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[[folder:Other Comics]]
* [[ Issue 11]] of IDW's [[ComicBook/DoctorWhoIDW Doctor Who Ongoing]] has a FreakyFriday plot in which Amy and the Eleventh Doctor get swapped. Rory doesn't care what Amy looks like. At the end, not knowing that they've just switched back, he declares this and says they'll make it work just before passionately kissing the Doctor. Amy says they should do it again, [[YaoiFangirl but slower]].
* One of Eleven's comics-only companions is [[ Kevin]]. The [[CrazyAwesome ROBOT DINOSAUR.]] Need we say more?
* IDW has given us ''ComicBook/StarTrekTheNextGenerationDoctorWhoAssimilation2'', where [[TheNthDoctor The Eleventh Doctor]] interacts with another [[Franchise/StarTrek Sci-Fi LongRunner]].
** HilarityEnsues when The Doctor meets Data.
--->'''Doctor:''' An android! A positively spendid android! What do you have in here, a positronic brain? Those can be tricky to untangle, need lots of artificial synapse jumping. Looks like you've got it running very smoothly.\\
'''Data:''' Curious...\\
'''Riker:''' Um...\\
'''Amy:''' Doctor, you're being rude!\\
'''Doctor:''' Top-notch workmanship, I have to say. Did you build him yourself?\\
'''Data:''' Please let go of my head.
** Worf tires of the Doctor's nonstop GibberingGenius tendencies:
--->'''The Doctor:''' Very nice, very impressive. Roomy. I like roomy. I like the lines. Very nice use of space.\\
'''Worf:''' Will you ''PLEASE'' stop talking!
** Issue #3 has Spock giving a detailed analysis of the jellybaby that the 4th Doctor gives him.
* Titan's [[ComicBook/DoctorWhoTitan Ninth Doctor comic]] ''Weapons of Past Destruction'' has the Doctor [[BriefAccentImitation doing an impression of Jackie Tyler.]] Rose is not amused.
--> '''Rose:''' Oi, leave my mum out of this! And while you're at it, Creator/DickVanDyke wants his accent back.

[[folder: Other Books]]
* In Literature/PastDoctorAdventures novel ''Verdigris'', the Master pulls off a dine-and-dash on the frustrated BigBad of the book and steals his dinner in the process.
* The kid-oriented book ''How to Be a Time Lord'' is presented as the Eleventh Doctor's rewrite of a book on Time Lord history, meant to help his next incarnation get his bearings post-regeneration. In the section "Enemies of the Time Lords", Eleven lists several telltale signs of an enemy, accompanied by his own cartoony illustrations. The last sign has an illustration suspiciously similar-looking to a certain WhamShot in "[[Recap/DoctorWho50thASTheDayOfTheDoctor The Day of the Doctor]]": "[[KubrickStare Beady eyes!]] [[DeathGlare Totally creepy.]] [[BigOlEyebrows And those mean, downward-pointing eyebrows.]] [[Creator/PeterCapaldi They mean trouble.]]" Um, Eleven, you meant well, but...
* ''The Time Lord Letters'' has tons of funny bits:
** Letters 31-33 chronicle [[Recap/DoctorWhoS34E6TheCaretaker the temporary tenure of one John "The Doctor" Smith as caretaker of Coal Hill School]]. His application letter for the post, noting that the regular caretaker has fallen ill, arrives at the school the day ''before'' that caretaker calls in sick, and via notes The Doctor dispenses unwanted advice about everything from the untidiness of Danny Pink's classroom to the poor quality of the chips in the cafeteria ("they need to be much crispier if you want children to enjoy eating them. And may I suggest a selection of dips and dressings?").
** Letter 37, which comes in the wake of the Seventh Doctor's [[Recap/DoctorWhoS24E2ParadiseTowers adventure in Paradise Towers]], is a thank you note from the Acting Interim Chief Caretaker. It's titled "Thank You (in accordance with Rule 1781-B)", and the by-the-book speak just mounts from there.
