Funny / Die2Nite

  • Many of the item descriptions are hilarious, such as:
    • Worn Leather Bag
    This small leather bag would appear to contain documents of some sort. You pray harder than you've ever prayed before that it contains some adult literature... or the blueprints for a new, all-powerful building, and not a faded facsimile of the shipping forcast...
    • Winness
    Nothing beats a pint of the black stuff to inspire poetry, laughter and erm, fight the zombies... * As approved by Charlie Sheen
    • Manbag
    • Guard Dog
    Man's best friend. You can choose whether he guards your house, saves you from a marauding zombie or ends up as tasty burgers...
  • The Giant BRD. Its entire existence is one.
  • Several of the blurbs that appear in the lower corner of the screen are darkly hilarious:
    Be positive! You're going to die. Every time.

    Chaos mode is the cherry on the cake. But the candles are your neighbor's fingers... and the cherry is a snagged testicle. Enjoy!

    One night, a long time ago, old Chuck saw the horde and lived to tell the tale. When that happened he clenched his buttcheeks. They have not been unclenched since.

    Seven minutes. Thats how long it takes a zombie to munch you and leave nothing but some bits that are too crunchy. In cases of extreme wriggling it can be as much as 9...

    Since Carla died I haven't slept a wink in three days. What? Yeah, I know that was last week, but she's still banging around in the cellar.

    Sometimes behind a great hero you find an ass.

    Why did nobody tell me that cat's piss vaporises zombies...