Funny: Divergent

  • Tris, after the Amity drug her to calm her down.
    "They must have given her too much of what?" he says.
    "You have a nice voice," I say.
    "Tris," he says, "please be quiet."
  • "Four, if you and your friends would like to remain... Untouched by our serum, you may want to avoid the bread."
  • From The Movie of the Book:
    Peter: You're not gonna shoot me.
    • Also when Christina and Tris shoot Peter with flechettes (that simulate the pain of a gunshot) while Christina snarls "Asshole."
    • From the film adaptation of Insurgent, Peter's indignant "What?" with his bleeding face pressed up against the glass, after Jeanine more or less tells Tris to kill him if she likes, they've got more guards. Peter's frequent incidences of getting his ass kicked in general, partly due to Miles Teller's delivery.
    • Earlier on when Tris, Four, Caleb and Evelyn are eating dinner together, Four and Evelyn have a very heated argument ending with Four storming out and Tris following him. Caleb proceeds to clumsily cut up his food and tell Evelyn that it's a lovely meal. It's as awkward as it sounds.