Funny / Donnie Darko

  • With sincere desperation, on the verge of tears, Kitty realizes not everyone is as invested in the six year olds' dance troupe as she.
  • "He told me to forcibly insert the lifeline exercise card into my anus!"
    • The Reaction Shot directly following this line. Mr. Darko unsuccessfully hides a snort of laughter, Rose just stares, and in the very back, Donnie is smirking.
  • 'You can go suck a fuck!' 'Oh, please tell me, Elizabeth, how exactly does one suck a fuck?' Made even better by the fact that Elizabeth looks angry for a split second, then bursts into laughter.
  • When not a Tearjerker, the hypnotherapy sessions are this. Dr. Thurman's increasing frustration trying to get Donnie talk about something that isn't sex is funny. Her freaked-out expression after waking him up to stop him masturbating on her couch, as if she was worried it wouldn't work, is priceless.
    Dr. Thurman: What do you think about during school?
    Dr. Thurman: You think about your family?
  • The Smurfs conversation.
  • "That's some good shit, huh?" "It's a fucking cigarette."
  • Drew Barrymore's Atomic F-Bomb after getting fired.
  • The Stylistic Suck of Jim Cunningham's "Cunning Visions" video is pretty funny to start with, but made even funnier on the DVD deleted scenes section where you can watch it with commentary by the in-universe producer and director, who are convinced they've created a masterpiece... and end up squabbling over who ate whose donut.
  • In a deleted scene, Donnie refuses to tell Dr. Thurman anything more embarrassing about himself unless she tells him something. Dr Thurman mentions fantasising about Mr Rogers, to which Donnie lets out a flat "Whoa". He then starts talking about how Gretchen won't kiss him until the moment is just right, but Donnie just wants to get it over with so he can "get to the good stuff". Later at home, Donnie tells his parents that Dr Thurman is really easy to talk to.