Funny / Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

  • Mao revealing his hardcore gamer status.
  • Princess Sapphire is easily the funniest character in the third game. Gotta love how she plans to open Mao's heart.
    • Almaz's response to being kicked in the nads by her is great: "The Princess touched me! I can die without regrets now..."
    • In Sapphire's introduction scene, she's blasting monsters...and lamenting that she's sending fellow students to the darkness. Then Almaz, in Save the Princess mode, rushes up to her...and gets blasted too. Sapphire and Mao then hit it off when the princess admits to being a 'killing machine', much to Almaz's horror.
  • "Princess, I think I've just been violated."
  • In one of the endings, Laharl barges in and claims to be Mao's father. It's just as hilarious as it sounds.
    • Some of the lines where Laharl tries to sound like a stereotypical dad.
      Laharl: Huh? What's the big idea? I didn't raise no son of mine to be some loudmouthed punk!
      Laharl: Oh, you'd rebel against your father!? Fine by me! I've been itching for a fight!
    • Best part? Etna and Flonne fighting over who gets to be the mommy. And even after Laharl admits he isn't Mao's dad, Flonne still insists she's his mom.
  • The Super Hero manga Mao reads at the beginning of the game. Two minutes of some of the finest Scenery Chewing in the game.
    • A line spoken in response to said manga:
      Mao: Truly a super hero... He has 100 dads.
  • The Prism Rangers!...just one, actually. As he's lamenting his lack of friends, the party promptly do their own version of the Prism Rangers roll call:
    Mao: To protect the evil of the Netherworld—
    Almaz: We cause more trouble than what we're worth!!
    Raspberyl: We, the seven darknesses, lovers of all evil deeds—
    Sapphire: Will save the Netherworld with reckless ambition!
    Master Bigstar: With our powers combined... We are—!!
    Salvatore: The Cruel Fighter Squad!!
    Mr. Champloo: The Evil Rangers, boom!!
    Mao: Heh... Perfect. In every way, or at least more than one, we have achieved total victory!
  • The normal ending, which is also Mao's Crowning Moment of Awesome. It's not every day that you see a main character throw the final boss into his lab for experimentation.
  • Raspberyl and Co.'s Big Damn Heroes moment is sidetracked by a stunning revelation from Mr. Champloo- they're graduating! What follows is an utterly hilarious and played-completely-serious graduation ceremony, while the final boss of the level sits on the sidelines and waits.
    Prinny #1: We were invited to volunteer work...
    Prinny #2:...and were verrrry annoyed.
  • Nearly any scene with Champloo. While we see there's some Hidden Depths to him, his dialogue, especially the early stuff, is still hilariously insane, especially since Mao and Almaz actually agree that they can't make any sense out of it.
  • Sapphire, at one point, decides to take action to open Mao's heart. With a chainsaw. Mao and Almaz have the predictable reaction, and Sapphire says that she heard demons can't die from things like this, to which Mao says is a lie and runs away. Sapphire chases after him and says that maybe a chainsaw was too painful she'll use a surgeon's scaple instead.
  • Almaz finding out Mao's father in the second encounter has a plug and being plugged into a wall socket.
  • Upon achieving "Mao's ambition" ending, you get this at the end:
    Mao: Now that's come to this... The only option left is, to reset.
    Almaz: Yep.
  • Mao's reaction towards learning Baal was the thief:
    Mao: Tyrant Overlord Baal!? Wasn't he just a ploy to force players into playing their games for 1000 hours longer!?
  • One of the things you can steal while having a thief's evilty is "Balls".
  • Black Eyes Blue Prinny's description: Sacrifice 3 gods to summon a normal Prinny. Can't attack with White Lightning.
    • Likewise, everything involving with Se-to-oh.
  • In the final map of Master Big Star and Salvotore's Vita Updated Re-release scenario, we get this dialogue during the cutscene:
    Prinny clicks the "bomb remote".
    Prinny: Oh, crap! I accidentally brought my TV remote! Dooooood!!!
    • Master Big Star admitting he had also done the same mistake and Mao lampshading on the failed attempt.
  • The many different ways Mao has to open his heart are rather bizarre and actually kind of funny, especially when even Raspberyl and her crew wouldn't go that far in doing an act of kindness.
    • First, he tries to eat a sunny side egg with hot sauce or something similar to that effect, but the Mao in his heart calls them out on being rather dumb in actually believing that will work. Before that, they also make a big deal out of saying eggs aren't supposed to be eaten with salt and pepper, which you have to fight a bunch of Maos that have a big Berserk Button about it.
    • The second time seems to work, but it's rather weird... one of the ways to do it is having Mao actually attend school, which not going to school is actually considered a GOOD thing which is rather redundant. As his rival, Raspberyl tries to do the opposite and actually get graduated. It involved something like dance moves, and Raspberyl is actually there too telling him "Good job!" This one on the other hand actually seems to have worked.
  • Due to a set of bizarre and improbable circumstances, Mao reverts to an infantile state. He spends the rest of the chapter being only able to say variations of "Babloo"—even in all of his battle cries!
  • Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!'s recruitment scene:
    • First, after the his introduction, the group doubts his title due to him wielding a monster weapon.
    • Second, Sapphire asks Gordon to Magichange. Mao then states he would consider his title being real.
    • Finally, Gordon magichanges... but as a result of having no target to equip, he becomes stuck as a weapon, and Almaz picks up Gordon and his fight is skipped.
    Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! (temp) was captured without a fight!
  • In Absence of Detention's Death Majin Academy scenario, we get Stella putting various graffiti in the Hub level. The effect only retains for one level, though.
  • In Absence of Detention's Battle of the Test scenario, various characters fights on who gets to take their test results first. While Mao leaves his paper blank, Raspberyl gets a wrong answer, and Almaz getting his test result posted, The Vato brother's result takes the cake: They fight the party because they think someone will recognize their horrible writing until after the battle they realize that No one would recognize their horrible handwriting name in the first place!
  • The first stinger after defeating Eryingi Baal.
  • After recruiting all characters (Including the Diez Gentlemen), And after a scene of Raspberyl congratulating Mao, Mao decides everyone is his test subjects. Everyone is not amused and proceeds to pummel him in the dark.
    Game: From that day forward, Mao was never seen again (Just Kidding.)
  • In Raspberyl Mode, Raspberyl decides that she needs the heart of an angel in order to become a better delinquent. She storms Celestia to reach the Archangel and meets...Flonne! However, Flonne realizes that she's still in her Fallen Angel form, and runs off, then comes back, hurriedly putting on her Angel Trainee outfit. It gets even better, when Beryl asks for an autograph, Flonne reveals that she already has 100 prepared...and asks if that will be enough.