** Letter 97, "Naughty or Nice?", is the Twelfth Doctor's [[Recap/DoctorWho2014CSLastChristmas thank-you note to Santa Claus for his help in reuniting him and Clara]]. The P.S. reveals that he's sending it by ''sticking it up a chimney'', and it sits around in one "for over a century", according to the book's compilers, before being discovered. Also, while the letter is largely friendly, the Doctor once again notes "But seriously -- [[RunningGag you should give up on the tangerines.]] No one likes them. No one at all. Signature gift or not, it's time to move on, Big Fellah."
** Letter 99, "Not So Sorry", has the Fourth Doctor's draft of an apology for [[Recap/DoctorWhoS12E1Robot skipping out on lunch with the Prime Minister after defeating a giant robot]]...which the Brigadier ''heavily'' {{Quote Mine}}s before sending it out to be typed up. Among the material lost in the process: "Can't you liven things up a bit [at cabinet meetings]? Maybe play musical chairs or something?" Letter 100, "Royal Excuses", has Four apologize for also missing dinner at Buckingham Palace, and it's even worse -- partially because he discusses ''everything'' he did after defeating the robot, up through the beginning of his investigation of [[Recap/DoctorWhoS13E1TerrorOfTheZygons "trouble in the North Sea"]]. The Brigadier doesn't even try to edit it, and forbids it to be sent!
* ''The Dangerous Book of Monsters'' is presented as the Twelfth Doctor's guide to children on how to avoid/deal with -- [[BrutalHonesty if possible]] -- the myriad of villains in the Whoniverse. He's a mighty prickly advice-giver:
** "The actual, real Emperor Dalek Creature is inside this transparent tank. He can see out, so you could wave to him. No, don't ''actually'' wave to him. ''STOP THAT!''"
** On the [[Recap/DoctorWhoS34E1DeepBreath Half-Face Man]]: "He shouldn't give you any trouble, as he fell out of a flying restaurant. [[RiddleForTheAges That's my story, anyway.]]"
** On [[Recap/DoctorWhoS34E11DarkWater Missy]]: "If she doesn't kill you, she'll probably kiss you. Not sure which is worse."
** With regards to the [[Recap/DoctorWhoS29E11Utopia Futurekind]], he captions a picture of one with "[[BigOlEyebrows Good eyebrows though. They got that right.]]"
** On avoiding [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E16TheWatersOfMars the Flood]]: "Well, I'm not going to say you shouldn't wash, so don't get your hopes up....But if you see anyone who's dripping wet, with cracked skin and a gargly voice -- probably talking about world domination -- then take a break from showers."
** He notes among basic rules in the afterword: "If in doubt, hide. Not under the bed, because [[Recap/DoctorWhoS34E4Listen a monster might have beaten you to it.]] But [[MemeticMutation behind the sofa]] is good."

!!Outside the Universe
* Funny/DoctorWhoConfidential

[[folder:The Curse of Fatal Death (charity spoof)]]
* Easily the funniest line came from the Master as he was about to dump the Doctor and his assistant into the vast sewers of Tersurus:
-->'''The Master:''' Prepare for 500 miles of fear and feces!\\
[Later on:]\\
'''The Master:''' [[HoistByHisOwnPetard 624 years... in a sodding sewer!]]
* Jonathan Pryce's [[LargeHam gloriously OTT Master]] is a Crowning Villain of Funny. The EvilLaugh that causes ''thunder and lightning'' to strike while he's ''inside his TARDIS''? The Dalek control "bumps"? His cybernetic upgrade [[spoiler: (his hand's been replaced by a plunger)]]? And '''he is NOT CAMP!'''
** The Master and Emma get a bit snide with each other over the matter of the 'bumps':
-->'''The Master:''' [[RunningGag They're not breasts]], they're Dalek bumps. They can detect ion charged emissions and operate as atheric beam locators at a distance of up to 20,000 light years.\\
''[Emma snorts derisively]''\\
'''The Master:''' They're also extremely firm.\\
'''Emma:''' ''What are you trying to say?!''\\
'''The Master:''' ''[Bitchy]'' Oh. ''Nothing''.
