reveals he stopped watching The Simpsons after season 3, and Doug has a very hard time letting this go.
  • In the "Loyalty to the King", Rob and a fan show up to watch their very first episode. And love it.
    Rob: This show is AWESOME...I don't want to say Citizen Kane worthy, but...
  • Rob seeing two slugs making out as "a sin on the eyes of god".
  • Doug's hand puppet. Just Doug's hand puppet.
    • From that same Vlog, about the episode "The Real You", Doug's lampshading of how much they've gotten off topic during the video.
    Jason: We?
    Doug: We as in...*points to Jori then back to him a few times, then moves it in a circle to include Jason* All of us, I'm pulling you in too.
    • After Jason gets up to get Doug some juice, Doug calls him "Juiceon".
    • Bri, who is offscreen during the Vlog, farts, but insists that it's the chair. Doug and Jori make referencing this into a minor Running Gag.
  • In "Go With Me", Doug's overzealous desire for Finn and Marceline to be a couple and Jason pointing out the thousand year age gap.
    Doug: I can't fight my urges. *beat* To see a 13-year-old and a thousand-year-old get together in beautiful harmony.
  • In "Videomakers", Doug and Jason have a rather humorous Call-Back to an incident involving a conspiracy theory that Doug and the others on his team during the filming of Suburban Knights had crucified someone upside down in the house.
  • In "Morituri Te Salutamus", when they finish giving their thoughts they subtly challenge one and other to a fight to the death. When Jason asks him if they should fight while the camera is still or have someone walk around with it and Doug says this immortal line.
    Doug: No you don't understand The camera is my weapon. DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!! -Takes the camera and heads toward Jason.-
  • From "Memory of a Memory", Jori, Brianna and Jason singing Baby Finn's song while Doug looks on in confusion.
    • At the very end of it, he starts saying a line of Baby Finn's song until he exclaims out "SHIT!"
  • The beginning of "Hitman". It's amusing in a sorta pathetic way that even fourteen year old Brianna treats Doug like he's a child.
  • Near the end of the one about "Fionna And Cake", Jason asks Doug if fanfic has been written about him. Doug's response was basically this:
    Doug: *laughing* That's a whole 'nother can of worms.
    • Jason explaining that he asked because Doug can "deal" with it, and clarifies by saying that ordinary people like him would never get fanfic written about them, which led to this exchange:
    Jori: Someone get on it, make it happen. *mouths* These two. *points to Doug and Jason*
    Doug and Jason: *laugh when they notice it*
    Doug: The special truce Part 2. *he and Jason lean in as if to kiss*
  • In "Daddy's Little Monster", this exchange about the glasses issue:
    Doug: Rewind the tape! He brought it up!
    Doug: The Blip thing. *gestures to the viewer's left* Go back.
    Jason: It's not a tape.
    Doug: It's about right there... *points to a spot in the lower left of the camera's field of vision* in the time line. *After about half a second or so* That'd be hilarious if it really was.
    Jason: You're going to edit that way, aren't you?
  • Doug's annoyance in the "Goliad" v-log when his excuse to hate Bubblegum was blown out by Jason explaining why PB and her creation aren't alike. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome on Jason's part and is especially satisfying for anyone who likes her character and gets fed up with people twisting canon to make it look like Bubblegum is pure evil incarnate.
  • The April Fools' Day Vlog where they talk about the hidden Adventure Time episode, Friendship is Magic.
  • Doug's voice at the beginning of "Lady & Peebles", when exclaiming that Lady Rainicorn is pregnant.
  • At the beginning of "All the Little People", Doug and Jason hold a conversation imitating the gibberish spoken by the miniature versions of the characters in the episode.
  • In "Root Beer Guy", Jason notes that he wanted to hit the eponymous character. Not because he hated character, but because Root Beer Guy wants to watch a video tape when his wife dressed up as a maid for him. Doug's reaction is priceless.
    Doug: Is this really what's destroying the episode for you?!
    Jason: YES!
