Funny / Dog Day Afternoon

Sonny: So what country do you want to go to?
Sal: Wyoming.
Sonny: Sal, Wyoming's not a country!
  • Cazale ad-libbed "Wyoming", making Lumet laugh so loud the director worried the take was ruined. Thankfully, it wasn't.

  • The crowd's reaction to Sonny patting down the doctor and agent he allows inside the bank for weapons, after word gets out that he's bisexual.
  • Sal's expression upon hearing the TV announce that "two homosexuals are robbing the bank."
  • Sonny answering the phone in the bank:
    "WNEW, plays all the hits."
  • "Attica! Attica!" Come on, it's just funny. The crowd's reaction seals it.
  • Sonny's exasperation over the third robber wanting to leave right after the robbery starts, and then having to remind him to leave the car keys.
  • When he learns that Leon is Sonny's "wife," Moretti's expression and his exasperated muttering, "Jesus Christ," are priceless. Considering how crazy the situation has been, you just know he's thinking, "Should've seen that coming!"