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Funny: Diggstown
  • Fitz's reaction after he cleans the local yokels out in games of poker and pool, only for them to accuse him of hustling them:
    Fitz: Hustling?!? Now ain't that a bitch. Did I ask to play pool? Did I? Did I beg to play cards with you? Hell no! I told you all I was going to win! Now you're all upset cause you didn't listen?
  • Caine comes to visit Fitz the morning of his huge hangover, and expressing his sympathy for him by offering all sorts of foods that are guaranteed to make Fitz feel even more queasy, like deviled eggs, artichokes and powdered milk, spam, and goulash. Cruel, yes, but very funny.
  • Caine and Palmer's exchange during a break in a fight where Palmer's being battered:
    Caine: He's bigger than you are. He's tougher. He's faster. He's younger than you are. He hasn't fought 22 rounds today. But you remember this! You...are black.
    Palmer: What the hell's that supposed to mean?
    Caine: I don't know. I mean it's...I'm trying to inspire you. It's a Roots kind of thing. It's a motivation thing.
    Palmer: Well, you're shit at motivation.
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