* The female Doctor, inspecting her sonic screwdriver: "Ooh, look--it's got ''three'' settings!"
* After the Doctor explains how he'll tell the Master that the Daleks are planning to screw him over[[note]]The aliens communicate by breaking wind[[/note]]:
--> '''Emma:''' ...Can I be tied to a different chair?\\
'''Dalek:''' [[AC: Si-lence.]]\\
'''Emma:''' ...Why do you have chairs on a Dalek spaceship anyway?\\
'''Dalek:''' [[AC: ...[[RunningGag We will ex-plain la-ter.]]]]
** Heck, every time they need to say "I/We will explain later".

[[folder: The Weakest Link Special]]
* The very fact that K-9 is a contestant. No, not his voice actor, K-9 himself.
* Then, at the end of the first round, everyone votes for K-9 as the Weakest Link. Even K-9 himself, who said "K-9" when the answer on his podium said "Andrew". This was actually a [[RealLifeWritesThePlot deliberate choice]] to eliminate the tin dog first because K-9 props just have the worst track record of breaking down out of nowhere and they didn't want to chance it in-game.
* Creator/DavidTennant introducing himself.
-->'''David:''' Hello, I'm David Tennant, I'm over 900 years old, and I'm from Gallifrey.
* John Barrowman vocally improvises the ''Doctor Who'' theme tune and hams up the "DOO-WEE-DOO! WEE-OOH-WOO!"
* The game was rigged from the start to carry the main cast members through to the final round. By that logic, David and John would have been the last two contestants as the most popular. That is, until Noel Clarke decided to play competitively. And even so, Camille Coduri won Sudden Death and clinched the whole game, even after struggling to get through some of the game's earlier rounds.

[[folder: The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot]]
Creator/PeterDavison's response to the 50th Anniversary special involving so few of the Classic Doctors was to make an unbelievably funny half-hour [[ short film]], ''Recap/TheFiveishDoctorsReboot'', about himself, Creator/SylvesterMcCoy and Creator/ColinBaker trying to get into the special. The whole thing is rife with cameos and steeped in references and jokes. Highlights include:
* The three Doctors trying to call Creator/TomBaker. [[NiceCharacterMeanActor Nobody wants to do it at first,]] but Colin Baker finally calls him, and his voice mail says he's not available because he's been sucked into the Time Vortex. '''[[Recap/DoctorWho20thASTheFiveDoctors Again]].''' Made better because they used the same footage that was used in the original Five Doctors (taken from unfinished story "Shada") when Tom Baker had refused to do that as well.
** Tom Baker's irate voicemail message is supplied by long-time Tom Baker impersonator [[Series/DeadRingers Jon Culshaw]], who imbues the voicemail message with his parody version of Four's SophisticatedAsHell tendencies.
--->''Greetings, greetings, greetings. Well, I seem to be stuck in the sodding time vortex. Again. So I can't assist you. Just one of the many regrets of my life. Goodbye, my dears!''
* Peter Davison and his dream about the ''Doctor Who'' production team -- including Creator/MattSmith and Creator/StevenMoffat -- welcoming him to the studio.
** Creator/JennaLouiseColeman warmly assures Peter Davison that he was her mum's favourite Doctor. One double-take stink-eye later, she amends it to ''her'' favourite Doctor.
** Who else should snap him out of his dream but Tegan herself, Janet Fielding?
* Sylvester [=McCoy=] and his constant bragging about being in ''Film/TheHobbit''. This culminates in a cameo by Creator/PeterJackson and Creator/IanMcKellen (in full Gandalf gear), the latter initially having trouble remembering who Sylvester is, before deciding to do his scene without him, because it'll probably be better that way.
** The description of Sylvester[=/=]Radagast: "Little bloke, bird poo..."
** Gets even funnier when you listen to behind-the-scenes for "The Light at the End", which makes it appear that he is really like that. First, he says that he had the luck of playing three great roles in his life: the Doctor, the Fool in King Lear, and Radagast. He then proceeds to explain how he got the role of Radagast (starting with how he was considered for Bilbo in [=LotR=]). When they start talking about stamps made with all of the Doctors, he says that he is on two different stamps, since there is a Radagast stamp in New Zealand.