    • And then they proceed to spend half of the vlog arguing about whether saving someone's life is more important than "getting your freak on".
    • The fact that Doug had a telemarketer job and hated it/was so bad at it that he has to make sure everyone knows he only did it for the least amount of time possible.
  • Jason complains about the unrealistic aspect of someone jumping into a portal no questions asked in "Betty". Doug presents a hypothetical argument that a portal opens up in front of Jason while Jori is blasting shit with ice powers.
    Jori: That's a normal Thursday at our house.
    (Doug and Jason burst into laughter)
    Jori: Why do you think no one's allowed here on Thursdays?
    Doug: I was wondering why you had those Facebook parties just labelled "STAY AWAY."
    • The argument quickly gets derailed when Doug and Jori make fun of Jason using the phrase "proof in the pudding".
    • Doug summing Simon turning back to normal and becoming sane again as "he has his marbles again".
  • In "Chips & Ice Cream", Doug's complete disgust when he lets Jason feed him a dorito with ice cream.

    Gravity Falls Vlogs 
  • Doug learns about "twincest" from Rob at the end of "Irrational Treasure" and completely breaks.
  • Rob gleefully shares how Doug gave a conspiratorial whisper about how he doesn't see the big deal about Waddles.
  • Going completely Serious Business about good and bad candy. If you hand out toothbrushes, you're going to Hell.
  • Doug recounting how pissed he was that Rob immediately picked up on the Trickster's resemblance to Noh-Face.
  • Rob observes that Doug lifting up the Appa plushie from the bottom of the frame makes it look like he's coming out of Doug's pants. Followed by inexplicably giving him the voice of Mr. Bill.
  • At the start of the "Bottomless Pit!" review, Robb is wearing a sweater and has wreathed himself in Christmas lights in a homage to Mabel. He asks Doug to plug him in but Doug refuses to go further than handing him the extension cord. Rob is then happily lit and Doug facepalms.
    • While joking about the above "twincest" incident, Rob tries to trick Doug into looking into looking at the nightmarish fan creation "Dipper Goes to Taco Bell". And then Rob admits he hasn't seen it yet.
      • Apparently Rob was warned by fans not to look up the above mentioned fic by telling him a little what it was about. He's not that impressed.
  • Doug jokes that Rob might be turning into Mabel at the end of "Carpet Diem".
    • By "Dreamscaperers", it's honestly hard to tell how much of Rob's Sanity Slippage since putting on the sweater is an act, which just makes it funnier.
  • The "Boyz Crazy" vlog opens with Rob's impression of the girls fangirling over Sev'ral Timez. Doug immediately looks at him in horror.
    Rob: [in a squeaky voice] Omigod Timber! Sev'ral Timez cray-cray!
    Doug: Never do that again! I don't care what "Dipper Goes to Taco Bell" is like now, nothing's going to out-creep that!
  • In "The Land Before Swine", Doug and Rob humorously annoying each other for almost the entire video.
  • In Scary-oke, Rob tells the internet he's disappointed in "Dipper Goes to Taco Bell", and gives his own tips on how to "ruin" Gravity Falls. Look up Kristen Schaal's stand-up routine about her taint, close your eyes, and imagine it's Mabel talking about her taint.
    • Rob also confirms that he won't be wearing Mabel sweaters again as their power corrupted him a/la the One Ring
  • Any time Rob uses his "angry Mickey Mouse" voice to pretend to be the mouse in charge of Disney.
    • He and Doug musing about what Mickey drinks, and if there are any alcoholic cheeses, in "The Golf War".
    • Discussing the bizarre amounts of Getting Crap Past the Radar on the show: "Okay, Hirsch, as long as you don't have those two twins kissing, we're good!"
  • The intro to "The Love God", Rob wanted to make up for the Mabel sweater by creating "Snapples" (Wapples [Appa-Waddles] and Snoopy plushes tied together with sparkly duct tape), and Doug and Rob dancing to the Peanuts theme.
    Rob: (cheerfully) Dance, Doug! Dance!
