Funny / Disney's Anne Frank

  • Ludvig's slapstick has well-timed animation, if not the best drawings, and they make up some of the humor children will most appreciate.
  • Olga's mooks can sometimes be heard speaking actual German, and anyone who understands it will get such gems as "I wanted to be a violinist...", and "Did you use to kiss your mommy with that mouth?!"
  • Jason Alexander, being himself, improvised a lot of his lines.
  • Anne has a surprisingly good sense of humour, given what movie she's in.
    Nazi Mook 1: What are you doing here?
    Anne Frank: Wondering on how stupid I was to get caught by a 7 foot tall zombie Nazi.
  • Pretty much any of Mel Brooks's scenes.
  • "I Used To Be Ze Bad Guy". Just...the whole song.