Funny: Doc McStuffins

  • On this brief golden scene in the episode "The New Girl", Doc checks Kiko's reflexes and her arms are fine. But when she checks on Kiko's legs, it doesn't work. And for some reason, Stuffy had this to say:
  • The scene in "Engine Nine Feelin' Fine" where Stuffy makes beat box noises into Doc's stephoscope always cracks me up.
  • Stuffy getting scared by a spider in "Hallie Gets An Earful."
    Stuffy: There's a huge dragon-eating spider in that bush!
    Doc: You mean that itsy-bitsy little spider over there?
    Stuffy: Well, he could eat me. If he had enough time!
  • In the episode "Blazer's Bike", the Once an Episode song "Time for your Checkup" is Record Needle Scratched twice. Both times, Stuffy continues to hum along after the music stops. He also does so after the song ends for real.
  • Squibbles clutching to Stuffy in "A Dragon's Best Friend" and Stuffy's reaction to it.
  • Hallie's definition of "photo-bombing":
    Hallie: Photo-bombing is when somebody pops into somebody else's photo when they've got no business being in it.