    (Doug starts dancing awkwardly)
    Rob: (threateningly) I SAID DANCE!
    (Doug starts dancing more excitedly)
    • "It's funny 'cause it's a sin against nature!"
  • Apparently Doug had an evolution into an Emo Teen exactly like Robbie's.
  • In "Northwest Mansion Mystery", Rob identifies a little too much with Candy's sweet/savory loop predicament, to which Doug gives him a beautiful look.
    • The fact that Doug is "badge of honor" proud to have never had this problem.
  • Now that they've caught up to the show's current airing, they start acting like Veruca Salt regarding its infamous Schedule Slip.
  • The intro to the "Not What He Seems" vlog.
    Doug: Um... Yeah, so, nothing much happened in THIS episode, holy shit!
  • Rob's theory based on J. K. Simmons voicing the Author, that the portal leads to the Avatar world and he became Tenzin.
    • He also notes that his mental image of Simmons has changed from J. Jonah Jameson to the teacher from the Farmer's Insurance commercials, prompting them both to sing the jingle.
  • Discussing Sweater Watch in the vlog for "A Tale of Two Stans":
    Rob: All this time and I don't get a different sweater?
    Doug: Well, it's the same day.
    Rob: Fuck that!
  • In "The Last Mabelcorn", Doug shows off a Tastes Like Diabetes unicorn wall-hanging...thing his wife got, knowing it would crack him up. He points out that one of the sound clips sounds exactly like the pedophile from Family Guy.
    • Both Doug and Rob would for once have rather skipped learning more about the mystery in favor of seeing the girls kicking unicorn ass.
  • In their vlog of "Roadside Attraction", they talk about the episode for a few minutes... and then get sidetracked trash-talking other states. They manage to offend everyone. (But especially Wisconsin.)
    • At the end of the vlog, Rob can't think of anything mean to say about Montana, and asks Doug if he can think of anything. "No, it's actually kinda nice..." They finally settle on "too close to Canada."
  • "Weirdmageddon" has even affected Doug and Rob. Rob's been sealed in Mabel's prison bubble, and Doug's sideburns were shaved off!
  • Rob being in complete denial about the show's upcoming end. He eventually retreats into Sweater Town as Doug melodramatically weeps over it.
  • Rob is so bemused by Larry King's line "They turned the shack into a robot. Fascinating," that he speculates it was just a random thing King said in the recording booth that got thrown in.
    • Doug ends with a Jump Scare, popping up and begging for a third season.
    • When discussing all the endings to Return of the King, Rob comes up with even more endings, like Frodo writing a dictionary, Sam planting petunias, and Merry and Pippin dying from a drug overdose.

    Daredevil Vlogs 
  • After not picking up Wesley's name in "Into the Ring", Doug struggles to come up with a way to describe him besides "that guy with the glasses."
  • Rob mocking Doug saying "Is that Rosie Perez?" upon seeing Claire.
  • While discussing the famous hallway fight in "Cut Man", Doug wonders why Matt didn't just race down the hall and grab the kid before the Russians even knew he was there.
  • At the start of their review for "In the Blood", Doug and Rob have dueling Vincent D'Onofrio impersonations.
  • On the innocent cop who gets killed in "Condemned", "I kind of felt sorry for that idiot."
  • "Stick": Rob's role as the comics expert getting subverted when Doug asks about Black Sky. "I'm glad you asked! I have no fucking clue."
  • The mea culpa over confusing Michael Clarke Duncan with Ving Rhames, with Rob going so far as to make a list of other celebrities he often mixes up to prove it's not a racial thing. Followed by Doug's first comment on the actual episode: "We finally get to see Daredevil fight Ving Rhames!"
  • The demonstration of how anything can be funny when said in Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin voice, started by Rob bringing up Doug's impromptu comment after the prison van was knocked over: "I'm upside down now. Someone get me right side up."

    Steven Universe Vlogs 
  • After "Gem Glow", Doug mentions that he really craves an ice cream sandwich and wants someone to make "Cookie Cat" a thing.