* Colin Baker forcing his family to watch one of his old episodes with him, which he bought to replace the copy that "mysteriously" got destroyed.
-->'''Colin''': You're wasting your time. I've locked all the doors!
** Funnier in that some of the family are so desperate to run from him, they don't even put on shoes.
** Also the BrickJoke to his earlier complaint that there's [[CellPhonesAreUseless no reception]] at the bottom of his garden, cutting to him randomly standing on a tractor.
* Creator/DavidTennant appears and gets a phone call from [[Creator/GeorgiaMoffett his wife]]. She asks him to help out her dad -- Peter Davison -- while she's in the hospital about to have her baby. David hangs up on her and completely forgets to ask about his kid.
** The meta aspects of the scene are brilliant. David Tennant's PromotedFanboy position has now turned him into some bloke [[{{Nepotism}} whose father-in-law wants to use his connections to get onto the show]], while Georgia Moffett is [[AvertedTrope averting]] the ScreamingBirth trope with a casual indifference to Tennant's forgetting about her popping a baby out that says "Eh, knew that would happen" and "At least I get to deal with a doctor who doesn't have a blue box." Talk about your {{Mundanization}}.
** In an earlier scene, Pregnant!Georgia is seen eating a stick of celery dunked in chocolate ice cream.
* How about Peter Davison's sons being totally thrilled their brother-in-law David will probably be in the special -- and when they realize their father ''won't'' be in it, they're even happier!
* Creator/JohnBarrowman driving the three old Doctors to Cardiff and singing Broadway tunes ''all the way there''. When they get out of the car, he throws them each a John Barrowman CD which they use as payment to get into the ''Doctor Who Experience'' exhibition.
** What clinches it is the fact that the receptionists have a box full of them.
** The fact that they get the lift by blackmailing John Barrowman after learning his awful DarkSecret -- he's ''straight'', married and has kids.
--> '''Sylvester''': Blimey!
* Earlier, John Barrowman snarking at their picketing at BBC Television Centre by pointing out that the new series is filmed in ''Cardiff''.
** And before John gets there, Colin Baker and Sylvester [=McCoy=] are drinking tea, while Peter Davison stands there with a sign, and they have this little side exchange:
--->'''Colin''': Sugar?
--->'''Sylvester''': Ah, yes. A decision. Thank you...will it make a difference?
--->'''Colin''': What?
--->'''Sylvester''': Every great decision creates ripples.
--->'''Colin''': In your tea?
--->'''Sylvester''': Like a big boulder dropping into a lake.
--->'''Colin''': Sylvester, if you don't stop quoting yourself I'll put you back on the plane myself.
--->'''Sylvester''': I got it a bit wrong, actually.
--->'''Colin''': [[HypocriticalHumor Oh, what's the use of a good quote if you can't change it?]]
* Sylvester [=McCoy=], Colin Baker and Peter Davison stealing their old costumes and breaking into the TARDIS set, and promptly complaining about [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks every single design change]], such as the [[EverythingIsBetterWithSpinning "spinning things"]].
-->'''Sylvester:''' And what the heck are those things? Have they turned it into a ''helicopter?''
* Culminating in Peter Davison complaining about how the new sets are actually built to be sturdy.
-->'''Peter:''' And look at this, look! You lean on it and nothing happens! It ''doesn't'' wobble at all! I used to ''love'' the old wobble!
* The same three disguising themselves as Daleks to get into the 50th anniversary special. At the end of the short film, Steven Moffat cuts all the footage of those Daleks from the special.
* When the three are escaping from the studio, an angry assistant - mistaking them for the Dalek operators - tells them they have to stay to play the Zygons. Peter Davison turns around and says [[CatchPhrase "Sorry, must dash!"]] and then looks [[{{Adorkable}} immensely proud of himself.]]
* Then in a mid-credits scene, we learn they ended up becoming the shrouded Zygons in the Under Gallery.
