Funny / Dino Attack RPG

  • Kotua tries to subvert the Big Red Button trope when designing the self-destruct button for the Voltage, but one of his robots paints the button red anyways.
    Robot: <Looks suspenseful, no?>
  • When Rex and Zero came up with codenames to prevent Phantom from recovering his memories, they chose "Peasam" and "Norik".
  • Aster Oid's infamous "Droids that drink oil and eat batteries? That's like Minifigs who drink blood and eat hearts!"
  • There was also the various times when Enter and Return got in trouble with LEGO City's hospital due to their endorsement of sharks, trees, and umbrellas as proper medical equipment.
  • Demoman's showing up out of nowhere shouting "I'm drunk" before challenging Angel Eyes to a drinking contest. Naturally, he lost after his first sip of whiskey... once he finally got the cap off.
  • As revealed in the Maelstrom Temple, one Dino Attack agent has a fear of giant butterflies. In the music video for "In the Maelstrom Temple", said agent was confirmed to be Adventure.
  • Frozeen's Insanity Immunity, which involves him screaming about leprechauns stealing his gold.
  • The comm chatter. Just... the comm chatter. Imagine a melting pot filled to the brim with tongue-in-cheek Continuity Nods and Mythology Gags, Lampshade Hanging every trope of the Final Battle, and overdosing on references, and you might have an idea of what the comm chatter was about.
  • When Noomi Shaw was talking about various deities that people believed in, she mentioned PeabodySam as one such example.
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, the Mutant Dino invasion is over. Bunker down, though, because the news reporter invasion has just begun!" Then they get distracted arguing over who gets the story.
  • In this "XERRD: For Science!" strip, Zed Provhezor draws what is ostensibly My Little Pony fanart in a desperate attempt to increase the comic's viewcount... and what results is a bizarre, deformed horse with a spiked mane, derp eyes, buck teeth, and a dislocated hind leg.
  • In the music video for "In The Maelstrom Temple", when Andrew is confronted by the illusion of the Infomaniac, the latter is holding a green brick and a red brick.
  • From Dino Attack: Legacy:
  • Related to Dino Attack: Legacy is The Infomaniac's Revenge, which treats the Infomaniac's looping audio glitch as an unspeakable horror. The video culminates in a parody of the Final Boss of New Super Mario Bros. Wii which results in the Infomaniac transforming into the Eenfoomaineeak. This video certainly helped ascend the Infomaniac and the glitch to memetic status, and all other mentions of the Infomaniac on this page are references to this video.
  • Dino Attack in a Nutshell is a Half-Life: Full Life Consequences-esque abridged retelling of Dino Attack RPG that turns the story's absurdities Up to Eleven for comedic effect.
    • Rex tries to become friends with a raptor by offering it a handshake, only for it to bite his arm.
    • How the RPG averted Interspecies Romance:
    Narrator: But he was a dinosaur, so they broke up.
    Narrator: But then, SUDDENLY DINOSAURS... again.
    • As a result of the Darkitect stealing all the dinosaurs from XERRD:
    • Everybody died... and there were survivors.
    • Dr. Rex's incredibly awkward Slow-Motion Fall at the end.
    • The only thing that's remotely funny about the hacking incident is the hacker's depiction in the epilogue to Dino Attack in a Nutshell, appearing as a GRN Spy who laughs and snorts while smashing his computer multiple times.
  • Andrewnuva199's downloadable At War's End archive is full of editor's notes to explain in detail why certain posts may not be considered canon due to controversy. However, for Firecracker's Karma Houdini moment, it simply says:
  • A meta example. On April Fools' Day 2010, Dr. Rex hacked the wiki, edited pages to turn them into XERRD propaganda, and was locked in a war with the other wiki contributors... but the funniest part was that, in the middle of it all, Atton Rand kept editing pages while not seeming to notice all the chaos going on around him.