  • Rob's first impression of Steven himself is that he's a mix between Marty Sherman and Louis Stevens wearing one of Mabel Pines' shirts.
  • During the review of "Together Breakfast", while discussing how they never actually explain what exactly was the Lovecraftian Scroll that Garnet was burning, Rob comments that Temple of Doom would have been so much better if Indy had taken one look at Mola Ram ripping a dude's heart out and gone Noooopppe!
    • Doug's eye-rolling “so done with this” reaction when Rob starts in again on insulting America's states. You really have to see it.
  • "Cheeseburger backpack! Cheeseburger backpack! We've got so much to say about this one! [beat] Cheeseburger backpack! Cheeseburger backpack!"
  • The beginning of their review of "Cat Fingers" has Doug and Rob in stunned silence, followed by them quietly muttering.
    • Even then they still manage to work in cat puns.
  • The two of them speculating on the Gems' ages, figuring that they're all adults, with Pearl and Garnet being "at least" 30. Well, they're not wrong...
  • In "Lars and the Cool Kids", Doug and Rob lampshade the commenters' tendency to say they don't comprehend how important seemingly harmless things in episodes really are. They poke fun by picking something at random from the episode, like say, the poster for Dogcopter. Which is, of course, a major plot point 3 episodes later.
  • In "Coach Steven", we have Doug describing Sugilite as "a five-eyed female version of Devil Boner".
  • In "Steven and the Stevens", Doug comments that while he finds her okay, he'd like Pearl more if she showed more of that neurotic side.
  • At the end of "Monster Buddies", Doug's wife (with zero context of the episode or what they were talking about) agreeing with Rob that Doug's a dog killer.
    Doug: [in Sarcasm Mode] Thanks honey!
    Robin: (cheerfully) Any time!
  • In "On the Run", Rob describes Amethyst's origins thusly:
    Rob: She was born out of a cliff vagina.
  • In "Love Letters" Rob claims he can't relate to the episode's message because he's never been in love, and his marriage is just a facade for his affair with a lamp. Then his eye starts wandering to the lamp right behind them.
  • If it hadn't been made obvious at this point that Doug and Rob really can't stand Ronaldo the opening of Rising Tides, Crashing Skies opens with the two of them whipping out bottles of whiskey. Rob decides to hold onto his bottle for the rest of the review.
    • Followed by speculating that by this point, the Ronaldo episodes have to be the show's crew deliberately trolling the audience, followed by them sitting back with snacks and watching the hate comments roll in.
  • "Keeping It Together" was so disturbing that they pull out the booze again, and Rob comments that he's going to end up like Jessica Jones if the show keeps this up.
  • The booze comes out a third time in a row in "We Need to Talk". Not because of anything in the episode, they're just alcoholics now.
  • In "Chille Tid", Rob is utterly fascinated by Doug revealing that coffee puts him to sleep, and completely derails the discussion to keep talking about it, calling it the worst mutant power ever.
    • Their predictable glee at the show having a character named Malachite.
  • In "Historical Friction", they open by taking the piss out of numerous politicians, and assure any fans outside the country that Americans are well aware how ridiculous their political situation is right now.
  • Rob had completely forgotten about the watermelon Stevens by the time "Super Watermelon Island" aired, so he spent the whole thing utterly confused.
  • In "Barn Mates", they reveal that they actually met Zach Callison at a convention, which was quite surreal after they'd spent months assuming he was actually Steven's age.
    • And when Doug's talking about Zach doing the happy con "I have no idea who you are but thanks for all your support" thing, it's amusing that his reaction was like "yeah I know this shtick I do it".
  • In "The New Lars", they're now so sick of Lars that their idea of a good episode around him is where he randomly dies in the middle of a Gem battle. "I cried because I wanted to see him die again!"
  • Doug says "Restaurant Wars" has easily the best use of Ronaldo so far and he even genuinely laughed a couple times, while Rob still refuses to say anything good about him.