Funny / Doc McStuffins

  • On this brief golden scene in the episode "The New Girl", Doc checks Kiko's reflexes and her arms are fine. But when she checks on Kiko's legs, it doesn't work. And for some reason, Stuffy had this to say:
  • The scene in "Engine Nine Feelin' Fine" where Stuffy makes beat box noises into Doc's stephoscope always cracks me up.
  • Stuffy getting scared by a spider in "Hallie Gets An Earful."
    Stuffy: There's a huge dragon-eating spider in that bush!
    Doc: You mean that itsy-bitsy little spider over there?
    Stuffy: Well, he could eat me. If he had enough time!
  • In the episode "Blazer's Bike", the Once an Episode song "Time for your Checkup" is Record Needle Scratched twice. Both times, Stuffy continues to hum along after the music stops. He also does so after the song ends for real.
  • Squibbles clutching to Stuffy in "A Dragon's Best Friend" and Stuffy's reaction to it.
  • Hallie's definition of "photo-bombing":
    Hallie: Photo-bombing is when somebody pops into somebody else's photo when they've got no business being in it.
  • The lead-in to the "You're Gonna Grow" song from "Whale of a Time" has this bit of dialogue:
    Doc: But as you much as you want to be big, you're just going to have to wait until your body is ready.
    Lula: I've never been so ready.
    Doc: I know. But you have to spend more time in the water.
    Lula: Aww, how long?
    Doc: A couple of hours!
  • In "Bringing Home Baby," in the flashback in which Doc treats her first patient, Stuffy, he asks if she takes insurance.
  • Also from "Bringing Home Baby"...
    Doc: You are not gonna believe what I have to tell you.
    Chilly: If it's that I'm not made of snow, you're right. I don't believe it.
    Doc: But Chilly, you're not made of—
    Hallie: Girl, he's lived this long thinking he'll melt. He can go on a little while longer.
  • Doc's Fangirl reactions every time she meets a Pooh character in "Into the Hundred Acre Wood."
  • The "final test" for a guide dog in "Toy Hospital: Mole Money, Mole Problems"...
    Stuffy: The distracted pedestrian of doom!
    Chilly: I am walking and talking on my phone and not paying one bit of attention to where I am going. Doo doo doo...
  • The babies are delivered to the toy hospital by Delivery Stork...
    Chilly: Is this where babies come from?
    Doc: This is where toy babies come from.
  • In "Toy Hospital: The Lake Monster," the "lake monster" turns out to be Squeakers, who became huge because he got a pebble stuck inside him and swelled with water. After the problem is solved, he performs "I Feel Better" entirely in squeaks.
  • In "Toy Hospital: The Best Therapy Pet Yet," Stuffy smuggles his toy pet Squibbles into a patient's room, thinking it'll calm her down, only for things to go disastrously wrong. Afterwards, he tries to smuggle Squibbles back to the pet area underneath his lamb coat, only to run into Lambie. Squibbles starts yipping, but he insists he's the one who's yipping.
    Lambie: I think Stuffy's gone barking mad.