* The very fact that Steven Moffat appeared in the special at all is kind of a CrowningMomentOfAwesome, at least because he's not ignoring the older Doctors entirely and is perfectly willing to poke fun at himself.
* Steven Moffat looking like he's busy writing, only for the camera to pan out and reveal he's actually playing with figurines of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors.
* The very beginning, where Sean Pertwee and Olivia Colman compare their very prestigious upcoming projects, only to start complaining about how they couldn't even get a look-in to participate in ''The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot'':
-->'''Olivia Colman:''' I'm usually in everything!
* After cramping themselves into the fake TARDIS prop, causing Peter to become confused why they didn't end up in the "[[CannotTellFictionFromReality real]]" TARDIS, Sylvester adopts an expression that makes it clear he thinks Peter has gone absolutely ''insane''.
-->'''Sylvester:''' (''Worried'') I think I want to go home now.
* Slightly before Sylvester chimes in, Colin says to Peter with a look of complete incredulity:
-->'''Colin:''' You really are from another planet, you know that?
* One of the security guards on the set refers to Sylvester, Colin and Peter as "[[StealthPun illegal aliens]]".
* The reveal that Creator/PaulMcGann and Creator/RussellTDavies are similarly badgering people to get involved in the anniversary and the Five(ish) Doctors Special. The latter's voice mail to Peter containing various pitches for his cameo lasts over ''27 minutes''.
** Even better, [=McGann=] seemingly disappears after having one scene, despite being listed in the main titles, due to filming commitments. The other Doctors don't know just what filming commitment he has, but the audience ''does'': ''The Night of the Doctor!'' And in keeping with the tone of the movie, [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere of course he doesn't tell them!]]
* Steven Moffat has a nightmare about floating heads of all the previous companions nagging him about appearing in the anniversary. It culminates in Matthew Waterhouse (Adric) popping up and asking gleefully "It's me, isn't it?!" The floating heads all explode, causing Matthew to go "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS19E6Earthshock Now I'll never know if I was right!]]".
* The three Dalek operators are all reading the latest issue of ''[[TheMagazineRule Dalek Operator's Gazette]]''.
* As they're breaking into the studio, one of the Dalek props turns to look at them as they walk past.
** More Dalek prop humor, when the production assistant is haranguing the Dalek!Doctors, asking them if they understand how lucky they are, and what an honor it is to appear in the episode; the Doctors look at each other and then silently nod their eye-stalks.
* The whole short is a CrowningMomentOfAwesome as they've managed to incorporate ''every'' living Doctor into the half-hour parody somehow, as well as Creator/IanMcKellen and Creator/PeterJackson and several members of the actors' extended families. [[AndZoidberg Except they missed]] Creator/ChristopherEccleston. The funny happens when you realize this means that [[MemeticMutation they skipped Nine.]]

* When Creator/JennaLouiseColeman was having her first interview after it was announced that she'd be the next Companion, she was asked her favorite monster and she replied, "I'm pretty sure I'll run into the Daleks at some point." A bit of HilariousInHindsight deliberately invoked by Jenna, since she definitely already knew (and had possibly already filmed it) that in her first episode, she'd be playing a human turned into a Dalek, 5 episodes and 3 months before anyone was expecting to see her on the show.
* The entire cast and crew of the Davies/Tennant era performing [[ The Proclaimers' "500 Miles"]] at the wrap party for "The End of Time". I ''dare'' you not to laugh at the sight of an Ood dancing.
* After the word got out that a warehouse in America accidentally sent out the Series 7b DVD a ''little'' too early (as in, '''[[EpicFail before the finale aired]]'''), the BBC and other assorted Powers That Be all politely asked that the fans who received them not spoil anything for the rest. Whovians responded in their own unique way, namely by spamming the post with so much [[ insane nonsense]] that even if the truth were revealed ([[SugarWiki/CrowningMomentOfAwesome which it wasn't, by the way]]) they wouldn't believe it anyway.
** It was only the Blu-Ray that was leaked, and Steven Moffat's comment about that is pretty hilarious as well:
---> '''Moffat:''' We don't leak just any old junk. 1080p or nothing, that's us! It's like getting caught extra naked.

