Funny / Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
aka: Disgaea Dimension 2

  • The very first episode of the game is easily the funniest one.
    • At the very beginning of the game, Flonne is trying to make a flower garden. Then, out of nowhere, Laharl Meteor Impacts onto the scene, turning half of the garden into a crater and knocking Flonne on her face. Then he says this;
    Laharl: Oh, it's you, Flonne. What are you doing talking to the ground? You're as strange as ever...
    • The Prinnies have made statues of Laharl to place all over the Netherworld and they all look pretty good...except the bug-eyed face. Etna and Flonne praise the attention to Laharl's antenna despite Laharl's protests.
    • Etna reveals that she had the Prinnies make an extra special Laharl statue that has a fountain installed so that water comes out of his crotch. The demons make good use of it, but Laharl is not amused and tries to destroy the statue himself.
      • The hilarious bit of this is Flonne's suggestion when Laharl comments that it looks like he's urinating in his pants.
    Etna: Oh YEAH! Good call, Flonne!
    Laharl: NO, you shouldn't have made it into a fountain!
    • The trio finds yet another statue, but this time, the statue is of Etna which Etna claims got mixed in with the others. It's also clearly far more detailed than Laharl's statues, particularly where the chest is concerned, and Etna states that she had the Prinnies build more statues of her than of Laharl. Laharl, naturally, calls her out on this.
  • In episode two, Flonne tells Laharl that she may be able to convince Sicily to give up her attempt to become the Overlord of the Netherworld. However, when she confronts Sicily...
    Flonne: Sicily, please give up on being the overlord.
    Sicily: No!
    Flonne: (Immediately walks back to Laharl) Sorry, Laharl! I failed!
    • In the "Next Time On..." segment that ends the chapter, Etna reacts to Sicily claiming to be Laharl's little sister by claiming that she's his little sister too (Laharl: "You're older than me!"). Then she claims an army of little sisters shows up, and that Laharl is a pervert. And the sisters include a zombie and a prinny. Wearing lipstick.
  • Laharl stating that Flonne would make a better Archangel than Virunga, followed by the latter recoiling in horror. He must've gotten a glimpse of the future.
  • In episode eight, the Krichevskoy Group has a new "Overlord" to rule the Netherworld from the secluded spot they set up using magic barriers to prevent the Yuie flowers from getting there. Initially, Laharl's group is excited to meet this new "Overlord" until they see who it is: a Prinny who was chosen by a very specific random number generator. Etna blasts him apart.
  • The pre-battle cut scene for Artina is hilariously played out like a Cop Show, complete with Flonne on megaphone and Laharl ordering everyone to apprehend the suspect.
  • Flonne's ultimate attack, Flonnezilla. Always a fun attack that involves Flonne donning a silly Kaiju costume and unleashing her wrath on her foes, but now the Dimension 2 version gives her a full city to rampage through.
  • In Episode 4, Laharl turns into a busty woman. The jokes practically write themselves.
    • In one of the conversations with the Castle Vassals, the vassal notes that he's gotten taller. Laharl is outraged that's the only difference he noticed.
    Vassal: Well, your tits have gotten bigger too.
    • In the first stage, placing Laharl and Flonne together will result in the following conversation:
    Flonne: Laharl, if you're having trouble being a woman, I'll help you adapt.
    Laharl: I haven't figured out how to pee standing up... How do I...?
    Flonne: You don't!
    • When Laharl complains, "I can't stand how big my butt and boobs are!" this dialogue ensues.
    Etna: Listen, Prince...if you ever complain about that again, I will cut you, (pauses, then says mischievously) you know.
    Flonne: That's right! Don't get too cocky, just because your body is somewhat voluptuous.
    • One of female Laharl's battle quotes: "Aaah! I jiggled!"
    • Another one: "My balance!"
  • Sicily's rather silly-looking ultimate attack, where she stuffs her enemies in the box, flies them all the way to the South Pole, and smashes the box with a hammer. For extra hilarity, it seems rather reminiscent of a certain scene from The Emperor's New Groove.
  • In Episode 9, Flonne becomes...Pure Flonne! Transformation Sequence included!
  • Nearly any scene with Barbara; special mention to her introduction, where the orders from the Krichevskoy Group to show Laharl he's unfit to the be the Overlord are too vague for her to follow, and instead she follows Laharl's orders to fight her, and held back because she wasn't ordered to win.
  • During the Salvatore DLC's post battle cut scene, Salvatore orders Barbara to surround herself in a 10,000,000 volt energy field and tackle her harder than she ever tackled her before. Barbara complies. Yes, Barbara is probably the only person ever to actually pull off one of Salvatore's crazy orders. The looking on Salvatore's face is priceless.
  • As sad as the Episode 8 The Collapse of the Netherworld Bad Ending is, after everyone is sucked in by a black hole that forms from the collapsing Netherworld, Laharl's lamenting the loss of his vassals and his Netherworld and apologizing to his father for letting this happen is kind of funny, due to how Barbara Goodson delivered the lines.
  • Recruiting Valvatorez and Fenrich:
    Prinnysitter Valvatorez joined your party!
    Valvatorezsitter Fenrich joined your party!
  • How can we forget Garungun, the Obsidian Winged Destroyer, whose wings are only visible to those who possess the evil eye. Everything he says is just utterly ridiculous.
  • Nisa's DLC event is hilarious; She and Etna are competing in an American Idol-type contest; Etna claims it's for the cutest girl, while Nisa says it's for the best heroine of justice. Sicily asks the zombie host what they're competing for, and according to him, it's for the flattest chest! Etna and Nisa uppercut him out of the stage.

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