Funny / Divinity: Dragon Commander

  • Edmund is such an uptight, bigoted prick, even other Lizards find him unpleasant...and in this game, the Lizards' hat is being stuck-up aristocrat types. Prospera even subtly apologizes for his behavior in certain dialogue trees.
    (after the other generals all enthusiastically call "Hail the Dragon!") "Yes; well, hail."
    (on first meeting the player) "I am General Edmund. I'd add 'at your service', but I don't think we're quite there yet."
  • The Imp ambassador's introduction.
    ...I am Trinculo Shortfuse, son of Trunculo Evenshorterfuse.
  • The bar in the Raven is tended to by a busty undead barmaid. One might wonder how a skeleton could possibly be busty, but one look at her would show she's got a nice pair of melons in her bodice.
  • The debate on banning violent games and literature, from top to bottom. The cherry is Yorrick's reaction if you decline.
  • Should the Commander advise Camilla to help the Undead counter a massive case of Read the Fine Print, Trinculo praises the decision.
    Trinculo: Those bankers had their sights set on Imp territory too, you know! Would've given our snipers some nice and fat targets come to think about it... maybe I should have a word with Falstaff after all.
  • Maxos' reaction to choosing Ophelia as your bride. For a moment, the stern, solemn sorcerer is taken completely off guard, letting out an utterly dumbfounded "Really?!" before composing himself and congratulating you on your choice.