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Funny: Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga
aka: Divinity 2
  • The "Dragon Terror Brigade". A group of rogue dragon hunters who are all obviously insane and, after they're done introducing themselves and vowing to kill you, they do a Power Rangers style transformation sequence where they put on their armor and strike a "Super Sentai" Stance. Made funnier by them keeping the pose for a comically long time and Jebediah walking by in the Background.
  • The brick joke of one villain hating the word Maxos. Then he dies. Come Hall of Echoes, you get to meet him again. Saying Maxos causes him to scream, drop dialogue, and attack you.
    • In Flames of Vengeance you can ask Decimus to find Amdusia in the Hall of Echoes and say 'Maxos'. He's certain that Amdusias will be glad to hear from a friend even in death.

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alternative title(s): Divinity 2
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