* When Creator/PeterCapaldi got cast as Matt Smith's replacement, many Whovians (notably those on Tumblr) jokingly theorized that the Twelfth Doctor would be [[SirSwearsALot much like]] [[Series/TheThickOfIt another role of Capaldi's]].
** See [[ this video]] and [[ this video]]. Oh yes, and [[ this.]]
*** It was even joked about ''during the actual announcement'' shortly after Capaldi came on stage.
* Also, after his casting, he was [[ interviewed]] by Graham Norton on his show. And was ''[[OldShame mortified]]'' when Norton started reading letters written about him by officials of the Doctor Who Fan Club and the BBC in TheSeventies.
* Creator/KarenGillan's tweet following the casting of the Twelfth Doctor:
-->'''[[ KarenGillan2]]:''' CAPALDI! Superb choice. Swear I've seen him in [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E2TheFiresOfPompeii Pompeii]]...
* For the 50th anniversary of the show, the official Twitter put an image with the phrase "On this day [September 19] 50 years ago, filming began on a new BBC TV Series called ''Doctor Who''". The fans' response? "{{It will never catch on}}."
* The entirety of the [[ Doctor Who Cast vs Nerdist Bowling Match]]. Some highlights include:
** Karen Gillan being so [[AccidentalAimingSkills accidentally good at bowling]] at one point she's doing even better than [[TheAce Chris Hardwick. Who is the son of a professional bowler. And usually gets several strikes a game.]]
--->'''Chris Hardwick:''' From a scientific standpoint, everything she's doing should not work. And yet it is.\\
'''Matt Smith:''' Karen's got the highest score!\\
'''Chris Hardwick:''' SHE DOES HAVE THE HIGHEST SCORE. *hangs head in shame*
*** Matt and Arthur poke fun at this, affectionately agreeing to call Karen "an idiot", to which Karen gets adorably defensive.
** Chris Hardwick's TARDIS ball.
---> '''Chris Hardwick:''' It came through a tear in the fabric of the universe. Or I just paid a hundred bucks and had this printed onto a ball. With a laser, so that's kinda sciencey.
** Matt Smith being absolutely terrible, to the point where he has a counter for the number of pins he's hit (his final total seemed to be roughly '''16''', which a competent bowler can make in ''two turns''.)
--->'''Steven Moffat:''' What you need to do is try to hit ''some of'' the pins.\\
'''Matt Smith:''' I've got one pin! I'm the worst in the game!\\
'''Karen Gillan:''' Hahahaha, one pin!\\
'''Matt Smith:''' Shut up, Karen.
*** Steven Moffat wasn't much better; in several frames the ball would arc through the air and only land about halfway down the lane. One of the other guys said he throws the ball like a caveman and should probably switch to softball. Notice that Moffat's competitiveness still came through, lasering in on the fact that he was at least better than ''somebody'', namely Matt, who he teased mercilessly about it.
** Creator/ArthurDarvill is so "fluid" when swinging his bowling ball (using just about his whole body to throw it) that Karen jokes that he "has no bones".
--->'''Karen Gillan:''' Come on, Arthur! Show them what you're made of!\\
'''Arthur Darvill:''' I'm not really made of very much.
** On Hardwick's team was Creator/WilWheaton, who, after a rather poor frame, gets Steven Moffat to unleash his inner snark.
--->'''Moffat''': [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration And they said he was a]] [[ChildProdigy boy genius]]. What happened? If Beverly Crusher could see this...
* [[ David Tennant introduces "The Day of the Doctor".]]
