Funny / District 9

Hilarious Spoilers Ahead!!!

  • During the climactic mech suit battle, Wikus uses the mech's gravity gun-like weapon to pick up a dead pig and fire it at a soldier.
  • The incredibly obviously photoshopped picture of Wikus having sex with a Prawn prostitute.
  • FOK!
  • Wikus trying to win over Christopher's son with a "sweetie," only to have the little guy bean him in the head with it. This came right after Wikus was openly mocking it with his companions, saying it should have aborted. He sure deserved it.
    "You almost poked my eye out with a fokken lollipop! I'm tryin' to be fokken nice to you, man!"
  • During the evictions Wikus and the soldiers confront a Prawn wearing a propeller hat. There's something innately funny about a freaky, seven-foot-tall alien bug creature with a little spinning pinwheel perched on its head. Another Prawn wears a pink bra.
  • "Baby, listen, I might have crapped in my pants—" "SURPRISE!". Followed by Wikus desperately trying to reach the toilet but being repeatedly accosted by various people who want to talk to him. Or, as one YouTube user put it:
    Wikus: I might have crapped in my pants—
    Wikus: (craps in pants again)
    • Later, when Wikus is getting increasingly sick, we hear him in slow-motion when he's about to cut his cake. The way it sounds is hysterical.
    Wikus: Okay! Let's cut some cake! (then again in slow motion) CUT...SOME...CAKE...
  • The conversation between Wikus and Christopher Johnson as they break into MNU.
    Christopher: I thought you said not to kill them?
    Wikus: He shot at me!
  • This exchange between Wikus and Christopher as they're fending off MNU agents.
    Christopher: I thought you had a way out?
    Wikus: I didn't say anything about getting out! I said I would get us in!
  • Wikus stumbles into CJ's shack—battered, bloodied and carrying an ax—and tries to convince CJ to let him hide out.
    Wikus: (frantic) Okay, please, I-I need your help! Shhhh! (to Little CJ) Okay, we're gonna play 'hide and seek'!
    Little CJ: (excited) Yes! Yes!
  • "Is that tear-gas?" "No, it's cat food." The tone clinches it.
  • "For 20 years you've had this fokken thing hidden down here. This is... This is very illegal. I mean, this is a fine."
  • The automated instructions in the MNU vehicles: "When dealing with aliens, try to be polite, but firm. And always remember that a smile is cheaper than a bullet."
  • When the Prawn mothership experiences a power surge, it emits a single, brief hum that lasts less than a second—and blows out every window in the city. A bit later it lets out another and sets off every car alarm in the city simultaneously.
    • For added comedy there's the Special Effects Failure in the above scene where every window in the city gets blown out... except for the one building comprised almost entirely of windows.
  • Wikus' looking for Christopher 's son .
    Wikus: Hello little guy. It's the Sweeteh Mahn coming !
  • Wikus's pathetic attempt to fly the command module is exacerbated by the fact that Little CJ keeps climbing on him. Culminating in a bit where he uses Wikus's mouth to gain purchase, with Wikus letting out his usual response to high stress situations.