* What the [[ Official Twitter of Historical Royal Palaces]] says about the Black Archive shown in the 50th Anniversary special:
-->We have no knowledge of the black archive at the Tower of London. Then again, we might have had our memories wiped
* During the 50th anniversary of the series, multiple live celebrations were going on. Ironically, ''Doctor Who Afterparty'', the one with the main cast members of the special, executive producer of the special Steven Moffat, and many prominent classic series stars, went completely OffTheRails. They decided to do an interview with Music/OneDirection over their live feed, who had declared the same day as the anniversary "1DDAY" and were performing a 24-hour livestream. Someone got the crazy idea this was to rival the series, when OD was a band having next to nothing to do with the series, and it was merely an accidental coincidence. This livestream linkup could have worked in both the band's and DW's popularity favor... except that there was a delay between transmissions on either side. It promptly turned into a [[ massive farce]] that will go down in ''Doctor Who'' infamy even more than ''Dimensions in Time''.
-->'''Steven Moffat''': In the name of ''God'', we can't do this!!
** Matt Smith also appeared to ''[[AccidentalUnfortunateGesture flick the V]]'' at One Direction. In America, the gesture can be seen as inoffensive, but in Britain... it means "piss off".
** Amusingly, the afterparty's list of companions includes Caitlin Blackwood (Young Amy) who stretches the definition of "companion" to breaking point and Andrew Hayden Smith (Jake Simmonds from Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel and Army of Ghosts / Doomsday) who completely and utterly shatters it.
* [[ This]] ''Tonight's the Night'' skit introduced by John Barrowman.
-->'''David Tennant''': ''My'' TARDIS.
* During his photo shoot as Orson Pink, Samuel Anderson started randomly quoting [[WesternAnimation/ToyStory Buzz Lightyear]].
* Creator/RussellTDavies, Creator/StevenMoffat and Creator/DavidTennant all sat down to do the [[ commentary]] for the episode [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E9ForestOfTheDead Forest of the Dead]]. As you can guess, the three men tease each other and [[PromotedFanboy geek over Doctor Who lore]] more than they actually talk about the episode. It was also taped right when Moffat was announced as the next showrunner following RTD, so naturally there's some good natured ribbing on the situation.
-->'''David Tennant''': [[Recap/DoctorWho20thASTheFiveDoctors Who's Borusa and who's Flavia]]?
* Missy [[ reading a book]] titled "World Domination" with a picture of Roger Degaldo's Master on the back.
* [[ Dalek relaxation tape.]] Yes. That exists.
* Before the BBC decided to revive Doctor Who and before Creator/ChristopherEccleston was announced as the official Ninth Doctor, the official Ninth Doctor was the "Shalka Doctor" from the webisode "Scream of the Shalka". This incarnation of the Ninth Doctor was played by Creator/RichardEGrant, and the preceding incarnation, the Eighth Doctor, was played by Creator/PaulMcGann. In other words, [[Film/WithnailAndI "& I" regenerated into "Withnail"]] in this continuity.
** What makes it even funnier is that Richard Griffiths, who plays Withnail's Uncle Monty in ''Film/WithnailAndI'', was considered for the part of the Eighth Doctor once Creator/SylvesterMcCoy left the role in the unmade Season 27 had the series not been canceled.
* The working title for "The Eleventh Hour" was "The Doctor Returns". Until some smartarse pointed out that the Doctor never actually "left".
* Matt Lucas, in an end-of-season-10 "Behind The Scenes" interview clip, proclaims that he'll sorely miss everyone he's worked with on ''Doctor Who'' ... except the "Behind The Scenes" crew, who really got on his nerves.
* Creator/AlexKingston missed the official announcement of Creator/JodieWhittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, and found out from the crowd at a panel. She promptly got an expression of "I wonder how good a snogger she is?"
* Matt Lucas' response regarding the casting of the Thirteenth Doctor: [[spoiler: "Can't believe they cast a human to play the Doctor."]]
* An [[ article]] from a Russian Sci-fi/Fantasy journal on Jodie's casting:
--> People are joking that the new Doctor will pack TARDIS full with dresses or [[WomenDrivers won't be able to park her]]. As if the previous men-Doctors had their socks strewn all over the consoles!
* Matt Smith literally called as many higher-ups at the BBC that he could and begged them to tell him who the Thirteenth Doctor was. When he found out it was Jodie Whittaker, he was so excited that he [[ left a voicemail]] on her phone of him singing the theme song.
->"This is my Timey Wimey Detector. Goes ding when there's stuff."